Careers at Samsung: Explore Job Opportunities Available

Samsung is one of the most prolific tech companies in the world. The company has delivered some of the most groundbreaking technology that we have ever witnessed and all of this is thanks to their creative and hardworking employees. Samsung continues to innovate with technology and the future is bright for those who are looking to work at the company.

Founded in 1970, Samsung went from a small engineering company to a massive titan in the technology industry. It employs thousands of people from all over the world and continues to rise to the challenge of being one of the world’s leading innovators in technology. If you’re interested in becoming part of the team, there are a lot of job opportunities available at Samsung.

Check out the guide to apply for jobs at Samsung below to learn more about their hiring process and some tips to get you hired as quickly as possible.

Start Your Samsung Career Today With These Benefits

Employees at Samsung are hard at work trying to explore new ways that we can benefit from today’s technology.


This also means that they are extremely creative and aim to provide many solutions to today’s problems.

If you’re an employee at Samsung, you can enjoy these tremendous benefits.

  • Competitive University Programs: If you join Samsung, you will get the highest form of education with the help of their university programs. Many applicants are already a prodigy in their given fields but Samsung wants you to be at the top of your game. With its competitive university programs, you get meaningful experience and discover new skills that you thought you didn’t have. Unlock your potential today with this amazing benefit from Samsung.
  • Excellent Coverage: Samsung employees enjoy a proper work-life balance. It is only fitting that the company offers them excellent coverage ranging from health insurance to life insurance as well as a generous  401K. You also get paid parental leave and reimbursement options for both fitness and education. There is no other company in the world that focuses on your well-being than Samsung.
  • Giving Back to the Community: Another great benefit that many employees enjoy when working at Samsung is that they give back to the community. Samsung continues to provide its employees and the community with a wide range of charitable organizations. The company fosters a great environment that helps keep creativity and innovation. Through these events, employees get to separate their work from their private lives while also enjoying giving back to the community where they came from.

Check Out How to Get a Job at Samsung

There are several ways of getting a job at Samsung.


Each of these avenues will allow me to work for one of the best tech companies in the world.

Check out the different ways to get to Samsung.

Online Application

This is probably the easiest and most convenient way to apply for a job at Samsung. They have an official Careers website where you can find all the available jobs that you can apply for.


Take note that it will take some time for them to review your application as they are also dealing with thousands of applications.

They will be contacting you in a few days after your application.

Employee Referrals

Samsung employees are highly encouraged to tell their friends and families that the company is hiring.

If you know someone who currently works at Samsung, go ahead and ask them if the company is hiring.

Let them explain the entire application process and what requirements to bring for the application. You can even send them your resume so they can submit it directly to HR.

Campus Drives

Another way to apply for a job at Samsung is to take advantage of their campus drives.

Samsung usually visits different universities and colleges all over the world where they can search for promising young students to join their team.

It may start as an internship but there is a great chance that you get absorbed into the company after. Take this opportunity to land a stable job after you graduate.

Advance Your Career With Samsung

Now that you have all the options to get a job at Samsung, it is time for you to learn more about the application process.

Careers at Samsung: Explore Job Opportunities Available
Image Source: Samsung Newsroom

If you want to consider advancing your career with Samsung, here are the steps to apply.

  1. Search for the Perfect Job: Visit their online website and click on Careers. You can then use the search function to search for the perfect job. If you already have a job in mind, type in the keywords and check to see if the position is available. Find the perfect role that suits your skills and review the job description.
  2. Apply for the Job: Send your application by clicking on Apply. Fill out the application form and review everything before you submit it.
  3. Screening the Candidate: The recruitment team will review your application. It can take days before they will reach out to you through a call or email so be sure to check regularly. The team will check to see if you match the requirements and the qualifications of the position before they shortlist you for the role.
  4. Scheduling the Interviews: If you match their expectations, you will receive a call or email with a schedule for an interview. Make sure that you follow through with the schedule. The interview may be done through a phone call or you may be asked to come to their office. Come on time and be sure to answer all of the questions.
  5. Offering the Job: The team will continue to assess your application. If you’re selected as the final candidate, they will contact you again to offer you the job. Review the contract and see if the salary and benefits fit your needs. If you’re interested in their offer, go ahead and sign the contract so you can begin your training and start working at Samsung.


Samsung is considered one of the toughest companies to apply for with all the competition during your application. This can be alleviated if you know the entire application process so you can be guided accordingly.

Take note of the guide above so you can have a better chance of getting the job at Samsung.

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