CBSE XII 12th Accountancy Question Paper 2018 Leaked or Not? Check Here

CBSE Class 12th Accountancy exam 2018 has scheduled on March 15th, 2018. Now, the latest news of CBSE XII Accountancy question paper is already leaked through WhatsApp social media. But the official of CBSE has strictly said that “there is no way of leak question paper, it was sealed and placed in the all exam centers safely. It is only rumor and they filed FIR to take action on the issues. But Secretary and Directorate of Education to check and it is confirmed as similarity with official question paper of Set-II. Students are suffering from this issue and they need to re conduct the exam by designing a new one. It illegally leaked via WhatsApp from New Delhi. When the paper began to do the rounds is yet to be confirmed.

CBSE Accountancy Paper Similarity

Yes, Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia have confirmed that he had received complaints about the issue, the Leaked Question Paper is matched with CBSE 12th Accountancy 2018 Exam Set II Question Paper.

Official (CBSE) Denies

But the office of Central Board of Secondary Education has denied the issue. And they do action by filing FIR to take a further action. Some misbehaviors tried to spread the message to WhatsApp and other social media.

Further Action

CBSE said to expert committee to investigate to find how to leak, who is involved and trace the message. It is one of most disadvantages and bad news for students. The hardworking students are suffering from this misbehave. The number of students and public are requested to conduct again CBSE 12th Standards Accountancy exam to complete the exam without any issues.

CBSE Filed a FIR Statement after Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia confirmed as the leaked question is totally matched with the Set 2 Accountancy Question Paper of CBSE Class 12th Public Board Examination 2018.


The CBSE XII Class 12th Exam Starts from March 5th 2018 and ends on April 13th, 2018 for all streams.

Public Tweets about CBSE Question Papers Leaks
Received complaints about the Class 12 CBSE Accountancy paper being leaked. Have asked officers of Directorate of Education to investigate and lodge a complaint with CBSE.
Swift action must be taken, so that hard-working students don’t suffer due to negligence of CBSE.
CBSE class XII accountancy paper leaked. Disadvantage of watsapp
Please cancel the paper and designed other one
Is CBSE going to cancel the class 12th Board Accountancy paper? Such leaks and ineffective state machinery to tackle the miscreants only play with budding careers of thousands of young students.
Sad state of affairs.
Students study so hard. these greedy people leak paper.
Today was my son exam and he is still appearing for this paper till 1.30pm 12 Accountancy exam paper leaked on WhatsApp