CBSE Class 12th Textbook PDF Download 2019-2020,Syllabus,Exam Pattern

Central Board of School Education (CBSE) is the Education board responsible for the matriculation (Class 10th) and Higher Secondary Education (Class 12th). CBSE Board Class 10 textbooks are available in the Official website. Students can download the Class 12 Textbooks, Syllabus, Model Question Papers, Exam pattern here. CBSE 12th Class are  Textbooks available in the PDF file format and can be viewed on various devices. CBSE Class XII Textbooks are provided to students to make references and notes to study subjects given in the Syllabus.



Overview CBSE Board Class XII Textbooks

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About Central Board of School Education (CBSE)

Central Board of School Education (CBSE) is an autonomous body which was established in 1952. This board is responsible for the Matriculation (Class 10th) and Higher Secondary (Class 12th). The board has more than 20,000 schools in India and 228 Schools in 25 Countries. ’Delhi Board Of Secondary Education’ is merged with CBSE, all schools in Union territory of Chandigarh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Jharkhand, Uttrakhand, Chattisgarh. Board Conduct exams, publishing results and provides Certificates for the above two Classes.

CBSE Class 12th Textbooks

CBSE Board Class 12th textbooks are provided here. Textbooks are the preparation material helpful in the preparation of Board examination. Textbooks used by the students to get good marks. Students have to follow prescribed textbooks by the board. Students have to understand the concepts given in the Textbooks and solve the Questions given in the books. They can also search the internet for deep learning of the topics in textbooks. The Subject-wise textbooks are given below.

Engineering Graphics – Check Here

English elective language skill book – Check Here

English elective language reader – Check Here

Fashion studies practical manual – Check Here

Fashion studies teachers manual – Check Here

First aid and Emergency medi care – Check Here

Food and beverage practical manual – Check Here

Food production – IV Textbook – Check Here

Food Service -II Practical manual – Check Here

Food Service- II Textbook – Check Here

Geo spatial technology – Check Here

Geo spatial technology practical manual – Check Here

Guidelines for practical work in accounting & computerized accounting – Check Here

Health Education, Public relations and Public Health – Check Here

Human rights and Gender studies – Check Here

Informatics Practices – Check Here

Knowledge Trading Practices in India – Check Here

Legal studies Textbook – Check Here

Library and Information science – Check Here

National Cadet Crops – Check Here

Theatre Studies – Check Here

Arabic – Check Here

Biotechnology – Check Here

Capital market operations – Check Here

Basic Horticulture- II – Check Here

CIT India Textile – Check Here

Computer Science with Python – Check Here

Food Production – IV Practical Manual – Check Here

Fashion Studies Textbook – Check Here

Food and Beverage Text Book – Check Here

Once other books are available in official site we will update here

Steps to Download CBSE 12th Class Textbooks

  1. First Visit the Official website of CBSE,NCERT.
  2. Select the Textbooks Option.
  3. Choose the class 12th   
  4. Select the subjects.
  5. Save the PDF File for concerned Subject.
  6. Start Preparing For the 10th Exams.

Subjects of CBSE Class XII

The Subjects of CBSE XII Class are the Language subjects , Academic Elective Subjects, Skill subjects, and Co-Scholastic subjects. Languages, Academic electives, Skill subjects are called as Scholastic areas, General Studies, Health & Physical Education are called as Co-Scholastic areas. Students can choose any subject group as per their wish. The subject wise textbooks for each group are provided above. The Subjects in the CBSE Board Class 12 are provided below.


The languages in CBSE 12th Class Group- L are Arabic , Assamese, Bengali, Bhutia, Bodo, , French, German, Gujarati, Hindi Core , Hindi elective, English Core, English Elective, Japanese, Kannada, Kashmiri, Lepcha, Limboo, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Mizo, Nepali, Odia, Persian, Punjabi,Russian, Sanskrit Core, Sanskrit Elective, Sindhi, Spanish,Tamil, Tangkhul, Telugu AP, Telugu Telangana, Tibetian, Urdu Core , Urdu elective.

Academic Elective Subjects

Academic Elective Subjects in 12th Class CBSE Group A are Accountancy, Biology, Bio-Technology, Business Studies, Carnatic Melodic, Carnatic Percussion, Carnatic Vocal, Chemistry, Computer Science, Dance, Economics, Engineering Graphics, Entrepreneurship, Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Applied Commercial Art, Geography, Hindustani Melodic, Hindustani Percussion, Hindustani Vocal, History, Home Science, Info Practices, Knowledge Tradition- Practices India, Legal Studies, Mathematics, NCC, Physical Education, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology.

