Applying for Job Positions at Target: Step-by-Step Guide

Applying for a job at Target is very competitive since it is one of the many companies that hire people. With high competition, you will need an advantage, especially if you are looking to apply for Target jobs.

You must focus on your assets, such as skills and work experience, to get ahead of the competition. This will help improve your chances of getting hired, especially in a challenging and competitive pool of applicants today.


Check out the guide below to learn more about how to apply for job positions at Target.

Available Jobs at Target

Target is a trendy retail store in the US and continues to provide many jobs to hardworking people.

Due to its immense popularity, there will always be a need for more people to join the team.


Here are just some of the available jobs that you can apply for at Target.

Seasonal Jobs

Many people might not know this, but Target offers seasonal jobs.

Those looking to be employed for a few months or throughout a project or campaign can look into joining seasonal jobs.


At certain times in the year, such as Thanksgiving week and the holiday season, Target needs employees to cater to their customers.


Retail jobs are either part-time or full-time offers. They are responsible for ensuring customers get what they need at the store.

They also assist every customer to find what they are looking for and provide excellent recommendations.

Distribution Center

If you’re not fond of handling customer concerns, you might want to get a job at the distribution centre, where they do packing operations, transportation of goods, and logistics.

They are responsible for delivering the supplies to each Target store or delivering your online orders to your door.


There is also the corporate side of working at Target. In these jobs, you will handle more on the business side of Target.

You can either work in marketing and advertising or in the customer service department, where you handle customer concerns and orders.

How to Apply for Target Jobs

Target makes it easy for applicants to apply for jobs. They have a very straightforward hiring process that is very easy to follow.

Applying for Job Positions at Target: Step-by-Step Guide
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All you need to do is check the steps below for a better and smoother experience when applying for Target jobs.

Submitting Your Application

You can visit any Target store near you and ask if there are job vacancies.

You can also use their website to look for the appropriate job openings. Submit your application and wait for their call.

Pre-Screening Assessment

The recruitment team will review your application and ask you to complete a pre-screening assessment.

This varies from the position that you’re applying for and the location you’re in.

Submit the requirements that they need for you to proceed.

Answering the Interview

You will then be called again for a series of interviews. The first interview can be done over the phone. The next set of interviews will be a personal interview.

Make proper preparations for the interviews.

Completing the Background Check

Target does a full background check after the interview to ensure your information is accurate.

You are also required to undergo a drug test.

You will be given a set of pre-employment requirements to submit on a specific date before they offer you the contract.

Participating in the Orientation and Training

Sign the contract if you agree with their terms.

You will then be given a schedule for your orientation and training.

What are the Benefits for Its Employees?

Target is known to provide its employees with excellent benefits. A few include medical and pharmacy benefits, where you can purchase your medication at a discounted rate.

Dental and vision insurance and coverage for critical ailments and hospitalization are also available. Target also provides vacation leaves, paid time off, and 401K plans.

They even provide development and education programs so employees can grow through coaching and learning.

How Long is the Hiring Process for Target Jobs?

It depends on the job opening that you’re applying for. Entry-level jobs usually only take at least two weeks for them to hire you.

Meanwhile, specific jobs that require a lot of assessments, interviews, and background checks will take some time.

This means they can take 3 to 4 weeks to complete the hiring process. Make sure that you prepare and manage your time.

FAQs in Applying for Target Jobs

For those interested in applying for Target jobs, here are some questions many applicants might ask.

Applying for Job Positions at Target: Step-by-Step Guide
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Check out the answers and apply them during your application.

What Kind of Experience Do You Need to Work at Target?

Target offers different kinds of employment to individuals who have previous work experience.

While they do not usually require previous work experience, especially for new applicants who seek entry-level jobs, you can always mention your experience to improve your chances of getting hired.

It is best that you declare them on your application.

Are There Any Requirements to Work at Target?

Specific requirements depend on the type of employment you seek at Target. Target generally has a minimum age requirement of 18 years for you to start working.

You should also have a high school diploma for you to apply. The job description will also mention any specific requirements for the position.

What are Some Skills You Need to Get Hired at Target?

Target is very customer-centric, meaning you must provide excellent customer service. You must also communicate well with your customers and have proper listening skills.

You should display empathy and creative thinking and have a results-oriented mindset to resolve conflicts with either the customer or within your team.


The entire application process at Target hinges on you knowing and understanding each step. You must learn the entire hiring procedure before applying to prepare better.

Note that the more you prepare and anticipate each step, the more you’ll likely get the job and enjoy the benefits.

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