CETPPPC Syllabus 2020 | Download PDF | PIMS College of B.Sc Nursing Admission

CETPPPC Syllabus 2020: Students can download PIMS B.Sc Nursing Syllabus at official page of Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences @ www.pimsmmm.com. Common Entrance Test for Pondicherry Private Paramedical Colleges (or) CETPPPC is conducted to select students for paramedical colleges in Pondicherry. The application process for the B.Sc Nursing courses offered at PIMS College of Nursing will begin in July 2020. Students applied can check the PIMS College of B.Sc Nursing Syllabus PDF in the following article.


PIMS College of B.Sc Nursing Admission 2020

Admission for four-year B.Sc Nursing courses at PIMS College of Nursing will begin in July. Interested candidates can apply for the exam using the application form that is available on the official website. Candidates have to attach all the necessary documents that are mentioned in the application and a demand draft of the application fee with the application before sending it.

CETPPPC 2020 Syllabus

The CETPPPC is being conducted by Pondicherry Linguistic & Religious Minority Paramedical Colleges Welfare Association. The exam will consist of multiple-choice questions in the subjects listed in the syllabus. 

CETPPPC SyllabusCandidates can apply for the exam on the official www.pimsmmm.com website. The hall ticket for the exam will be available one week prior to the examination. The following list contains the colleges that accept the CETPPPC score for admission,

List of colleges accept CETPPPC

    1. College of Nursing, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences
    2. Sri Manakula Vinayagar Nursing College
    3. Sabari College of Nursing
    4. Indirani College of Nursing
    5. College of Nursing, East Coast Institute of Medical Sciences
    6. Raak College of Nursing
    7. A.G. Padmavathi College of Nursing.

CETPPPC Syllabus

Physics Mechanics, Simple Harmonic Motion, Rotational Motion, Wave Motion gravitation, Sound, Super impression of Waves, Nature of Light, Nuclear Physics, Interference of Light Waves, Electronics, Kinematics Astronomy, Diffraction and Polarisation, Radiation, Physics of Atom,  Electricity and Electromagnetic Induction, Universe Properties of Matter
Chemistry Fundamental Concepts, Chemical Kinetics, Natural Products Applied Chemistry, Surface Chemistry, Electro Chemistry, Chemistry of Non-metals, Chemistry of Metals, Atomic structure and Periodic Classification, Chemical Bonding Acids and Bases Stoichemistry, Chemical Equilibrium, Chemical Thermodynamics, Organic Chemistry, S Block Elements, Organic Halogen compounds.
Botany Genetics, Physiology (Absorption, Transpiration Photosynthesis Respiration Growth) Ecology, Vegetative Morphology (Root-Stem-Leaf), Flower, Fruits, Taxonomy Anatomy (Root, Stem, Leaf), 
Zoology Cell Biology, Human Physiology I (Nutrition and digestion, Digestive System, Respiration, Circulation Blood) Human Physiology, (Excretion, Nervous co-ordination, Meringes Reproduction) Genetics (Sex determination, sex-linked inheritance ploidy, Gene Mutation, Blood Groups) Embryology (Gametogenesis, Types of vertebrate eggs Fertilisation Cleavage Gastruletion Organogenesis) Environment in Relation to Human Welfare (Communicable Diseases, Contamination types of diseases, Airborne diseases), Vector-Borne Diseases (Vector-borne diseases, contact Diseases Sexually transmitted diseases, Non Communicable diseases, Pollution).

Check details regarding the exam pattern and other details in the official website using, http://www.pimsmmm.com/nursing/PhD/BScNursing_2.html