Free Wi-Fi – Learn How to Set Up Through This App


You need to be permanently connected to stay in touch with friends and family and just to stay on top. But the problem with that is that it costs money, which is not always a very obtainable commodity.

Luckily for us, there are these great apps we can use to stay connected without paying too much. They are also very easy to use and will keep you connected wherever you go. 


We take a closer look at one such app available for your mobile devices to keep you in touch on the go. So, keep on reading to find out about this neat and friendly app.

Free Wi-Fi - Learn How to Set Up Through This App
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Features Of the Instabridge App

There are several nice and easy features included with this app that will help to keep you connected all the time. 

Following is a list of the basic features that are included with this app.

  • You will get free connections in all major cities around the world
  • There are no data limitations, and it will cost you nothing
  • It will automatically connect to Wi-Fi as soon as it is available
  • You will get useful information such as the connection speed and popularity of the Wi-Fi
  • Offline maps are available for download, so you can easily find a hotspot without being connected
  • This app also supports WEP, WPA, WPA2, as well as WPA3
  • You can also join the community if you have a hotspot to share
  • Get an ad-free app by subscribing easily within the app
  • Access to Degoo cloud storage

To create a Degoo account for cloud storage access, go to the following website and get it done quickly and easily.

Free Wi-Fi - Learn How to Set Up Through This App
Image Source: Degoo

Where To Get This App

This app can be downloaded free of charge from the major suppliers of mobile apps across all the standard platforms. Keep in mind that the app will not cost you to use, but there are in-app ads that may slow down your connection.

To get this app for your Android mobile devices simply go to the Google Play store and download it from there. In the store, select install, and it will be downloaded and completely installed on your mobile device; just follow the on-screen instructions.

If you are an iOS mobile device user, go to the App Store and get it for free by following the instructions provided. You will find that it is just an installation and will only take a few minutes of your time.

If you want to know why you should get this great app for yourself, see the following short YouTube video.

Free Wi-Fi - Learn How to Set Up Through This App
Image Source: Instabridge


If you do not want to have the annoying ads to slow down your connection, you always opt for the paid version. This can be purchased in the app with only a few quick clicks, and you will stay connected without the ads.

The in-app purchases can be bought for less than a dollar, and other subscription options might cost you up to 140 dollars.

How To Use

This app is straightforward to use on both Android and iOS mobile devices with no setup required. After you installed it on your mobile device, it will simply start to work as soon as you launch it.


On your Android mobile device, start by launching the app, and you will see a list of available Wi-Fi hotspots. Those Wi-Fi connections showing an icon to connect are close enough to you, so you can easily connect to them.

If there are no Wi-Fi spots close enough, simply tap the walking icon, and it will show in what direction you should go. The app will automatically connect you to the closest and safest WiFI and will show connected at the bottom bar.


With iOS devices, you can simply open the WiFI settings on your device, and it will show Instabridge if you are close enough. Simply select the Wi-Fi that says connect to Instabridge, and you will get connected to that Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you are not close enough, open the map, and it will show you the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot where you can get connected.

Free Wi-Fi - Learn How to Set Up Through This App
Image Source: Instabridge


As you can see, it is worth it to get this app for your mobile devices even if you are not a frequent traveler. This app will be great for when you use layover flights and you have to wait at airports for your next flight.

For more information on a stable connection booster, go here.