Tips to Score 90+ Marks in Class 12 Chemistry

Scoring 90+ marks in Class 12 CBSE Boards is a tough ask as the syllabus consists of a wide range of topics such as Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. Generally, students follow NCERT Chemistry Class 12 textbook and Pradeep’s Chemistry textbook to prepare for their Class 12 Board exams. If you are already following such books, you are on the right track. However, there are a few additional tips that will make your dream of scoring above 90 marks in Chemistry a reality.


Study Material for Chemistry Class 12

 The right study material clubbed with proper time management will give you assured success in Class 12 Chemistry Board exam. Refer to the table given below to know the best study material for Chemistry Class 12 exam.

Best book to improve basics NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Book
Best reference book for Class 12 Chemistry Pradeep’s Class 12 Chemistry Textbook
Best online resource for NCERT solutions Gradeup School
Most important chapters in Class 12 Chemistry Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry, Solid States, ElectroChemistry, d and f-Block Elements, and p-Block Elements
Must-have stationery items Rough registers, ballpoint pens
Preparation Tips to Score 90+ Marks in Class 12 Chemistry
  1. Gain basic knowledge: Start-off your preparation from NCERT textbook of Class 12 as it will help you prepare for the Board exam from scratch.

There are a few pointers you must remember while studying from NCERT Chemistry book which is as follows:

  • First and foremost, you should read the theory of each topic.
  • Prepare notes side-by-side while reading a topic.
  • After covering each topic, attempt examples and in-between questions related to the topic. Follow the same pattern until you finish the entire chapter.
  • Back exercise questions are almost similar to examples between the chapter so you will not break a sweat while attempting them.
  • In case you find difficulty in solving a question, you can access the website that provide the complete NCERT solutions.
  • After completing a chapter, look for additional concepts in Pradeep’s Chemistry textbook and prepare notes accordingly.
  1. Build up your concepts with a reference book: Once you have gained basic knowledge of all concepts in a chapter, there are a few topics which are explained in detail in Pradeep’s Chemistry book or other reference books. You may come across a few additional topics which are otherwise not mentioned in the NCERT textbook.

Note: Refer to the syllabus to know the topics that will be part of the upcoming Board exam. This practice will prevent you from covering an additional topic and also save you time to cover important topics.

Major benefits of Pradeep’s Chemistry textbook are as follows:

  • When it comes to practise, there is no better book than Pradeep as you will get to solve questions from a variety of concepts which may involve the use of direct formulae or solution through indirect means.
  • The textbook lets you deep dive into the concepts and provides a precise explanation.
  • There is not even a single concept that does not include its own set of questions.
  • The best part is that the book labels the questions were part of previous year question papers.
  1. Emphasize on studying and performing experiments: Students have developed a habit of cramming theoretical concepts; therefore teachers include only those questions in the Class 12 Board exam that involves understanding the laboratory experiments.

Tips to remember concepts based on lab experiments are below:

  • You should prefer performing an experiment as practical knowledge will help you remember the concept for a long duration.
  • Prepare a list of questions that your brain kept asking you while performing the experiment.
  • Ask your teacher or your Classmate to make you understand the experiment in case you face difficulty.
  • Next, try to write the apparatus, procedure, observations, and result in your own words.
  1. Solve sample papers and previous year question papers: Having a strong base and practical knowledge enhances your problem-solving ability, and it will reflect in your performance when you solve previous year questions or problems from sample papers. After completing the syllabus, your approach should be to attempt as many sample papers as possible. You can attempt the previous year question papers from GradeUp School website.
  2. Work on your speed and accuracy: A Chemistry question paper is rarely lengthy, but you never know what the future has in store for you. You should develop a habit of solving questions as quickly as possible so that you have ample time to revise your answer sheet in the Class 12 Board Chemistry exam. Speed and accuracy should go hand-in-hand for solving numericals.

That’s all folks! Keep these simple preparations tips in mind, and you will ace the Chemistry Class 12 exam with over 90 marks. Besides, you can always look into NCERT class 12 solutions for Chemistry or Pradeep’s Chemistry Class 12 solutions whenever you are stuck in a question. Best of luck.