Assam State Board Class 1/I Textbooks, Syllabus 2020 PDF

Assam State Board Class 1 Textbooks PDF List released in online mode. Government of Assam Elementary Education 1st Standard syllabus, books, blueprint, model question papers, and other study materials will be published shortly on the official website. Books are significant study materials to the pursing candidates in the exam preparation process. SCERT Assam Board Bodo, Bengali, Assamese subjects learning outcomes EBooks are available on this page. For more particulars on Assam Board I Standard Textbooks, previous year question papers, and question banks kindly visit the official web portal.

Abstract of Assam SCERT Class 1 Books PDF

State: Assam


Class: 1st Standard

Article Category: Assam State Board Class 1 Textbooks

Publisher: Assam State Textbook Production and Publication Corporation Ltd. (ASTPPC)


Mode of Textbook: Online Mode

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Assam Class 1 Textbooks PDF

 Assam Board Class 1 subject and textbooks details are given below. Government of Assam Elementary Education Board once announce the 1st Class Textbooks, Syllabus, Blueprint, Model question papers PDF on the official website, we will update the details on this page. EBooks are the most helpful one and students can study the books on varies devices at any time. After the official announcement of Textbooks, Candidates can download the Class 1 book and other important study materials promptly in the online mode.


SCERT Assam Class 1 Assamese medium, Hindi medium, English medium, Bengali medium, Bodo medium, Manipuri medium, Garo medium, Nepali medium, Hmar medium, Karbi Medium EBooks will be updated shortly. Assam I Standard textbooks download procedure is given below. Students can follow the steps and download the books.

Assam Board 1st Class Textbooks List

Assam Medium
  • Language (L1) – Ankuran (Pratham Bhag) (C)
  • Mathematics – Natun Ganit Pratham Bhag (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)
Bengali Medium
  • Language (L1) – Ankuran (Pratham Bhag) (R)
  • Mathematics – Natun Ganit Pratham Bhag (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)
Bodo Medium
  • Language (L1) – Bithorai (Sethi Bahagw) (R)
  • Mathematics – Gwdan Sankhanthi: Sethi Bahagw (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)
Manipuri Medium
  • Language (L1) – Yening Hunba (Ahanba Sharuk) (R)
  • Mathematics – Anouba Chaisinglon (Ahanoba Sharuk) (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)
Garo Medium
  • Language (L1) – Ritimgital (Bak-I) (R)
  • Mathematics – Gital Arithmetic Bak-sa (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)
Nepali Medium
  • Language (L1) – Ankur (Pahilo Bhag) (R)
  • Mathematics – Naya Ganit Pahilo Bhag (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)
Hmar Medium
  • Language (L1) – Inchukna Bul (Bu Khatna) (R)
  • Mathematics – Sierkawp Thar Bul – Khatna (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)
Karbi Medium
  • Language (L1) – Lamchili I (Development & Printed By KLDB) (R)
  • Mathematics – Kimlakha Kimi Aprang Abang (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)
English Medium
  • Mathematics – New Mathematics Part-I (R)
  • Language (L1) – Beginners’ English-I (R)
  • Regional Language (L2) – For this medium, L2 will be any vernacular textbook of this list used as L1 (Region-Based)
Hindi Medium
  • Language (L1) – Rimjhim- 1(R)
  • Mathematics – Naya Ganit Pahala Bhag (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)

 How to Download the Assam State Board Class 1 Textbooks PDF

1st Step: Go to the official website.

2nd Step: On the Home page, Search the I Standard Textbooks.

3rd Step: Find and open the Textbooks Tab, it leads to open the new page.

4th Step: Now choose the Class 1, Medium and select the subjects.

5th Step: Assam Class 1 Text Books PDF appears on the screen.

6th Step: Candidates can save the PDF file for the concerned subjects and Being the exam preparations.

Assam Class 1 Books PDF

Assam Board Class 1 textbooks PDF details are provided under.

Ankuran (Pratham Bhag) – Updated Soon

Natun Ganit Pratham Bhag – Updated Soon

Beginners’ English-I – Updated Soon

Bithorai (Sethi Bahagw) – Updated Soon

Gwdan Sankhanthi: Sethi Bahagw – Updated Soon

Yening Hunba (Ahanba Sharuk) – Updated Soon

Anouba Chaisinglon (Ahanoba Sharuk) – Updated Soon

Ritimgital (Bak-I) – Updated Soon

Gital Arithmetic Bak-sa – Updated Soon

Ankur (Pahilo Bhag) – Updated Soon

Naya Ganit Pahilo Bhag – Updated Soon

Inchukna Bul (Bu Khatna) – Updated Soon

Sierkawp Thar Bul – Khatna – Updated Soon

Lamchili I – Updated Soon

Kimlakha Kimi Aprang Abang – Updated Soon

New Mathematics Part-I – Updated Soon

Regional Language (L2) vernacular textbook – Updated Soon

Rimjhim- 1 – Updated Soon

Naya Ganit Pahala Bhag – Updated Soon