IU Health Careers – How to Get a Job as a Physician

The profession of a doctor is often deemed as the job of a noble person. This is because doctors are responsible for treating the sick and needy during times of crisis. Indeed, they play a vital role in establishing and maintaining a healthy society.

Indiana University Health is providing promising opportunities for physicians to serve during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Highlighted below are the requirements to apply for this job and how one can get it.

  • Educational Requirements
  • Why Choose IU Health Careers?
  • Recruitment and Hiring Process
  • How to Apply
  • What Are the Employee Benefits?
  • How to Apply for Employee Benefits
  • What Jobs Does IU Health Offer?
  • What to Consider Before Becoming a Physician at the IU Health
  • The Advantages of Becoming a Physician
  • Challenges Related to Becoming a Physician at the IU Health
IU Health Careers - How to Get a Job as a Physician
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Educational Requirements

While the world battles against a pandemic, the demand for doctors, especially physicians, is at an all-time high. 

IU Health Careers - How to Get a Job as a Physician
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Hospitals are actively scouting for experienced professionals who can provide their services in these dire times.

To become a physician, the first step is to attain a bachelor’s degree in allied medical sciences. Thereafter, you would have to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). 


Based on these scores, you would have to enroll in a 4-year medical program. After attaining your medical degree, you will have to complete a 1-year residency program in your area of specialization.

Attaining a License

Finally, you would have to attain a license by applying for the US Medical Licensing Examination. These licenses need to be renewed periodically. 

You may also apply for a formal certification from the American Board of Medical Specialties. 


Even though this is not mandatory, attaining a certification significantly improves your employment opportunities.

Why Choose IU Health Careers?

After you have worked hard for all these years to attain the required qualifications, you must take the right step towards progressing your career as a physician.

IU Health Careers - How to Get a Job as a Physician
Image Source: Indiana University Health

Choosing IU Health Careers gives you an opportunity with like-minded individuals who are willing to contribute to society. 

IU Health holds a national ranking in terms of its services as the majority of its staff consist of medical experts

Additionally, it is one of the most trusted healthcare systems in the country. Moreover, you will get an excellent opportunity to grow in your career with a reputed healthcare system.

Great Starting Point

For someone with a Bachelor’s Degree in allied medical sciences, working at the Indiana University Health is a fantastic starting point

Along with the fact that it would look great on your resume, it offers an opportunity to gain experience working with the most reputable physicians in the USA. 

Recruitment and Hiring Process

With the restrictions proposed due to the pandemic, most of the recruitment and hiring process has been shifted online.

IU Health Careers - How to Get a Job as a Physician
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Therefore, the initial interviews are now held via calls, followed by video interviews.

Post a successful interview, and your profile will be aligned with the requirements specified by the partner hospitals. 

These are all reputed hospitals such as IU Health Bloomington Hospital, IU Health Jay Hospital, and IU Health University Hospital.

Diversified Experience

Furthermore, these opportunities range across a diverse range of practices

These include academia, private practice, community-based opportunities, community and federally qualified health centers, and single and multi-specialty hospitals.

How to Apply

IU Health Careers has a designated portal that caters to the needs of enthusiastic physicians who are scouting for a promising job opportunity.

IU Health Careers - How to Get a Job as a Physician
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With a simple Google search of ‘IU Health Careers’, you will be directed to the ‘Careers’ webpage. There, you will find the tab ‘Physician and Advanced Career Providers’. 

Clicking on it will redirect you to the career page dealing exclusively with opportunities for physicians. 

On scrolling down, you will come across two options – ‘Search for Physician Careers’ and ‘Search for Advanced Provider Careers’.

Filter Job Positions 

Clicking on the first option will guide you to a list of openings across different partner hospitals.

You can click on your preferred choice to learn about the essential details and requirements. 

Finally, click on ‘Apply’ to initiate your application process. If you have an existing account, then you can directly log in, or else you can create a new account.

What Are the Employee Benefits?

Getting hired as a physician at Indiana University Health isn’t only rewarding because you can help other people but also because you can reap a wide variety of benefits.

IU Health Careers - How to Get a Job as a Physician
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As an employee, you will be subjected to health and retirement perks, wellness resources, office/campus security, free parking, and a CrimsonCard.

If you become a full-time employee, you will automatically qualify for medical, prescription, and insurance coverage for you and your family (dental, specialist care, vision care, prescription drugs). 

