Career Profile: How to Become a Video Game Designer

Want to become a video game designer? Well, here is all you need to know about getting into this career. Game designers work together with groups of people to develop and design video games.

Video game designers are responsible for designing characters, puzzles, animations, and art. They script codes using different programming software, and also do project management.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), video game designers might be involved in the rapidly expanding industry with the increased demand for video games. Read on to find more about this career.

Career Profile: How to Become a Video Game Designer
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Overview: Video Game Design

If you have interest in gaming and have the burning aspiration to acquire the new programming knowledge with production expertise, then designing video games is an ideal career option for you!


The field of video games presents a host of career opportunities.

The US Labor Department predicts 30% growth in video game employment this decade, positioning it as one of the most rapidly growing careers in the country.

The majority of these careers take three dimensions: game programmer, game Designer, and game Artist. Depending on which role you qualify for or wish to pursue, your responsibilities and duties will vary.

Duties and Educational Requirements

Educational requirements and skills are different for different game careers mentioned above. Video game designers invest significant time studying, either physically, or virtually for online courses.

Education is necessary to acquire new and emerging skills to cope with the diversity of the generation and the market. Nonetheless, this hard work does not go unrewarded as designers earn quite a good salary.

With the growth of the video game industry, more learning institutions continue to make way for careers in this field.

Technically, video game designers possess a college certificate or degree in game design, computer science, or computer engineering. These courses take between four to five years to finish.

Units in the game design degree course entail project management, level design, technology, and integrated video design. These programs involve game theories, creative content writing, game design project, and game planning and strategy.

This job requires people with crucial problem-solving skills, attention to detail, effective communication, writing skills, and passion for video games.

In the recent past, Game Design Studios has started looking for individuals who love the game, since they believe that actual players understand the nuances and other aspects of the game better.

Your success as a video game designer relies on your patience and willingness to work hard and for an extensive amount of time. Team-work is also vital as video game designing requires collaborative efforts.

Day-to-Day Activities

A video game designer generally works in managerial capacity on video game projects. They assist in managing budgets, project timelines, and work schedules.

Their duties and responsibilities include devising missions, puzzles, and challenges encountered in a game. Also, the designer creates narrative features like storylines, chaotic bios, and role-playing mechanics.

Conducting periodic reviews of the design and collaborating with sound engineers and artists are tasks that designers perform on a daily basis to achieve desired audio and video styles.

The designers also plan the games through mock-up screenshots, flowcharts, and mission goals. They also work with programmers and the artists of the game to ensure correct design flows.

Career Profile: How to Become a Video Game Designer
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Skills Required to Be a Video Game Designer

Video game designers take responsibility for the visual outline of the games. They are qualified in conventional art capabilities like lining, forming, and color theory.

They are required to apply the 2D/3D computer software for an animation to animate and mock the levels of the video game. They also use the motion-capture techniques to include live video game actors.

How Well Does Video Game Design Pay

You must be wondering that with all the hard work, does it pay well? Of course, it does. The average annual pay for this role in the US is $130000 annually, although this varies with experience and background.


A video game design career is a growing career opportunity. With rapid innovations brought by technology, these jobs can only be on the rise. The job also pays well with the right qualifications and skills.

Remember that if you want to be a video game designer, you have to be enthusiastic and ready to learn new skills!