Check Out These Virtual Career Fair Tips

A virtual or an online job fair is an online “event”. It takes place at a certain time on a specific channel or a platform. During the hiring session, which works just as how webinars are structured. 

Recruiters and job seekers meet in a virtual space via chat rooms, teleconferencing, webcasts, and/or email to exchange information about job postings/openings for a suitable match. Attending a virtual career fair will give you an edge in landing that next job or internship, especially during these times of the global pandemic. 


Employers who attend the fair want to hire the right talent immediately or in the short run. Here are some tips for putting your best foot forward—before, during and after a virtual fair.

Check Out These Virtual Career Fair Tips

How To Attend A Virtual Career Fair?

Basic homework, while preparing for virtual fairs, make sure your work profile is complete and up-to-date. Check that the basics are accurate: graduation date, school year, major, GPA and work authorization. 

Your online profile helps you get personalized recommendations for upcoming virtual events.


Look For Events Online

Select the job types, locations and roles that interest you, so recruiters know which jobs and internships are a good fit for you. Now look for events that match your skills, work experience and the kind of job description that interests you.

View the virtual fair details page to see the full list of employers who are hosting sessions. You can click through to each employer’s profile to learn more about them and read reviews from prospective employees. 

Lastly, sign up beforehand to ensure that you do not lose out on the opportunity.


Before You Attend The Virtual Career Fair

When you sign up, look at the company website and search online for recent articles and other relevant information. This will help you think of questions to ask during sessions and make conversation during one-on-one sessions you may have.

Always prepare a few talking points. The employers that you meet with want to learn more about you! Make a short overview of your background, studies, and career goals. Practice with a friend or family member if needed.

At The Virtual Career Fair Look The Part

You will be visible to employers at a virtual career fair via the chat rooms. Use this opportunity to impress your interviewers by looking professional and presentable. 

Speak correctly and sit straight on the video. All these aspects make a huge difference, especially when the interview is virtual.

Find A Quiet Spot To Log In

In addition to looking professional, you will also want to plan out where you’ll be attending the virtual career fair from. A quiet location is ideal—and camera capabilities mean that you’ll want to ensure its distraction-free for employers. 

Make sure you clean your room & prep neatly!

Ask For The Next Steps

When talking to recruiters at the career fair, don’t hesitate to ask and offer to send a copy of your resume. You can also ask about the next steps in the process. Also do get their contact details.

After The Virtual Career Fair

Follow up is the key here. Send in a quick thank you note the next day. Whether it’s an email, phone call or a hand-written thank-you note, be sure to reach out to the connections you made at the career fair, thanking them for their time and further expressing your interest.

Check Out These Virtual Career Fair Tips


Virtual career fairs are the next big thing in the recruitment industry. Whether you are speaking to a company or an agent; looking out for the right resources, preparing for the interactions and the right follow is what counts.