Learn How to Improve the Internet with This Application for Free

Fast internet is a staple for millions of people around the globe. Unfortunately, it is a fact that one may often encounter issues with the stability of the internet connection, as well as speed and frequent disconnections.

Luckily, there are several different solutions to this issue, of which our personal favorite is installing efficient speed-boosting apps. Looking at the market, we came across Connection Stabilizer Booster, which stands as a great solution for those that have an Android.

Let’s look at what this product features, as well as how to get it running in the first place. Let’s get to it!

Learn How to Improve the Internet with This Application for Free

What Is Connection Stabilizer Booster?

If you depend on the internet, you have probably experienced issues such as WiFi overtaking your data connection or it slowing down because of a bad signal. This can be incredibly stressful, especially if your job position involves the use of fast, lag-free internet.


For this reason, Supersonic Software wanted to end the trouble for millions of people by creating an app that should be able to keep any data connection steady, whether it is 2G, EDGE, HSPA 3G, 4G LTE, or WiFi. 

If it lives up to our expectations, an app such as this would ensure that you have a stable internet connection wherever you are. 

Before we move on to the main features of this tool, we want to point out how to get free Wi-Fi – click here.

Features Of Connection Stabilizer Booster

As we have mentioned above, several different points make this product a fantastic choice. 

Active Keep-Alive

First and foremost, there is an Active Keep-Alive feature that you can use to cope with disconnection due to inactivity. 

At least once, you have probably encountered an issue related to your data connection going offline or being overtaken by WiFi simply because you were idle.

 Luckily, not only can you ensure that you stay connected using this mode, but you can also make sure that your internet is much faster, as your connection becomes the top priority to the network operator.

Active Reconnect

Another efficient feature is the Active Reconnect, which is there to put an end to troubles that you may be facing because of the bad signal. It uses the software muscle to get you back on track with your data connection and ensure that you don’t miss any messages, emails, or important files that have been shared with you in the process. 

The monitoring process that the app uses is considered to be more stable. This is especially true when you are out in the wild or underground, where the signal is expected to be weaker. 

Force Connect

Last but not least is the Force Connect feature, which should allow you to get through and connect to WiFi networks that are usually congested. 

The whole app is made user-friendly, which means that even if you don’t have any previous experience, you should be able to work with the available modes and ensure that you get the utmost internet performance. 

While there is a free version to this app, you are much better off paying the $9.99 per month. Although it may seem pricey, it is a fantastic investment, especially if you often have issues with data connection/WiFi stability.

How To Use and Download

Most importantly, getting started with this tool is incredibly simple. It all comes down to opening the Google Play Store or clicking on this link if you are a Windows user to get the app downloaded. 

Once you have done that, the intuitive interface will guide you through the steps on how to set the tool up and make sure that your internet connection is always fast and lag-free.

Learn How to Improve the Internet with This Application for Free


At the end of the day, no one can deny the great quality of Connection Stabilizer Booster

This is a tool for speeding up and ensuring that you don’t have any issues with browsing and all other internet-related activities. If you use an iPhone or an iPad, you won’t be able to enjoy this app, but keep in mind that there are many other connection-stabilizing tools that are available.