Discover What the Jobs of the Future Will Be

The economic landscape is drastically changing every single day. Years from now, many of the jobs people are familiar with or are working in today will become obsolete, while other sectors and industries will usher in more significant work and branch out. 

Living in an era with access to rapid advances in technology and automation, it cannot be denied that the recent pandemic has brought to light the need to highlight jobs and sectors that address the problems not only of today but also of the future. Below are some of the projected jobs of the future

Discover What the Jobs of the Future Will Be
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AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician

Artificial intelligence (AI) remains at the core of just about everything today, especially in healthcare and product development. One of the jobs that aims to address the current and future situations of healthcare today is artificial intelligence-assisted healthcare technicians. 

Discover What the Jobs of the Future Will Be
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With more healthcare facilities fully embracing remote work, having a healthcare technician who is equipped with the latest AI tools and technology can cater more efficiently to patients by prescribing the proper treatments and examinations, and enables more effective communication among patients and doctors alike.

As advances in technology and automation change the way devices and treatments are administered, this particular role requires practitioners to get to know new AI software and products, while working alongside doctors and other professionals in the field. 


Memory Augmentation Surgeon

It appears that the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was years ahead in highlighting the possibility of erasing memories and making way for new ones. The role of the memory augmentation surgeon allows them to serve as a medium to improve and boost a patient’s memory. 

Discover What the Jobs of the Future Will Be
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This job comes at a time where more and more people, especially the elderly, are trying to hold on to their memories, despite them having symptoms or being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. While there are treatments, there is still no cure for these conditions. 

A memory augmentation surgeon could greatly change the way these conditions and other memory loss-related conditions are treated in the future. Not only could these professionals help increase a person’s memory, but they could also aid in treating patients with traumatic memories. 


Fitness Commitment Counselor

With people spending more time within the confines of their homes, health has undoubtedly become a priority more than ever. While there is nothing wrong with gaining a few pounds, succumbing to unhealthy habits can lead not only to an obesity epidemic but also to an early death. 

Discover What the Jobs of the Future Will Be
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A fitness commitment counselor is a job befitting not only the future but also of today primarily because they can offer counseling, training, and coaching sessions with a remote approach. This job is instrumental in helping people get their health back on track. 

Given that technological advancements are available, these fitness counselors will work with wearable smart bands, such as Apple Watches and FitBits, to help monitor their client’s physical activity and overall health on a daily basis. 

Work from Home Facilitator

Working from home has become the new normal at this time and many companies are looking to adopt this setting in the long run. Because numerous businesses are switching to a remote setting, a work-from-home facilitator can be of great help in managing and creating new policies around this. 

Discover What the Jobs of the Future Will Be
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Since companies and employers want to ensure that remote work is still optimized and balanced for their employees, working with a WFH facilitator can help not only employees transition to a more permanent setup but also enforce new remote policies better. 

At the same time, this position will serve as the middleman between the management and employees, giving support to either party and gauging the needs of people as they work from home. This role is expected to liaise between the IT department and management as they get to know the various tools needed by their workers. 

Data Privacy Managers

Over the past year, there have been numerous instances where data breaches, leaks, phishing scams, and other cybersecurity threats and attacks have been launched. In order to prevent confidential data from being exposed, the hiring of data privacy managers will be a big trend. 

Discover What the Jobs of the Future Will Be
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Data privacy managers are professionals whose expertise lies in preventing cyberattacks and sensitive information from being obtained by attackers. They provide advice and methods which in which clients, such as companies, could better implement data privacy protection into their systems. 

These experts will usually work with IT professionals in the field as well as management to gain a better grasp of what a company’s system looks like and how they could beef up its security and protection. 

Smart Home Design Manager

Given that many individuals are working from home and staying in more often, there has been an emphasis on having a more optimized house that suits homeowners’ needs. Homeowners have been forced to reconsider major home renovations and even backyard projects in the recent past. 

Discover What the Jobs of the Future Will Be
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A smart home designer or manager can help change how new homes are built and how older houses can adapt to the needs and technologies of the time. They can provide advice on how to better incorporate spaces that have smart home devices and networks and how individuals can use these in their day-to-day lives. 

As people turn to more smart devices and technologies, having a fully smart home in the future is not far off. Because of this, these smart home design managers can take charge and share their expertise in the field. They can implement Gorilla Glass wall screens, soundproofing, voice-driven controls, and many others.

3D Lab Meat Scientist

The consumption of meat has been often linked with the rising carbon footprint around the world. Given this, more companies and businesses are exploring avenues to produce meat with less carbon footprint

Discover What the Jobs of the Future Will Be
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Because of this, it comes as no surprise that one of the jobs of the future is a 3D lab meat scientist. These scientists are focused on creating and growing food from labs in a more sustainable way and the demand for these positions comes as more people are switching to healthier and more environmentally-friendly options. 

Since the future of food is brighter than ever, more companies are sure to look into 3D printers and hiring of scientists to provide meat options that can be produced at scale while still being sustainable

Vertical Farmer

The vegetarian and vegan lifestyle is growing, especially with more emphasis on health and wellness these days. Even omnivores are looking to make the switch and add more vegetables to their diet. 

Discover What the Jobs of the Future Will Be
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Vertical farmers are one of the top jobs of the future primarily because this position offers various ways farmers and the agricultural sector can adapt to the times. Through these positions, farms could be grown in skyscrapers and buildings in the middle of cities, something drastically different to traditional farming. 

With the demand required by vertical farming, vertical farmers would need to have an extensive background and skillset in science, engineering, business, and commerce. With these experts, the food supply could increase and be enough to support large populations. 

Quarantine Enforcer

The recent pandemic has shown that the majority of the world is unprepared for dealing with a deadly virus and its aftermath. 

Discover What the Jobs of the Future Will Be
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Quarantine enforcers will become a much-needed part of the jobs of the future to help enforce quarantine rules and restrictions to keep neighborhoods safe and protected as they go about their lives. 

These enforcers are expected to guard and patrol neighborhoods, as well as inform people about the said virus. They are also expected to work alongside medical professionals in helping dole out first aid and other safety precautions. 

Space Tourism Guides

Almost everyone has witnessed the short journey of Jeff Bezos into space using his own private spacecraft. He is not alone in wanting to explore space and the future of space tourism is being explored, especially with wealthy and private individuals being interested in such exploration.

Discover What the Jobs of the Future Will Be
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With these private citizens needing someone to look after them and introduce them to the wonders that space and the universe behold, space tourism guides, pilots, and architects will be in demand. 

Apart from touring citizens, they would also be tasked with ensuring the safety of tourists while they are on board. This job entails being in the know in creating and exploring space vehicles, as well as the different aspects of space. 

The Bottom Line

The jobs of the future will come from the changes in how the world and its economic, social, and political landscape works. In time, people could see the aforementioned jobs spring up as more cities and countries open up to the possibilities of exploring the creation of new roles within their society. 

From AI-enhanced medical care, to skyscrapers full of lettuce, to exploring outer space, technology is helping to create new jobs today and in the future.