Learn How to Easily Apply for Jobs at Walgreens

Walgreens has been in the business for over a century now and continues to employ thousands of people worldwide. As one of the world’s leading retail and pharmacy stores, Walgreens employs over several thousand employees to this day.

The company does an excellent job of providing its employees with good salaries and fantastic employee benefits. This is the reason why many people continue to work at Walgreens.


If you are interested, here is how you can easily apply for jobs at Walgreens.

Available Jobs at Walgreens

Since 1901, Walgreens has provided Americans with job opportunities nationwide.

Learn How to Easily Apply for Jobs at Walgreens
Image Source: Walgreens

They continue to provide careers to all people worldwide with even more opportunities.


Here are some of the popular jobs that Walgreens is currently offering.

Pharmacy Jobs

Pharmacy jobs include community pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, resident pharmacists, and pharmacy operations managers.

These jobs ensure that every customer in the pharmacy section receives the proper medication.


They also provide proper education to every customer regarding their medication.

In-Store Jobs

In-store jobs are usually about retail and sales. Some roles include beauty consultant, retail associate, inventory specialist, and store manager.

These roles help customers with their orders and ensure they get the correct product they deserve.

Warehouse Jobs

Warehouse jobs are usually within Walgreens warehouses.

These roles ensure that all products are distributed and delivered to every store that needs them.

Call Center Jobs

Call centre jobs handle the after-sales and customer service departments in Walgreens. They resolve any customer complaints while maintaining a good relationship with them.

Many call centre jobs at Walgreens also help pharmacists and other departments resolve their issues.

How to Easily Apply for Jobs at Walgreens

The hiring process at Walgreens is quite different from your usual recruitment procedure.

Learn How to Easily Apply for Jobs at Walgreens
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It takes several weeks to know if they are interested in hiring you for your chosen position. This means they will assess your capabilities thoroughly to ensure that you fit the job.

Here is how you can easily apply for jobs at Walgreens.

Applying Online

To apply for a job at Walgreens, you must head to their official website to find all the job listings available.

Take note to read the job descriptions, including the qualifications, requirements, and skills needed for you to apply.

Fill out the application form and submit it.

First Interview

You will then undergo the first interview, which HR usually does. They will ask you about your work experiences and personal life.

Be prepared to answer these questions.

Second Interview

The second interview is all about the job you’re applying for and is usually conducted by the manager of that department.

This interview will be more about your skills for the job.

Take your time answering the questions to provide the answers as accurately as possible.

Assessment and Other Tests

You should also anticipate a round of assessment after both of your interviews.

These tests will help determine if you are knowledgeable about the role you’re applying for. This is where your expertise and experience come as your strength.

Job Offer and Orientation

After a few days or weeks of deliberation, the recruitment team will contact you again if they are interested in hiring you.

You should receive your job offer. If you agree with the terms, sign the contract, and you can proceed with the orientation.

Check Out These Benefits for Jobs at Walgreens

Walgreens employees are fortunate to be employed by such a fantastic company. They are entitled to a long list of employee benefits that they can thoroughly enjoy.

Learn How to Easily Apply for Jobs at Walgreens
Image Source: Business Insider

These benefits include company-paid insurance, medical, dental, and vision insurance.

There are also retirement savings plans, beneficial employee stock purchase plans, disability plans, paid parental leave, flexible spending accounts, paid time off, transportation benefits, and even employee store discounts.

There are still so many benefits that you can take advantage of, and it is all provided to you during your orientation.

Do Walgreens do Background Checks?

Walgreens is very particular when it comes to background checks. Be transparent during the interview if you have a criminal background.

While they accept applicants with such backgrounds, they will do their round of assessment. This includes a drug screening as well.

It is best to open this up during the interview instead of hiding it from them and discovering it later.

Frequently Asked Questions in Applying for Jobs at Walgreens

When you apply at Walgreens, you might have several questions regarding the entire hiring process.

Learn How to Easily Apply for Jobs at Walgreens
Image Source: Chicago Tribune

These are some of the most frequently asked questions when applying for jobs at Walgreens.

How Long Does the Hiring Process Last?

The entire hiring process can last from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the role you’re applying for.

Some entry-level jobs will have a much faster hiring process, while other specific roles will need additional interviews and assessments.

This can further extend the hiring process, especially with deliberation.

Is Walgreens a Good Place to Work?

If you are looking for a good workplace that offers an excellent salary and many opportunities for career advancement, Walgreens is considered a good place to work.

Doing your research or talking to former employees about their experience working at Walgreens is always essential.

What Skills Do You Need to Get a Job at Walgreens?

It all depends on the kind of job that you’re applying for at Walgreens. Several jobs will require an extensive list of skills and qualifications.

Entry-level jobs do not require a lot of skills or qualifications as the role is not intensive.

Check the job description of each role so you’ll know what skills you need to get the job.


Walgreens can be a fantastic workplace for you, especially if you are looking for a wide range of benefits, a good salary, and many career opportunities.

Get familiarized with the hiring process so that when you apply, you can anticipate the next step and prepare. Stand out from your competition with the help of the guide above.

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