Skill Subjects

Skill subjects offered at senior secondary level of CBSE Class XII are Retail, Information Technology, web Application , Automotive, Financial Markets Management, Tourism, Beauty & wellness, Agriculture, Food Production, Front Office Operations, Banking , Insurance, Marketing, Health Care, X-Ray Technician, Horticulture, Typography & Computer Application,Geo-spatial Technology, Electrical Technology,Electronics Technology, Media, Taxation, Cost Accounting, Office Procedures & Practices, Shorthand( English), Short hand(Hindi), Air conditioning & Refrigeration, Medical Diagnostics, Textile Diagnostics, Textile Design, Design, Salesmanship, Music Production, Business Administration , Food Nutrition & Dietics, Mass Media Studies, Library & Information Science, Fashion Studies, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Yoga, Early Childhood Care & Education.

CBSE Class XII Curriculum –Check Here

Co-Scholastic Areas

The Co-Scholastic Subject in class 12 CBSE is General Studies.

CBSE Class XII Syllabus ,question pattern & design

CBSE XII Class Syllabus, Question Pattern & design is given in the Official site. These are the useful things for preparing Board exams. Syllabus is to know about the topics given. Question Pattern is how the questions are asked in the exam and question paper format is called Question paper design. CBSE Board Syllabus, Question Pattern & Question paper design is given below subject wise.


Arabic – Check Here

Assamese – Check Here

Bengali – Check Here

Bhutia – Check Here

Bodo – Check Here

French – Check Here

German – Check Here

Gujarati –  Check Here

Hindi Core  –  Check Here

Hindi  Elective  –   Check Here

English Core – Check Here

English Elective – Check Here

Kannada – Check Here

Kashmiri –  Check Here

Lepcha – Check Here

Limboo – Check Here

Malayalam –  Check Here

Manipuri  – Check Here

Marathi – Check Here

Mizo – Check Here

Nepali –  Check Here

Odia – Check Here

Persian –  Check Here

Punjabi –  Check Here

Russian –   Check Here

Sanskrit Core –  Check Here

Sanskrit Elective – Check Here

Sindhi – Check Here

Spanish –  Check Here

Tamil – Check Here

Tangkhul –  Check Here

Telugu AP –  Check Here

Telugu Telangana –  Check Here

Tibetian –  Check Here

Urdu Course A  –  Check Here

Urdu Course B   – Check Here

Academic Elective Subjects

Accountancy – Check Here

Biology – Check Here

Biotechnology – Check Here

Carnatic melodic – Check Here

Carnatic vocal – Check Here

Carnatic percussion – Check Here

Chemistry – Check Here

Computer science old – Check Here

Computer science new – Check Here

Dance – Check Here

Economics – Check Here

Engineering Graphics – Check Here

Entrepreneurship – Check Here

Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Applied Commercial Art Check Here

Geography – Check Here

Hindustani Music(vocal) – Check Here

Hindustani Music(Melodic Instruments) – Check Here

Hindustani Music (Percussion Instruments) – Check Here

Home science – Check Here

History – Check Here

Info Practices – Check Here

Knowledge Tradition –Practices India – Check Here

Legal studies – Check Here

Mathematics –  Check Here

National Cadet Corps(NCC) – Check Here

Physical education – Check Here

Physics – Check Here

Political Science – Check Here

Psychology – Check Here

Sociology – Check Here

Skill Subjects

Retail – Check Here

Information Technology – Check Here

web Application – Check Here

Automotive – Check Here

Financial Markets Management – Check Here

Toursim – Check Here

Beauty & wellness – Check Here

Agriculture – Check Here

Food Production – Check Here

Front Office Operations – Check Here

Banking – Check Here

Marketing – Check Here

Health Care – Check Here

Horticulture – Check Here

Typography & Computer Application – Check Here

Geo-spatial Technology – Check Here

Electrical Technology – Check Here

Electronic Technology – Check Here

Media – Check Here

Taxation – Check Here

Cost Accounting – Check Here

Office Procedures & Practices – Check Here

Shorthand( English) – Check Here

Short hand(Hindi) – Check Here

Air conditioning & Refrigeration – Check Here

Medical Diagnostics – Check Here

Textile Design – Check Here

Design – Check Here

Salesmanship – Check Here

Music Production – Check Here

Business Administration – Check Here

Food Nutrition & Dietics – Check Here

Mass Media Studies – Check Here

Library & Information Science – Check Here

Fashion Studies – Check Here

Applied Mathematics – Check Here

Early Childhood Care & Education – Check Here

Co-Scholastic Areas

General Studies  – Check Here

CBSE Board Makes Changes in exam pattern for Board Exam 2020