Job Vacancies at Subway: Learn How to Apply (Step-by-Step)

Working at Subway is the perfect opportunity for you to join a global franchise that serves fresh food. With hundreds of stores in over 100 countries, Subway currently employs thousands of people. It is a company that values diversity, innovation, and overall customer satisfaction.

As a Subway employee, you are entitled to fair compensation and a lot of benefits. You also become part of a global team that helps you grow your career and learn new skills along the way. This is why a lot of people are interested in finding job vacancies at Subway.

If you’re looking to find job vacancies at Subway, check out the guide in this article for the step-by-step guide on applying.

Where to Find Job Vacancies at Subway

If you’re interested in finding different options to look for jobs at Subway, there are a few ways to find them. These are the most convenient options that allow you to apply for a job at Subway almost immediately.


Check out these available options below.

Apply Directly at the Store

The very first option which is also the easiest and most convenient is to go directly to any Subway store near you and ask for the manager.

You can ask if there are any jobs available at this store and see if you can apply.


If they do have jobs available, make sure that you bring your resume with you all the time so you can submit it. They will then get back to you after a few days.

Visit Their Official Website

Another quick way to find available jobs at Subway is to check their official website. Head over to their website and look for Careers.

This will lead you to their online job portal where you can find all the available jobs that you can apply for.


Check all the available jobs and see which ones fit your interests and goals.

Check Online Job Portals

While you’re still online, you can also check many other online job portals such as Glassdoor and Indeed to find available jobs at Subway.

These online portals are online marketplaces for jobs so you can find almost any available jobs on these platforms.

How to Apply for a Job at Subway

It might seem intimidating for many people to apply for a job at Subway but it is instead very easy to do.

Job Vacancies at Subway: Learn How to Apply (Step-by-Step)
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This is because the application process is very simple and has a very straightforward process.

Check out the steps below for a guide on how to apply for a job at Subway.

Making Your Resume

The very first thing that you need to do before you even plan on applying for a job is to make your resume.

Your resume should consist of all the information that you can provide to your potential employer.

This includes your name, phone number, address, previous work experience, and skills.

Preparing Requirements

Apart from making your resume, you should also prepare your requirements which include several documents such as your birth certificate and your Social Security Number.

These documents might be required if you apply for certain positions at Subway.

You can check out other requirements for your application in the job description or when you visit the store for your application.

Sending Your Application

Once you have your requirements and your resume ready, it is time to apply.

You can either head over to the store or send your application online. For online application, upload your resume or fill out the application form and send it to their recruitment manager.

You can submit your resume or application to the store manager if you want to visit the local store.

Interview and Assessment

Your application will be reviewed first before they will call you for an interview.

The interview can be done through phone or it can also be done at their recruitment facility or the store. Be sure to prepare for your interview by practicing common interview questions.

Many open positions will also require you to pass several assessments before you move on to the next step.

Job Offer

After the interview, the recruitment manager will continue to review your application as well as the results of your assessments to see if you are the perfect fit for the job.

They will then call you to share the good news if you are hired. Once hired, they will offer you a contract and check to see if it matches your needs and goals.

You can then start your job as soon as you’re able to work with them.

FAQs for Your Application at Subway

Applying for a job at Subway might be simple for some but if this is your first time applying for the job, it can be quite complicated.

There are some inquiries that you may have in mind that you want some answers to.

Fortunately, we have gathered some of the most common questions that many new applicants might want to ask so it will help guide you to the right decision.

Is Subway a Good Place to Work at?

  • Subway offers a lot of career opportunities for you. There are different kinds of jobs with competitive salaries and a lot of benefits.

If you’re looking to expand your horizons or grow your career, Subway is the best option for you right now.

What Benefits Can I Expect From Working at Subway?

  • Subway offers a long list of benefits for all of their employees. These include flexible hours, competitive pay, and discounts on food alongside many other benefits that you can enjoy.

These basic benefits alone make Subway an outstanding company to work for as it allows you to have a proper work-life balance.

Do I Need Previous Experience to Work at Subway?

  • With so many career options at Subway, some available positions will require you to have previous work experience in that field. There are also a lot of entry-level positions that do not require any previous work experience.

It is best that you check out the job descriptions and requirements before you apply for the position to find out.

How Do I Improve My Chances of Getting the Job?

  • The best way to improve your chances of getting hired for the job is to ace your interview. The interview portion is the most crucial part of your application.

Preparation is essential so be sure to practice answering common interview questions, always be punctual, and dress well during the interview.


If you’re passionate about providing healthy and fresh food to people while giving them fantastic customer service, Subway offers the best training, compensation, and benefits for its employees so they can commit to such goals. It is a perfect fit for those who want to grow their career and open up more growth opportunities.

Be sure to follow the guide above so you can start your journey with Subway.