CFA Previous Question Papers | Download PDF CIPM Exam Model Paper

CFA Previous Question Papers: As a part of the CIPM Admission, the candidate can practice previous year questions paper and take more mock tests to get well trained for the main CIPM entrance exam. As the CIPM question reflects current practices, candidates should also prepare to take model and sample papers on the basis of the current scenario. In CIPM official mock exam Questions are based on the current curriculum for the exam level the candidates registered for. Also, the questions are in the same format as the questions on the actual exam.


CFA Sample / Model Question Papers and Mock Test

Practice questions focused on syllabus and exam pattern. It helps the candidates to determine their strengths and weaknesses in all the topics. The test was designed to replicate the actual CIPM exam.

CFA Previous Question PapersMock Test

    1. Go to the CIPM Website
    2. Press the button Begin Studying in Blue Color
    3. The Page will ask for Login Details, Enter the Username and Password to log in
    4. After Login, check for Mock Exams and take the test.

Sample Test

    1. Enter into the official site –
    2. ‘Are you ready to take the CIPM Level I Exam?’ Press the Button Take the Quiz in blue color.
    3. There will be 20 sample questions provide a broad sampling of the types of questions of the Level I exam. The time duration will be 30 minutes to complete the quiz.

Finally, the time and structure of the mock and sample tests give the same experience as the exam day. It has an organized pace with weights and difficulty level roughly the same as the actual test.

Quick Guide for Level I Exam 2020

Formulate a Plan – First, have a quick glance over the topics. Give priority for the complex topics or start with the easier topics first. Finally, he/she should become familiar with the easy topics before moving to complex topics.

Practice your Pace – A Total of 100 Multiple choice questions should be completed in a duration of three hours. So practice more model question and take a mock exam. However, it takes only 2 minutes to answer each question.

Time is of the Essence – An average of 135 hours is required to study Level I – (Principle). So make a plan of your study hours and stick to it. Don’t rush to complete the syllabus, instead get through the material at a comfortable pace.

Learn the formulas – The candidate should make sure that before the exam, they have mastered all the formulas. However, the CIPM exam allows a calculator inside the exam.


 The course of study – This includes the learning outcome of ethical standards, performance measurement, performance appraisal, performance attribution, performance presentation, and GIPS Standards. So the candidate needs to master them before the exam.

Quick Guide for Level II Exam 2020

Start with a Quick Review – Candidates who are going to attend the Level II exam should be good in fundamentals. So the candidate can brush up on the basics.

Apply your Analytical Skills – The questions in Level II will be situation based questions and calculations. To accumulate knowledge, the candidates will be deeply about Performance Appraisal and Manager Selection.

Get Serious about scenarios – In Level II, there will 80 questions asked in 20 scenarios. It is a multiple-choice question and the Duration of the exam is three hours.

Practice the Exam – Candidate should practice more model questions and mock exams to get the pace. Prepare yourself perfectly for the exam day.

Be Mindful of Time – Allotting time of each question will also play an important role in the exam. So allot how much time to answer one question and stick to it. If you are stumped by a question, move on to one you are more comfortable with and complete that one. You can go back to your skipped question later if you have time.