Job Description – Financial Advisor Associate

Under the financial advisor manager’s overall guidance, the associate financial advisor works as someone who informs them about all the activities they have to do so that the organization’s work can take place smoothly. 

Financial advisors must handle the assets of small businesses so that various organizations can function correctly. 


Only if they work with complete commitment and hard work is an associate financial advisor’s position demanding yet satisfying. Here’s what you need to know about this type of job in the finance world

Job Description - Financial Advisor Associate
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Skills: Overview Of Background 

The lead advisor’s support role is the associate advisor position, referred to as the junior advisor. The associate advisor is mainly responsible for retaining established client relationships in contrast to the lead advisor, who is primarily focused on creating a new company. 

The position requires a person who has a thorough knowledge of financial services and who is committed to being part of an organization that offers a holistic solution for the client. 


This person must have good management skills in relationships. They must be useful, structured, and deadline-driven. In a self-directed and collaborative environment, a qualified applicant must be committed, goal-oriented, and able to function well.

Educational Background And Experience

An individual applying for this job should be extremely eligible. In calculations and dealing with individuals, he or she should be useful. 

Below are the educational credentials of the Financial Advisor Associate.

  • Bachelor’s degree in every discipline.
  • Masters in Business Administration (Finance / Marketing) post-graduation.
  • Prior job experience in the same sector of at least 5 years.

FINRA Requirements

Those interested in being licensed financial advisors are required by FINRA to pass either the Series 65 exam alone or the Series 7 exam along with the Series 66. 

The kind of financial advice you want to offer decides the exam that suits your career objectives. It is important to pass the mandatory FINRA exam to become a successful financial professional, more so than to have a degree.

Passing the Series 65 Exam does not qualify a practitioner to sell any shares and provide investment advice and financial planning to customers. 

Certain Series 65 licensed financial professionals can only operate on a non-commission basis by charging hourly fees to customers for their services. 

What to Expect?

Every day, the Financial Advisor Associate deals with millions. He or she has to prepare and educate individuals about putting their cash in the right place. 

A challenging one with high rewards is the role of an associate financial advisor. If he is particularly good at advising people on money issues, he may be promoted to a financial advisor’s rank. 

Financial advisor associate may also be hired in other consulting organizations if they are qualified for the job and have all the best attributes in this area.

Typical Duties

Here are the typical duties a Financial Advisor Associate must do.

  • Speak to clients to decide their expenditures, revenue, insurance coverage, financial goals, tax status, risk tolerance, or any other details necessary to establish the financial plan.
  • Answering inquiries from consumers about economic programs and policies and offering financial advice.
  • Advising client plans in the insurance policy, investment planning, cash management, and other fields to help clients meet financial goals.
  • Reviewing client accounts and plans regularly to understand what changes in their scheme are appropriate for life or economic changes, situational problems, or financial results.

Average Salary

In the United States, the national average salary for a Financial Advisor Associate is $54,848. The average salary in the United States for the position of Associate Financial Advisor is $55,000. 

This salary is based on 173 salaries submitted in the United States by LinkedIn members who designate ‘Associate Financial Advisor.’

Where to Apply?

The financial advisor associate is a junior advisor/support position, which provides all financial advisors with technical support. Responsibilities include collecting and reviewing data, creating guidelines for financial planning, implementation, and portfolio management.

Check out these job portals to start applying now.

Job Description - Financial Advisor Associate
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Overall, a financial advisor associate helps analyze financial data collected from customers to establish plans to achieve customers’ financial targets. You can start a career with this associate job today.