Not only that, but also be able to benefit from the Basic Group Life, Supplemental Life, or Long Term Disability Insurance. 

10% Retirement Plans 

One of the most attractive points is that Indiana University Health will contribute 10% of your base salary towards your retirement plan. 

That, as well as the fact that you are eligible for opening a Health Savings Account, is the financial perks of being an IU employee. 

How to Apply for Employee Benefits

As soon as you get hired, the employer will allow you a wide variety of benefits. There are also certain perks that you need to apply for manually.

IU Health Careers - How to Get a Job as a Physician
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The first step into doing that is to create an IU account and set a two-step login that you will use to access the IU account. 

Once you have it set up, the second step is to complete a new employee orientation through which you will be educated on the benefits that you can enjoy as a part of the professional, service, or support staff. 

This is essential for understanding the perks that you can apply for and start collecting the relevant documentation.

Monitor Deadlines

It is essential to keep a record of the application deadlines for certain benefits. 

For example, most perks require that you apply in 30 days since being hired, but the most convenient aspect is that you can complete the enrollment process through a web inquiry.

What Jobs Does IU Health Offer?

If you are interested in getting hired by IU Health, you should know that they offer positions in a selection of cities, including Indianapolis, Muncie, Bloomington, Lafayette, and Hartford City.

IU Health Careers - How to Get a Job as a Physician
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It includes working in hospitals such as Greater Indianapolis Area, Ball Memorial Hospital, and Blackford Hospital.

Among the most sought-after physician jobs are occupations of a certified Anesthesiologist, Anesthetist, and a Midwife. 

It is a full-time position highlighted by a combination of inpatient and outpatient duties.

The Need for Cardiologists

Assuming this role would mean that you are invested in procedures such as neuro, general surgery, plastics, urology, orthopedics, ENT, healthy pediatrics, and a bunch of others.

Considering that IU Health is the largest employer in the area, you are likely to find a lot of job offers.

These will include Adult Congenital Heart Disease Cardiologists, Cardiovascular Genetics Physicians, and Interventional Cardiologists. 

What to Consider Before Becoming a Physician at the IU Health

While becoming a physician is a gratifying job in all aspects, it requires a lot of sacrifices. 

IU Health Careers - How to Get a Job as a Physician
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As you start studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in allied medical sciences, you must create a well-planned schedule that will help you get everything done on time without taking a toll on your private life. 

Also, you shouldn’t be obsessed with the studying routine of your colleagues as everyone has a different approach. 

As much as it is important to maintain your personal life, you will need to start preparing for license exams from the very beginning.

Don’t Worry About Your Student Loan

No matter what some say, medicine isn’t a clear-cut profession, and it requires a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical experience

One of the biggest mistakes for those who study allied medical sciences is too much worrying about their debt. 

For the time that you are obtaining the Bachelor’s Degree, the curriculum should be your primary focus as once you get a job paying off the debt present a problem.

The Advantages of Becoming a Physician 

If you are someone who enjoys learning about new approaches and technologies, then the job of a physician is a fantastic choice.

IU Health Careers - How to Get a Job as a Physician
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Working in the medical field allows you to develop innovative practices and explore the most complex machine: the human body. 

The job security that comes with becoming a physician is another great advantage. 

The Bureau of Labor suggests that the average salary is set at $190,000 annually, with there being a lot of room to get even higher pay. 

Choose Your Path

The main focus when working as a physician is personal satisfaction and the realization that you’ve helped someone.

As mentioned above, you can pursue a wide variety of careers with a Bachelor’s Degree in allied medical sciences. 

In addition, the freedom to work on a job that satisfies you and meets your life schedule is a major advantage of becoming a physician.

Challenges Related to Becoming a Physician at the IU Health

Pursuing a career in the medical field does take a lot of time. First and foremost, you need to complete an undergraduate school that takes four years on average.

IU Health Careers - How to Get a Job as a Physician
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After that, you can enroll in a medical school which will require another four to seven years of education depending on the training that you should complete.

The biggest challenge related to being a physician is that you don’t have a flexible schedule. 

You also may be met with long and exhausting working hours. While rewarding if the operation is successful, the pressure of having someone’s well-being in your hands is pretty high.

Make Sacrifices

Maintaining a balance of professional duties and personal life is challenging when you are a physician for the exact reason that you don’t have a strict working schedule. 


Being a physician comes with immense responsibilities and is not always easy. 

However, the satisfaction you will experience after helping someone and the people you will meet is your greatest reward.