10 Companies That Grew The Most In Recent Years In The USA

There is no one-size-fits-all model for achieving extraordinary results. Every day, there are new companies that emerge in the market. Entrepreneurs provide a breath of fresh air to all markets. 

The fastest-growing businesses in America are a sight to see, with combined sales of over $1.2 billion in 2017 and three major growth figures as high as 75,661 percent. They transformed the way you use your mobile and prepare a meal for dinner. In this article, you’ll see the top 10 companies that grew the most in recent years. 

10 Companies That Grew The Most In Recent Years In The USA
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SwanLeap was created in 2013 as a shipping tech company. Its headquarters are in Madison, Wisconsin. The firm conducts shipment assessments and employs decentralized technologies to help with program management. In the last three years, CEO Brad Hollister has over ten-folded his staff, from four to 49 workers in 2017.

10 Companies That Grew The Most In Recent Years In The USA
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Brad Hollister founded the firm after investing $200,000 of his own capital into it. He’d scored a big customer and turned the victory into a $2 million private investment round tender offer. He just had to sign the contract. SwanLeap’s first successful year was in 2013. It made a profit of $110,000. 

SwanLeap adds to the strategic direction by providing cargo and compliance solutions. It starts by providing resources that help stakeholders extend their systems. The company’s expansion plans were achieved by using robust and scalable technologies that could accommodate global mobility needs.


Velocity Global

Beyond continents, Velocity Global increases the prospect of jobs. Via international experience, best-in-class infrastructure, and scope allow companies to hire diverse employees and grow globally. The corporation, which is owned by founder and CEO Ben Wright, seeks to help companies grow internationally.

10 Companies That Grew The Most In Recent Years In The USA
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Payroll, Visa, consultancy, and human resource management services are provided by the firm, enabling its clients to function internationally without hassle. The company has grown from one to 55 employees in three years and now provides service in 187 countries. 

Velocity Global is a tactical advisor to its customers through enhanced integrated resources such as Immigration and Independent Contractor Compliance. It helps to evaluate employees, and the Agent of Record expedites transactions to employers internationally. It has been called a “Leader” in Global Employer of Record services, also known as International PEO.



FreeStar is one of the most rapidly expanding private companies in the United States. David Freedman began selling advertisements in a dorm-room bikini calendar he founded in 2004. Freedman and his Freestar co-founder Chris Stark didn’t have to wait long to learn that other web publishers wanted help displaying advertising on their pages. 

10 Companies That Grew The Most In Recent Years In The USA
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The firm is an ad-tech platform that collaborates with over 300 outlets. Freestar’s rocket-ship expansion has been supported by companies such as Fortune and Coindesk; the firm currently has 40 staff members and branches in New York and Los Angeles, as well as its offices in Phoenix.

Freestar, which has grown by 36,680 percent in sales since 2015, began with a calendar. The business provides products and services to help publications earn money digitally by streamlining their ad activities. Custom header bidding, integrated monitoring, DFP maintenance, and app revenue are among the company’s offerings.


PopSockets LLC is a privately held consumer products accessories business that manufactures handset grips that can be removed. In 2010, the owner, retired philosophy professor David Barnett, had the idea to create this retractable phone grip to keep his electronics untangled. 

10 Companies That Grew The Most In Recent Years In The USA
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After a successful promotional video in 2012 and multiple model variations, PopSockets LLC produced 30,000 grips in its first year of business in 2014. They sold 35 million units in 2017 and 60 million units in 2018. PopSockets LLC’s turnover was over $200 million in the same year, with an income of over $90 million.

PopSockets LLC was ranked #2 on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing businesses in August 2018. In Boulder, San Francisco, Finland, and Singapore, the firm hires over 200 employees. PopSockets LLC has collaborations with factories in China, South Korea, Mexico, and Seattle.


FreightWise was officially founded in 2014 by CEO Chris Cochran and Vice President of Sales Alex Rustioni, but the growth only began in 2015, and sales continued to grow in 2016. Chris Cochran co-founded FreightWise in 2015 upon finding “black holes” in the shipping industry, where businesses are stuck in limbo due to the freight compensation and inspection processes. 

10 Companies That Grew The Most In Recent Years In The USA
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The operations startup from Brentwood, Tennessee, aims to close these holes by providing each customer immediate access to more detail. FreightWise increased sales at a phenomenal pace of 30,548 percent over three years, as per the Inc. 5000, with sales of $33.6 million in 2018.

