These Are the Best Psychiatry Jobs to Pursue

Our mental health just might be the most neglected part of our body composition. How ironic, as this part of our body controls every other system, and is arguably the most important part of it all. Fortunately, more attention has been attributed to it in recent times.


If you are someone who wants to study the complexity of the human mind, have a career in it, or this line of study piques your interest, then this article is a great resource. It will breakdown the different types of psychiatric jobs and list out what they entail.

Psychiatry, simply put, is the branch of medicine that deals with the study and treatment of the mind. In continuation, psychiatrists are medical doctors who evaluate and diagnose mental illnesses and disorders and treat them. They prescribe medications, provide talk therapy, and several other therapies such as biofeedback therapy to treat patients.

These Are the Best Psychiatry Jobs to Pursue


Careers in Psychiatry

To have a career in Psychiatry, you must undergo an undergraduate degree in Psychiatry or a related field. 

Thereafter, you should complete medical school and a residency program in psychiatry. Afterward, for specialized training in a branch of psychiatry, a fellowship program lasting one to two years is required.

Types of psychiatry are differentiated by factors such as age group, type of disorder, and the type of work system/environment. 


Some of these include Forensic psychiatrists, Geriatric psychiatrists, Addiction psychiatrists, among others. This article tells us the best types of careers in the Psychiatry field.

Best Psychiatry Jobs

Psychiatrists are the highest paid professionals in the study of the mind, as they earn more than therapists and psychologists. 

The types of psychiatry jobs listed will be in terms of how much they earn, and the complexity of their specialization.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 

This psychiatry specialization is focused on children and adolescents under the age of 18. Young children with trauma, depression, and other forms of mental illnesses are handled by specialists in these fields.

Medications for this age group vary from other age groups, so this branch requires care and mastery. 

The average annual pay for a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in the United States of America is $271,607.

Addiction Psychiatry

This area is focused on patients who are addicted to drugs and substances. 

They help them to stay away from these drugs and are specialized in mental illnesses and disorders associated with or caused by drug use. 

They prescribe patients medications and therapies to help them tackle the harmful effects on their minds.

The average salary of these psychiatrists in the United States is $243,089 per year and can be up to $373,500.

Forensic Psychiatry

Some people are predisposed to criminal activities, antisocial behavior, killing, or think in that direction naturally. 

You might have even heard of the term “serial killer gene.” All these attributes are what forensic psychiatry is about.

Focused on the law and criminal system, forensic psychiatry aims at treating patients related to crime, and what caused it mentally. 

They are also called upon to determine if an inmate is ready for questions or to be put on trial. These psychiatrists in the US earn an average annual income of $200,990. 

Geriatric Psychiatry

These Are the Best Psychiatry Jobs to Pursue

Lots of mental illnesses are associated with old age, as this a period in life where functions and processes of the human body deteriorate. 

Illnesses include Alzheimer’s disease, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Dementia among others. This field diagnoses and prescribes therapies to suit each illness for such patients suffering from them.

Elderly patients require special attention to tailor their required needs, as sometimes, their mental health can be accompanied by lots of other things, too. 

Geriatric psychiatrists’ earnings in a year in the United States are estimated to be around $227,000 – not bad when you consider you are also making a difference in the lives of the elderly.


Psychiatry as a medical field is a fulfilling profession because it enables the understanding of the mind, mental health, and its disorders. It differs from psychology and therapy, as students of these fields are medical doctors and they can prescribe medications to their patients. 

Overall, they earn more than the other two professions. The various best specializations in psychiatry provide a lot of career options.