Job Vacancy Site – Find Out How to Locate Jobs with “Government Jobs”

A well-paying government job is the dream of many, but a lot goes into finding and applying for a suitable opportunity. Many people might not have the time and resources to scout numerous websites of government agencies for new openings.

‘Government Jobs’ make it easy for job seekers to search for and apply to public sector job openings. The platform provides the recruitment space to government employers to post vacancies and find suitable applicants. It helps candidates get hundreds of opportunities relevant to their profile in one place. 

The platform provides all necessary tools and assistance to both parties to facilitate successful recruitment drives. If you’re looking for a government job, this article will provide you with all the information you need:

  • About the Platform
  • Benefits of Using ‘Government Jobs’
  • What Is the ‘Access Membership’?
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Job Applications
  • Tips to Find Jobs Faster
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About the Platform

Government Jobs is a trusted recruiting space across the U.S. for public sector jobs. It was developed in 1998 and has grown to over 5,000 users who seek employment through the platform. 

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Top government agencies rely on the platform to roll out applications and also conduct the entire selection process smoothly. The company is headquartered in Canada and uses the world’s leading integrated recruitment and ATS platform NEOGOV. 

The company understands and aids the public sector hiring process and helps job seekers with all relevant opportunities. It acts as an intermediary between the employers and the employees and lays out a neutral ground for both parties to interact.

How Does It Work?

There are numerous sites on the internet for different government bodies that also post vacancies specific to their departments. However, it’s quite inconvenient and difficult for job seekers to keep track of all these postings on different sites. 


Government Jobs make it quite easier for the applicants to see all government job vacancies in one place. The company partners with reputed government agencies in various sectors like consulting and technology. 

It also equips the public sector employers with the necessary tools to find, attract, and select the right people. They are continuously innovating and improving the online public sector hiring space.

Benefits of Using ‘Government Jobs’

Government Jobs take up the pesky task of gathering job opportunities in the public sector from different sources. It saves you the time, effort, and resources that go into job hunting. Thus, you can focus more on the actual selection process and get placed in your dream job.

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Government Jobs has an active support team that will help you with your application process wherever necessary. You can reach out to them for queries related to the documentation process, application status, or concerns related to onboarding. 

The major plus point of Government Jobs is that their services are completely free for all job seekers. So you don’t need to worry about putting a dent in your pocket as you search for the ideal job. 

The platform provides the employers and the job seekers with a level playing field and caters to both parties’ interests. It makes the entire recruitment process quite transparent and trustworthy.

Who Is It For?

Government Jobs is one of the largest job boards in the United States of America. It is exclusively used for posting and applying to public sector and government jobs. It is used by two segments of people, namely employers in the public sector and job-seekers in the public sector. 

It helps employers to be able to post government job vacancies on a reliable platform. The platform uses a software application called NEOGOV that provides fully integrated recruitment and seamless selection of applicants. Additionally, NEOGOV offers employees a special applicant tracking service (ATS) that further simplifies the process.  

It is used by people seeking jobs in the government and public sector by exposing them to trust-worthy and lucrative government job opportunities. It matches candidates to their dream jobs according to interests, education, and experience, entering only a location and a keyword. 

What Is the ‘Access Membership’?

Access Membership is an upgrade offered by the Government Jobs platform. Although the free version serves a basic job search, this upgrade has several useful benefits. Surprisingly, this membership, unlike others, is completely free of cost. The only requirement has an account on the Government Jobs website. 

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One of the top benefits of signing up for an Access membership is receiving high-priority alerts relating to your best job matches directly through email. 

Regular alerts like these help to keep you updated and on your toes. It also includes crucial resources as expected interview questions and sample resumes. 

It increases your visibility to employers to a great degree. The list doesn’t end! The membership further includes a Salary Checker tool that helps you check and compare the pay across agencies and positions and choose the job that best fits you.  

How to Use the Platform

The website is straight-forward and simple, with a guide that offers detailed information about navigating through it. Click Sign Up on the website’s header and create an account using your email address or your Facebook account. 

Create a robust password and accept the Terms & Conditions, following which you will get the option to upgrade to Access Membership or continue with the free version. The drop-down menu at the top right contains account information. 

Work experience and educational credentials can be added and updated under ‘Profile,’ the  ‘Applications & Status’ tab contains sent and pending applications and ‘Account Settings’ helps you edit your account information. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Job Applications

Once you’ve found the right job for you on the platform, you can continue with the application process right away. Here are the steps involved in the application.

To begin the application process, click the ‘Apply’ button on the top left of every job posting. Next, you’ll have to complete a few steps, such as filling out personal and professional information requested by the employer and adding required attachments. 

You might also be asked some organization-specific subjective questions that test your knowledge and skills for the role. 

Once you’ve completed the form, you can review, edit, save changes and click on ‘Accept’ and ‘Submit’ to apply for the job. 

Scheduling Exams/Interviews and Checking Application Status

To schedule exams and interviews, click on the Schedule Appointment link, choose a suitable date, location, and time and then confirm your appointment. You can choose to change the appointment details later.

You can check the status of an application through the ‘Account’ menu. The ‘Application & Status’ tab will give you all the information related to the jobs you’ve applied for. If you do not see any updates on the account, you can reach out to the support team.

It will take about 10-15 minutes on average to apply for a job. If you do not see the ‘Apply’ button on certain job postings, it means the applications have been closed. You can directly contact the organization if the deadline for the application hasn’t yet passed.

Tips to Find Jobs Faster

It is not easy finding a job that fits in with your skills, interests, and expectations at the same time. However, Government Jobs is doing its bit to make job search easier for you. Here are a few tips on making the best out of the platform and finding jobs faster.

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The ‘Help’ tab, as the name suggests, contains a resourceful assistance guide, and your ‘Inbox’ contains mails from organizations you are in correspondence with. Finding jobs only requires you to enter your desired job title or even a related keyword and the location. The next moment, the screen is flooded with several relevant public sector job vacancies.  

Though jobs are a few keywords away, take care to provide keywords most relevant to your desired job. On the left of the job listing page are several filters about preferences in organizations in salary, organization, and category. Other details to see include the job description and important deadlines under each job. 

Lying on your resume, when caught, can seriously impact your professional reputation. Finding the best jobs and finding them fast requires you to be honest, authentic, and bold in all you do and submit on the platform. 

Research and Stay Updated

A bit of background research about your prospective employer and hiring manager doesn’t hurt! It helps you to understand their expectations and be better prepared for the interview and the job. 

Keep visiting your submitted applications to check on their status and opening your Government Jobs inbox and email regularly for any updates or communication from prospective employers. 


Government Jobs has earned good reviews from the job seekers owing to its transparent services. Using a public sector job board can significantly increase your chances of landing relevant opportunities in various government fields. 

It’s recommendable that you tailor your profile according to each job, as this direction will likely lead you to greater possibilities of finding and getting placed in a job.