Learn How to Apply for Jobs at Disney

Disney is more than just the blockbuster movies and favorite cartoon characters that you know of. They also have theme parks and many corporate offices all over the world that employ thousands of people. There is a whole new world of jobs that you can apply for at Disney.

If you’re looking to be part of this world, there are thousands of Disney jobs that you can apply for. Disney is known for their competitive salaries, amazing benefits, and great career opportunities. Read more below to learn about how to get a job at Disney.

Learn How to Apply for Jobs at Disney
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What’s It Like to Work at Disney

With its popularity, Disney encourages its employees to work at their best. 

Learn How to Apply for Jobs at Disney
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This can also mean that every job at Disney is equally demanding and satisfying. 


You get to work alongside thousands of hardworking and creative people while you get to reap the rewards of such an experience. 

Here are some of the many reasons why people like to work at Disney.

Job Security

One of the most common reasons why people want to get a job at Disney is the security. 


Disney has been in the business for almost a century now and continues to dominate the industry. 

There will be no shortage of jobs available at Disney and you can rest assured that you will always have a job at the company.

Career Growth and Innovation

Apart from job security, Disney continues to innovate their craft which means there is always room for growth within the company. 


Employees who work in a creative industry will always have growth and innovation. 

Employees continue to motivate each other with passion through their craft thus enhancing the products and services that they offer.

Amazing Benefits

Disney is known to have the most amazing benefits and perks. Employees get to enjoy full insurance coverage, 401K plans and even profit-sharing. 

The company offers wellness programs to all of the employees and even discounts on their theme parks for you and the rest of your family. 

Many of the company’s employees are encouraged to join community programs that enhance their quality of life.

Check Out the Application Process

With all that said, you might want to check the next big employment opportunity that is waiting for you at Disney. 

Learn How to Apply for Jobs at Disney
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Here is the application process for those who are interested in applying for Disney jobs.

Explore Job Opportunities First

Disney offers thousands of job opportunities to everyone interested in joining the company. 

The jobs range from employees at the theme parks to corporate office jobs. The choice is ultimately yours on where you want your career to go. 

Explore every bit of opportunity and see which one fits your interests the most.

Submit Your Application Online

Disney has a website for applications where you can submit your resume. All you need to do is search for the job that you like and apply for it. 

You can fill out the application form and any other information required for the application. 

The recruitment team will then reach out to you through an email after they have reviewed your application and schedule you for an interview.

Attend the Interview

Depending on the role that you have applied for, you will be scheduled for an interview through a video call. 

Make sure that you attend the interview on time or be ready before the scheduled interview. 

The interview will be done over the computer and you can speak in English, Spanish, or many other languages that are appropriate in your area.

The Job Offer

If you are selected for the role, you will be contacted again to complete the post-offer employment or the job offer. 

This is where you can check all of your details including the role, responsibilities, benefits, and of course, your salary. 

After that, you can start your journey at Disney.

Things to Keep in Mind During the Interview

With the interview being done on the computer or over the internet, there are certain things that you should do to ace your interview. 

Learn How to Apply for Jobs at Disney
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Take note that the interview can also be done over the phone if you do not have an available computer.

Make It More Conversational

During the interview, make sure that you make it as casual as possible. 

Make it more conversational as if you are just talking politely to your friend. 

This will help ease the tone of your interview and make you more relaxed in answering the questions.

Showcase Yourself

Always make it a point to showcase yourself during the interview. 

Show off your interest in working for Disney and be sure to highlight all of your skills that are appropriate for the job.

Come Prepared

When it comes to the interview, it is always a good sign to be prepared. 

Do your research and make sure that you know the company’s mission and vision before you even start the interview. 

Read the job posts and understand the roles and responsibilities that are expected of you.

Dress Casual

Make a good impression on the interviewer by dressing casually. 

You can always dress professionally even if it is only done through the Internet on your computer. 

The most crucial part here is that you leave a good impression.

What Does It Take to Get a Job at Disney

Applying for a job is already stressful enough but applying for a job at Disney can be even more stressful if you don’t know what to do. 

Learn How to Apply for Jobs at Disney
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To help you improve your chances of getting the job at Disney, here are some pointers that you can do. 

Get Good Referrals

Try to contact your current and former employers and ask them if they can be your referrals. 

Hiring managers often contact former employees to check for their experience as well as their work ethic. 

By having good referrals, you can have a better chance of getting the job.

Learn the Mission and Vision

Make it a point to learn Disney’s mission and vision. Embody their mission even before you apply for any of the available jobs.

 This will help you understand your role and responsibilities when you become part of the company.

Have a Strong Resume

Your resume will be the gateway to your employment. Always have a strong resume that is both accurate and true. 

If you have previous work experience that relates to the work that you’re applying for, go ahead and include it so you can increase your odds.


Disney offers a great opportunity for you to become part of their world. If you’re wondering how you can apply, hakuna matata as this guide will truly help you land the job that you need. Make sure to follow the steps and tips given above when applying and good luck!