Microsoft Careers: Roles Across Major Brands, Including Remote Work

Microsoft offers a lot of solutions to many problems in our daily lives. This also means that Microsoft continues to innovate its technology to suit our needs. This is the same reason why the company continues to hire talented individuals to join its roster.

If you’re looking to learn how to apply for Microsoft careers, check out the guide below.

Benefits of Working at Microsoft

Microsoft offers great compensation for its thousands of employees. You get above average salary and apart from that, you are also entitled to a lot of amazing benefits.

These are the following benefits that you should expect when you get a job at Microsoft.


Medical, Dental, and Vision Care

Microsoft’s employees will never have to worry about expensive medical checkups, dental visits, or eye care now that they are covered by the company.

This also helps each employee to save money on more important things now that they are covered by such insurance.

Well-Being Programs

The company knows that work can be very stressful sometimes. Microsoft has a lot of plans to alleviate this through its well-being programs. 


These programs aim to provide a stress-free environment to all employees and help them to be more adaptive to stress.

They offer gym memberships, personal development programs, as well as social clubs and networks.

Paid Time Off

Employees get to enjoy up to 37 paid days off per year.


You can finally book that amazing long vacation that you have been planning for several years now that you have a good income and an amazing benefits package.

Where to Apply for Microsoft Careers

When it comes to applying for Microsoft careers, the company has made it very easy for you to reach out to them.

Microsoft Careers: Roles Across Major Brands, Including Remote Work
Image Source: Nortec Communications

There are several ways for you to apply. Here are some of the best methods to apply for Microsoft careers.

Online Careers Website

One of the most popular methods to apply is through their career portal. It is found on the official Microsoft website, and you just have to click on Careers.

This is where you can find all the available job openings for the entire company at different sites. Choose your location so you can narrow down your search.

Recruitment Team

Another way to apply at Microsoft is to head over to their office.You can then reach out to their recruitment team to submit your resume.

Wait for their call to come in for an interview once you are considered for the position.

Employee Referrals

If you know someone who is currently working at Microsoft, you can always rely on employee referrals to help you get hired.

Many employees are encouraged to invite their friends and family to apply for a job at Microsoft.

This could fast-track your employment at Microsoft since they already know the entire hiring process.

Online Platforms

There are different online platforms that have partnered with Microsoft to market their job openings. Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdoor are just some of these online platforms.

Make sure to check them out and see which job openings suit your talent the most.

How to Apply for Microsoft Careers

Microsoft continues to add more qualified employees to its ever-growing roster.

Microsoft Careers: Roles Across Major Brands, Including Remote Work
Image Source: Glassdoor

With the challenges of advancing technology and its demands, the company is looking to hire even more people to join the team.

Here is how you can apply for Microsoft careers.

Explore Microsoft Careers

If you’re planning on applying online, head over to the official Microsoft website.

Look for careers and click it to open a new page. Use the search function to find the job that you’re looking for, or you can check out the urgent job hiring on the website to apply.

Working on Your Resume

Once you have already chosen the job that you want to apply for, click on Apply.

Work on your resume first by making sure that you only use any relevant information related to the job that you’re applying for.

Do not forget to add your updated contact details on your resume.

Apply Online

After drafting your resume, it is time to apply online.

Enter all of your details in the online application form, and attach your resume, alongside many other documents that they require.

Review everything first before you submit your application.


They will call you a few days after you submit your application for an interview.

This can be done over the phone, or you might be invited to their office. The interview will be either conducted by the manager or by a panel.

You might also need to prepare for a few skills tests as well.

Formal Offer

Once you’re done with the interview, they will deliberate your entire application. 

You will receive a call from them if you are hired.

Prepare all the pre-employment requirements, submit them, and sign your contract to start your work at Microsoft.

Frequently Asked Questions on Microsoft Careers

With so many perks that you can enjoy, you will surely grow to love working at Microsoft. 

Microsoft Careers: Roles Across Major Brands, Including Remote Work
Image Source: Microsoft

You may also have a few questions in mind as an applicant.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that many applicants may ask.

What Are The Qualifications and Skill Requirements for Microsoft Careers?

The qualifications and the skill requirements differ from one position to the next.

In many cases, having computer knowledge and proficiency in programming languages will truly help you land a job at Microsoft.

You will also need to have a good work ethic, amazing communication skills, and focus on details.

Are There Available Remote Work?

Microsoft has plans on having a hybrid setup with a direction towards a full return to the office.

While this is a growing trend in many offices worldwide, Microsoft is still one of the many companies that continue to offer remote jobs in specific positions.

Check out the website for more options.

Does Microsoft Offer A Good Salary?

Microsoft offers one of the best salary packages out of any tech company in the world.

Their employees usually enjoy an average of around $160,000 salary per year.

This is still depending on the role and the schedule that you’re planning on getting once you apply.

Can You Still Apply Without a Degree?

Unlike many other companies, Microsoft does not require you to have a college degree for you to apply.

Applicants are always welcome to apply for certain positions as long as they meet the other requirements for the job.

The company even offers you to continue your studies, so many job opportunities within the company will be offered to you shortly.


Microsoft boasts one of the best salary and benefits packages out of all the tech companies in the world. With its amazing work environment and career opportunities, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be applying for Microsoft careers today!

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