The Design Village Entrance Exam Syllabus & Pattern 2020 | TDV Admission Process

The Design Village Entrance Exam Syllabus & Pattern 2020: The last date for submitting the application for the Design Village Admission is 28th December 2019. Moreover, the Design Village Entrance Exam will conduct on 5th January 2020. Interested candidates can apply online at its official page @ Aspirants can get details about The Design Village Entrance Syllabus, Exam Pattern, admission process from, etc.


The Design Village Entrance Exam Syllabus 2020

The entrance exam for The Design Village contains various elements that will test the abilities that are base to be a designer using the sections below.

  1. Correlative Quiz: 

Tests awareness level with treasure hunt like events which makes understand the correlations between people, places, objects, events, etc. Candidates must have a good presence of mind to solve the tricky questions.

The Design Village Entrance Exam Syllabus

2. Comprehensive Question:

This is for ideation and visual representation. The following abilities are evaluated in these questions,

  • To imagine a scenario in a holistic manner and in parts (courage to think outside the box/compassion). 
  • To visualize the representation and draw clearly/proportionately (aptitude/skill). 
  • To observe from memory or add details to the imagined environment and make it enriched and vivid (tests awareness and perseverance)

3. Question for taking positions/justifying them:


This section tests, 

  • The ability to develop an opinion or a perspective of an issue; one that is not random and whimsical but justified convincingly
  • To evaluate values and priorities among this age group
  • To represent innovatively, the ideation although the focus is on the design thinking

4. Creating thumbnails:

This section gives the student an opportunity to express their concepts or thoughts through design. This test addresses the following meanings,

  1. To evaluate lateral thinking based on the interpretation-from the most obvious to least obvious.
  2. The response could also indicate an awareness of what is happening in the world.

Situational Test 

A situational test at TDV gives the students realistic yet hypothetical scenarios and asks them to build models. This test checks the creative and innovative skills with respect to spontaneity. The test brings out the inventive/experimental/imaginative and artistic capabilities of the candidates by putting them into a time-bound situation and indulging their minds to construct something meaningful. This also tests the behavioral tendency and personality of students. 

Personal Interview & Portfolio Discussion

This round will be a discussion about the candidate’s personal goals, aspirations, opinions, and ideologies. Candidates will be expected to have a passion for design and having a portfolio with design projects will give an advantage to applicants.

Admission Process

The entrance test for the TDV is specially designed to assess the various capabilities of a student. The TDV entrance tests the traits a capable design curator must possess. These are the phases or dimensions that will be tested in the entrance.