Discover Unilever Sales Job Openings: Learn How to Apply

Unilever is one of the world’s most popular brands. There are millions of people all over the world who use their products. This is all thanks to their employees.

Unilever currently employs over 127,000 people and continues to expand. Check the guide below to learn how to apply for Unilever sales job openings.

Check Out the Many Unilever Job Openings

Unilever has a wide variety of products and services and the company is looking to fill more heads for their different departments. 

With that in mind, they have a lot of job openings for such departments. These are just some of them that you can apply for today.


Entry-Level Careers

Early careers are suited for those who just graduated college or who want to do an internship. It is also suitable for those who are looking for entry-level jobs. 

They also have a program where you can develop your skills and be absorbed into the department that you’re working for after a certain time. 

These jobs include sales, marketing, advertising, customer service, and more.


Factory Careers

Aside from entry-level jobs, there are also factory jobs that need to be filled up. 

Unilever continues to produce products that millions of people use every day. They do not want to produce high-quality products hence they continue to hire more people to work for them. 

These factory careers are very simple yet very rewarding as well.


Research and Development

If you have a college degree, you might want to apply as part of the research and development team. 

They are responsible for creating new products or modifying those that are already in the market to suit other needs. 

They are highly educated individuals who want to make a difference in the world.

Employee Benefits That You Can Enjoy at Unilever

Unilever ensures that all of their employees feel good about the work that they do. 

Discover Unilever Sales Job Openings: Learn How to Apply
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This is the reason why they have amazing salary packages and benefits. They continue to work tirelessly and still get rewarded for doing a  good job. 

Check out these employee benefits that you can enjoy when working at Unilever.

Learning and Development

Learning does not stop even when you’re already working at Unilever. They have programs that continue to challenge your current status to prepare you for more career opportunities in the future. 

There are learning and development programs that employees can enroll in so they learn more skills.

Health and Well-Being

As part of their employee benefits package, Unilever makes sure that all employees do not need to worry in case of any medical emergency. 

They have both medical and other healthcare insurance that covers any medical bills

This allows employees to focus on their work instead of having to worry about paying those expensive hospital bills.

Flexible Working Schedule

Unilever values the health and wellness of its employees. This means that they put high regard to their employee’s work-life balance

Through a flexible working schedule, they can provide employees with ample amounts of time for their family and other private matters while also giving suitable hours of work for them.

Discover the Application Process for Unilever Sales Job Openings

Unilever has a rather different application process, especially for sales job openings. 

Discover Unilever Sales Job Openings: Learn How to Apply
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Since this is a very specific department, they have a specific list of requirements and qualifications for the job. 

Check the job description to view all of the requirements you need to apply for sales job openings. 

Meanwhile, here is the entire application process.


It is always important that you research the job openings first before you apply. This will help you understand what the role in sales is all about and what you need to do to get hired. 

Research the company’s core values, culture, and mission as well.

Submit Your Application

Once you have done your research and chosen the perfect sales job opening that you can find, it is time to apply through their official website

Fill out the online application form and review everything before you submit it.

Pre-Screening Procedure

The team will then review your application and will contact you over the phone for a pre-screening procedure. This will either be done through a phone call or a video call

The purpose of this interview is to see if you match the job requirements through an interview.


After the pre-screening procedure, you will be scheduled for another set of interviews. 

This time, it will be done by a manager of the sales department. They will test your skills and qualifications as well as get to know you more as a prospect. 

Be sure to allow a few hours of your schedule for the interviews.


You will then proceed to the assessment center where you will answer several tests. These tests will gauge your knowledge of several subject matters. 

Many other tests will just figure out how you respond to certain situations at work.

Reference Check

At this point, Unilever will contact all the references that you have mentioned on your application. These might include your former clients or bosses and other individuals that you have placed as your reference. 

This is to verify the information that you have provided during your application.

Formal Job Offer

Finally, the final step of the application process is the formal job offer. This is the time when they will offer you a contract that contains your salary, responsibilities, benefits, and many more. 

Read through the job offer and sign if you agree so you can start your work.

Tips When Applying for Unilever Sales Job Openings

When it comes to applying for Unilever sales job openings, it can be an intense experience. 

Discover Unilever Sales Job Openings: Learn How to Apply
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Many applicants feel the pressure of proving themselves that they end up making mistakes. 

Here are some tips to do when you’re applying for Unilever job openings.

Research Unilever’s Products

This is one of the most underrated tips that you will ever get to apply during your interview. Many interviewers will try to check if you did your homework. 

Research and learn more about their products and surprise the interviewer with your knowledge about them. 

You can even go further by acknowledging their mission and values as well as their standards when it comes to work.

Always Come Prepared

A lot of applicants end up getting rejected because of their lack of preparation especially during the interview. Research and practice answering some of the most common interview questions. 

You will thank yourself later on for following this amazing tip.

Tailor Your Resume

Notice that they list down the requirements and qualifications for each job opening. 

Tailor your resume so that it will suit their needs but be sure that you can back it up with documents and certificates. 

You do not want to be caught red-handed during the interview.


Unilever continues to deliver high-quality service and products thanks to its hard working employees. If you want to be part of their team, take your chance today and apply for Unilever sales job openings.