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In Tamil Nadu state, the 11th class also changed to public examination for all the public and private schools under the control of TN state government. Now, TN +1 students are excited about the 11th exam, announced by Respective TN Education Minister Mr. K. A Sengottaiyan about 11th public exam failed students who can attend the failed exam by studying the 12th standard and then they cleared the failed subjects. Get more information like till 8th standard pass by reading the below article fully.

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Tamil Nadu 11th class

Mr. K. A. Sengottaiyan Announcement

Recently, TN Education Minister was released about an upcoming academic year from 2017, the 11th/Plus 1 students have a board exam after completion of SSLC examination.

Most of them are confused about students who should qualify to continue the HSE / 12th class in the state of Tamil Nadu. But this announcement cleared the confusion to all the TN school students to study the 12th class with the failed subjects and clear before the completion of the 12th class board examination. For more information regarding Tamil Nadu Class 11th public exam, kindly visit the official web site at


Will all students pass the transition to Class 8th/VIII?

Yet now, all the public and private schools are compulsory to make the pass to all students at the level of 8th class/standard.

Central Human Resources Department commented that further, some change is implementing for 8th standard pass rules. But till now there is no notification from the Tamil Nadu government, if any letter received, we have discussed with TN CM and the decision will be taken.

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