Costco Careers: Discover the Latest Openings

As the fifth-largest retailer in the world, Costco is home to thousands of employees all over the world. The company continues to hire even more employees for the entire year as it prepares to expand into more regions. With that in mind, you will need all the help that you can get to have a better chance of getting hired.

This article will guide you through the application process so you can have a better chance at getting the Costco careers that you like. Check it out below.

What Does It Take to Get a Job at Costco?

A lot of people might ask if it is difficult to land a job at Costco. The answer is that it depends on your preparation.

It takes a lot of preparation for you to get a job at Costco even if you are just applying for an entry-level job.


You will need to have at least a high school diploma, pass the drug test, and be at least 18 years old and above for you to apply for a job at Costco.

Your chances of landing a job will significantly increase if you already have these basic requirements. Anything added to that will help improve your chances greatly.

Can You Apply for a Job at Costco in Person?

It is highly advised that you visit the store in person and ask for the manager to see if there are available roles for you to apply.


Managers will know which vacant roles will be best suited for you once you’re done with the application. Visiting the store in person will also help you understand what the working environment is and how the work is being done.

It will give you a personal glimpse of what you will be doing if you do get a job at Costco.

How to Apply for Costco Careers

Applying for Costco careers is easy if you have come prepared.

Costco Careers: Discover the Latest Openings
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This is also the reason why you should learn the entire application process.

Follow the steps below so you can prepare and anticipate each step to improve your chances of getting the job that you like.

  • Look for the Perfect Role: Look for the perfect role through Costco’s Careers website. The website offers an extensive list of available roles for you to apply. You can use the locations feature to narrow down your search for open roles in your area. After that, you can either continue to apply online or you can visit the store and apply in person.
  • Sending Your Application: If you continue to apply online, you will need to download Costco’s application form and fill it out. You will also be required to attach several requirements such as documents when you submit the application form. You can also download and print the application form and fill it out then submit it to the nearest Costco store.
  • Interview: You will then undergo several rounds of interviews depending on the role that you’re applying for. Some roles will require you to attend a one-on-one interview with the manager at the store. Other roles will be interviewed with a panel. There will also be several rounds of interviews and assessments so be prepared to answer a lot of questions.
  • Orientation and Job Offer: When you pass the interview, they will offer you the job and you can tour the entire store for your orientation. You will have proper training and be offered a contract where you can read your salary and benefits.

Costco Benefits That Every Employee Can Enjoy

Costco employees enjoy a good amount of benefits apart from their salary.

Costco Careers: Discover the Latest Openings
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There is a list of benefits that you can enjoy to help you become financially stable for your future.

Here are the best benefits that you can take advantage of when you are an employee at Costco.

  • Health and Life Insurance: Costco is known to provide one of the best health and life insurance to its employees. The employees can enjoy private health and dental plans as well as vision insurance. You’re also offered to choose between basic and supplementary life insurance. Part-time employees also get around $15,000 worth of life insurance.
  • Health Savings Account: All employees will also be given a health savings account which they can benefit from by paying for any qualified medical expenses. You don’t even need to pay any tax for this.
  • Flexible Spending Account: Another great benefit that many Costco employees get is the flexible spending account. With this account, you get to pay for medical emergencies and other qualified expenses that are outside of the health care costs. You don’t even need to pay for taxes with this benefit.
  • 401K Plans: Saving for your retirement is now a lot easier with the help of Costco’s 401K plans. Each employee is entitled to this benefit so you can start saving money for your retirement. You even have the option as to how much your current salary is sent to your pension account so you can properly budget your paycheck.

Tips for Applying at Costco

With more than hundreds of people applying for Costco careers at the same time, it can become very highly competitive for all applicants.

Costco Careers: Discover the Latest Openings
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This is why you need to have an advantage over other applicants.

Here are some tips for applying for work at Costco.

  1. Update Your Resume: Make sure that you take a good look at your resume and see if it fits the current role that you’re applying for. You only need to present the skills and experience that are related to the job that you want. Update your resume with relevant skills so you leave a good impression on the recruiter.
  2. Visit the Store: As mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you visit the store and submit your application there instead. The online application can be convenient but if you want to meet the manager and have an impression about the work that you’ll be doing, check out the store. This also lets you get into the manager’s radar as much as possible so they will remember you during the interview.
  3. Tap Into Your Network: If you have a friend or family member who works at Costco, it is best that you use your network to your advantage. Ask how they got in and what they did to get hired. Apply the tips that they mention but be sure to follow the application process as well since not all job openings follow the same application protocol. You can even try and reach out to them to give you a good word for the manager.


Getting hired at Costco might seem difficult at first but with enough persistence and the strong will to prepare, you can always ace your application and get the job.

Follow the tips mentioned above and you should be able to have a better experience and a better chance at getting hired. Good luck!