The company is a logistics management software solution that began with package and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping but would soon grow to include tonne and other transportation modes. FreightWise stands out from other shippers (LSPs) because it retains much of the property rights.

Home Chef

Home Chef is a meal kit delivery service that sends pre-portioned food ingredients to customers across the United States on a weekly basis. The organization claims to provide 3 million portions to its subscribers per month. On May 24, 2018, Kroger revealed that they would buy Home Chef for $200 million, with an extra $500 million in bonuses if Home Chef meets such goals. 

10 Companies That Grew The Most In Recent Years In The USA
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The deal was done at the end of June 2018, and the meals started to appear in Kroger supermarkets at the start of the year. Patrick Vihtelic founded Home Chef in June of 2013. The Chicago-based business collaborates with experienced chefs to develop fast and simple-to-follow recipes and then delivers all of the main elements in pre-portioned packages to every door. 

L Catterton, a consumer-focused investment firm, invested $40 million in the firm in September 2016. Home Chef began distributing its items through Walmart in late 2017 in relation to its site. At the end of 2018, the meal kits were sold in select Kroger and Walgreens stores. 


LadyBoss is a digital weight reduction company. LadyBoss was the quickest developing weight loss and fitness network in 2019, according to Inc Magazine’s 5000 rankings. The firm was founded in 2014 by Kaelin Tuell Poulin and her partner, Brandon Poulin.

10 Companies That Grew The Most In Recent Years In The USA
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Kaelin Tuell Poulin has always prioritized physical activity. She lost 65 pounds in less than a year when she was 19 and seriously overweight. Just a few years back, the path would become the focal point of her professional life. She and her partner, Brandon Poulin, formed LadyBoss, a weight-loss company headquartered in Albuquerque. 

It offers products and equipment to people trying to lose weight. LadyBoss users get access to a smartphone with menu schedules, tips, fitness manuals, and more for $27 a month. There’s also individual fitness and training, a vitamin collection, and apparel, all with the LadyBoss logo in bright yellow. This year, the corporation expects to generate around $40 million and $50 million in revenue.

Cano Health

Cano Health is a provider of primary healthcare facilities and pharmacy services for adults. It provides full-service dental and medical recovery centers for private medical aids, Medicare, and Medicaid patients. Marlow Hernandez found that many citizens of his community of Pembroke Pines, Florida, needed better health care options.

10 Companies That Grew The Most In Recent Years In The USA
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In 2009, a year before he graduated from med college we entered the worst crisis, which is a lack of medical services. Marlow began by establishing a primary care clinic where patients could receive medical and dental care for a monthly fee of $30, regardless of whether or not they had coverage. 

After a decade, his venture, Cano Health, has 36 facilities and around 1,000 staff across Florida, offering a “primary care plus” range of medical, oral, eye, specialization, and diagnostic services. In 2019, the company planned to generate more than $350 million in sales.


Perpay is a finance portal that enables clients to communicate items and pay for them over time with easy, scheduled payments. There are no fines, no interest, and no reference checks. Chris DiMarco has previously been on the Inc. 5000 list. He guided Lamps.com to fast expansion before founding Perpay, a Philadelphia-based financial technology firm he started in 2014.

10 Companies That Grew The Most In Recent Years In The USA
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After raising its sales 2,473 percent in 3 years to $3.4 million, the online lighting store placed at No. 161 in 2015. His new business has expanded by providing goods for a very special kind of customer: people with bad credit. 

Users will purchase brand products like KitchenAid and LG on Perpay’s Amazon-style retail site, something you’d see at Best Buy or Walmart, according to DiMarco. They pay for the sales over time interest-free with payroll deductions.

GForce Life Sciences

GForce Life Sciences is a specialist contractor and employer staffing adviser. Since 2013, this staffing firm has been recruiting top candidates for jobs in the pharmacy and medical industries. 

10 Companies That Grew The Most In Recent Years In The USA
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The Chicago-based company, headed by founder and CEO Mark Gallagher, has hired ten new staff since 2014, taking its overall number of employees to 13 in 2017. It means that each worker brought in more than $1.3 million for the firm in 2017.

The Bottom Line

Despite the recent economic problems that the nation faced due to the pandemic, many businesses are still doing their best to succeed in their various ventures. With the list provided above, you’ll have an idea of the fastest-growing companies today. 


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