Discover Apps for Pilates that You’ll Love

In the early 20th century, Joseph Pilates created the set of exercises that is now known as Pilates. Nowadays, we have dozens of apps for Pilates that teach us how to practice these exercises.

As the world starts recovering from the pandemic due to the coronavirus, exercising is essential. Some people may need sports and exercise to get back to the shape they were in before COVID-19.


Pilates exercises are one of the best methods to deal with the extra pounds that many of us gained lately. These apps for Pilates are here to help us perform the exercises correctly.

Discover Apps for Pilates that You’ll Love

Pilates Anytime

German-born Joseph Pilates came up with a series of specific exercises that focus on enhancing both the mind and body. The system works closely with different pieces of equipment that are meant to speed up the strengthening and stretching of the body.


With specific breathing techniques, along with postural alignment, relaxation, and movement control, Pilates is comparable to yoga. Both Pilates and yoga are mind and body disciplines.


Pilates Anytime is a free-to-download app for Pilates. The application features more than 3,400 videos with Pilates exercises from the world’s top trainers.


As one of the best apps for Pilates, Pilates Anytime has more than 10,000 users. While the application is free, in-app purchases for extra content are also available. The costs range from $20 to $250.

Also, the app comes with a free trial period. Once the trial has ended, those who want to continue must pay $17.99. The app is available to download from the Google Play Store and App Store.


Pilates: Home Fitness

Another excellent Pilates app is Pilates: Home Fitness. This application features tons of specific Pilates exercises that focus on different parts of the body and muscles.

It’s one of the best apps for Pilates, and it allows you to explore your fitness at your own pace. The app is completely free and once downloaded, you have access to all the available exercises.

The developers regularly add new content to the application, so new exercises will always be available. Pilates: Home Fitness is available on the Google Play Store and App Store, and it’s very popular among people who practice Pilates.

Pilates: Home Fitness

5 Minute Pilates

For those of you who don’t have much time to spend working out, 5 Minutes Pilates is one of the quickest apps for Pilates on Android and iOS. The application only promotes fast and effective Pilates exercises.

Features and Details

As its name indicates, the sessions presented in this app will only take you 5 minutes. The application focuses on teaching people how to perform intensive Pilates exercises effectively within only 5 minutes.

The app is free to download and use, but it also comes with some in-app purchases that give access to extra content, such as exercises and bonus sessions to improve your workout. 5 Minutes Pilates is one of the best free apps for Pilates, and you can enjoy your workout sessions without paying any money.

Cost Summary

The apps for Pilates that we mentioned above are either based on subscriptions or they are free. All the before-mentioned applications come with free trials so that the users can try the apps without paying a dime.

The applications also come with in-app purchases that give access to extra content or more personalized Pilates exercises. However, both Google Play Store and the App Store sport dozens of apps for Pilates, some of which are entirely free to download and use.

Discover Apps for Pilates that You’ll Love


Pilates represents an excellent series of specific exercises that improve the strength and endurance of the body. Since it’s similar to yoga and features particular breathing and relaxation techniques, Pilates is also useful to address stress and other mental issues.

The best apps for Pilates presented above are excellent sources for Pilates exercises that users can do from the intimacy of their homes. After social isolation due to COVID-19, Pilates might be an excellent method to get fit.