Burberry Careers – Learn About Job Options Available

Burberry Group is a global luxury fashion brand that designs, manufactures and markets apparels, fragrances and accessories. Known for its iconic trench-coats, it offers ready-to-wear outwear, sunglasses, and perfumes.

In 2020, Burberry made worldwide revenue of about GBP 2.63 billion. It sells its luxury products through retail, wholesale and licensing channels and employs about 9,800 employees from varied backgrounds.


Headquartered in London, UK, Burberry has stores and offices all over the world. In this article, let us look at the kind of job opportunities the brand offers and the responsibilities associated with them.

Burberry Careers - Learn About Job Options Available
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Service Lead

If you are a service lead at Burberry, you will be involved in coaching, assisting, and enhancing sales to promote luxury customer experiences. This is primarily a store-based role.


You will also gain and impart extensive product knowledge and ensure that the selling methods achieve the goals. A service lead also leads by example and sets the standards to offer exceptional customer services.

In this role, you are expected to supervise the flow of customers and resolve client issues. You will also be responsible for opening and closing the store.

The individual in this role is also accountable for the store keys. A service lead at Burberry earns about $77,837 annually.


Business Analyst

A business analyst creates informative business analysis, outlines the problems, and offers solutions to the company. This is a demanding role and requires individuals with an extensive analytical background.

At Burberry, a business analyst’s responsibilities include planning and monitoring the business, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis of variance.

The analyst also reports on the progress and requirements of different stakeholders. Most importantly, the business analyst is tasked with pricing of various products of the company. The pay for this position is around $75k per year.

Account Executive

The account executive role is very significant for the Burberry company. They may also be referred to as account handlers. This individual is responsible for finding leads for the company.

Also, the executive is responsible for closing sales, and offers support to the established clients. The account executive formulates sale strategies and communicates the value of the products to the clients.

An account executive earns an annual salary of around $73k at Burberry.

Visual Merchandising Manager (VMR)

This is an equally important position at Burberry. The Visual Merchandising Manager is responsible for developing particular market strategies for different retail and visual merchandising operations.

This individual helps develop mechanisms for improving both ambiances within stores and displaying various seasonal items.

The manager evaluates all information on retail, recognizes the risks, and prepares sales promotion strategies. Also, the VMR analyzes the trade requirements and develops new visual sales strategies.

The VMR is in charge of the aestheticism of the Burberry store. A VMR at Burberry earns around $72k in annual salary.


Every business has this very vital position, and Burberry is not an exception. Burberry is a large retail organization, and demands a competent cashier.

With the large volumes of sales within any Burberry store around the world, the cashier is expected to be well equipped with essential mathematical skills.

Also, they have to be individuals with comprehensive time management skills. Other duties involve responding to the customers’ questions and finding item location within the Burberry stores.

The cashier also operates cash registers, product scanners, and ensures the accuracy of all the quantities within the store.

Excellent interpersonal communication, telephone etiquette, and great customer service are pre-requisites to succeed in this role. A typical cashier makes about $21,593 annually.

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Work Locations

Burberry has more than 400 stores globally, which include franchise and mainline stores, concessions, digital commerce and outlets.

The company operates in in over 30 countries and offers job opportunities in these regions – EMEIA, The Americas, South Asia Pacific, South Korea, China and Japan.

You can search and apply for suitable jobs here.


Burberry has achieved tremendous success in the luxury space that it has been a part of, for over a century. A trailblazer in its own right, working with an iconic brand like this can be anyone’s dream come true.