Truenorth – Learn How to Find a Job

Joining the oil and gas industry is a dream many people have and it is easy to see why. Apart from playing a huge role in improving the lives of thousands, if not millions of people, it cannot be denied that being part of something big also carries with it a bit of prestige and a certain level of pride. 

One of the companies that have made its mark on the market today is no other than Truenorth. With more than 200 dealers in fuel alone and many other convenience stores, its reach only continues to grow with its fuel and convenience items, making them more accessible to people than ever. 


Individuals who are interested in joining the company should certainly see what the Truenorth Energy careers page has to offer. Thankfully, this article will walk prospective applicants and candidates through learning how to find and apply for a job. Take a look. 

  • What Is Truenorth?
  • Different Types of Opportunities Await
  • Finding a Job with Truenorth
  • Eligibility and Requirements for the Job
  • Get to the Benefits of Working at Truenorth
Truenorth – Learn How to Find a Job
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What Is Truenorth?

Truenorth Energy is a company that mainly provides fuel and other convenience items via its Truenorth branded stores. It also supplies fuel to around 200 dealers, dealing Shell fuel across its networks. 

Truenorth – Learn How to Find a Job
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Founded in 1999, True North Energy is the product of the Lyden Family and the Shell Oil U.S. partnership. Today, the business is being run by the third and fourth generations of the Lynden Family.


The company continues to operate in various parts of Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, and Youngstown areas. It currently has over 1,000 employees working in the company. 

Bear in mind that the Truenorth website is not a job search website. Instead, it focuses more on the company, its products and partnerships, and the like. It does, however, have a corporate page where applicants can find job opportunities that fit their needs and preferences. 

Reasons to Work with the Company

Truenorth Energy is a company that takes pride in its family-owned values and operations, which is why even applicants can see just how hands-on the Lynden family is in operating the business. It also treats its employees in the same way as a family where they can thrive and feel respected. 


The company believes in making an impact and implementing a culture of diversity and excellence. At the same time, Truenorth Energy is also invested in giving back to its communities. 

There are also various career opportunities at just about every level, making it a place for everyone. To match the job opportunities, Truenorth Energy ensures that ample benefits are also given to its employees, but more on this later. 

Different Types of Opportunities Await

Speaking of different opportunities, Truenorth makes it possible for just about anyone to apply and make their dreams come true with the company. It has no shortage of job search options—from store opportunities to corporate opportunities to trucking opportunities. 

Truenorth – Learn How to Find a Job
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Those who are interested in working in-store or in the convenience stores of Truenorth can expect positions such as an assistant manager in training, shift manager in training, manager in training, a lot person, and work as a cashier or customer service representative to name a few. 

Meanwhile, corporate opportunities usually entail working in the corporate offices of Truenorth Energy. These include positions such as auditor, HRIS and benefits analyst, staff accountant, and payables and price book specialist. 

Trucking opportunities, on the other hand, are mainly focused on driving and handling the trucks of Truenorth Energy. The main available position is working as a fuel truck driver across varying locations. 

Duties and Responsibilities of the Job

From what one can see, there are various job opportunities and careers that people can apply for with Truenorth Energy. However, each of these positions is vastly different from one another. This means that the duties and responsibilities of one position may not necessarily be the same as the others. 

For example, a truck driver will be required to drive for up to 11 hours a day, learn how to load, transport, and unload petroleum products safely, complete the necessary documentation, and the like. 

Meanwhile, an assistant manager in training is expected to work around 40 hours per week and work alongside the store manager. They need to learn and handle price strategy, merchandising, operating costs, expense control, and inventory.

Finding a Job with Truenorth

To find a job at Truenorth, applicants should proceed directly to the careers page of the Truenorth Energy website. Here, users can see jobs divided into three main categories, namely Store Opportunities, Corporate Opportunities, and Trucking Opportunities. 

Truenorth – Learn How to Find a Job
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Depending on the applicant’s preferred position, they can tap on the ‘Apply Now’  button on any of the three categories and they will be directed to another page where all available positions will be posted on the website. 

For example, individuals who have clicked on Store Opportunities can see search results that have 805 job openings for the taking. Corporate Opportunities, on the other hand, only have four openings at the moment, while Trucking Opportunities only have seven job results. 

Users can browse through these openings by clicking through any of these positions or by tapping the different pages of the postings. 

Refining the Job Results

Although the postings already come with a brief description of where the job location is, what’s great about the Truenorth website is that applicants can still narrow down their search results and make results cater to their needs. 

Individuals can key in the job or keyword that they like, as well as the category they would be interested in working in. They can also choose what state, province, or region they would like to focus their job-hunting efforts on. 

Afterward, all they need to do is tap on ‘Search’ and the Truenorth platform will provide a list that fits the user’s criteria. 

Eligibility and Requirements for the Job

Just as there are different positions in the company, there are also varying requirements for the positions in the Truenorth Energy firm. The eligibility and requirements, as well as the duties and responsibilities, are all carefully outlined in the job posting for each respective position. 

Truenorth – Learn How to Find a Job
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Truck drivers, on the one hand, need to have at least a high school diploma or a GED and must at least be aged 23 to qualify. They must also have experience in driving a tanker for two years or five years of driving CMV with GVWR of more than 26,000 pounds. 

Those interested in working as assistant managers in training, on the other hand, should at the very least have a high school diploma or something equivalent. They should likewise have a valid driver’s license and must be adept in dealing with a fast-paced environment. Of course, having prior management experience is a bonus, too. 

Applying for a Position

To apply for a position at Truenorth Energy, all individuals need to do is tap on the ‘apply’  button. Applicants will be directed to another page where they can provide their contact information, such as their name, email address, phone number, and address. 

The application form will appear after answering the said details. Some of the questions touch on being able to work legally in the country, being at least 18 years old, having a driver’s license, having worked for Truenorth, the job experience, and the like. 

Those who are approved or shortlisted for the job can expect to hear from Truenorth. The company may reach out either via email or by the phone number provided. 

Get to the Benefits of Working at Truenorth

Some of the benefits that are truly rewarding for hardworking and diligent individuals over at Truenorth include basic medical, dental, and vision coverage. Moreover, employees of the company also receive access to a prescription drug plan, telemedicine, and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). 

Truenorth – Learn How to Find a Job
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Truenorth Energy also values rest and contributions, which is why employees can also enjoy paid time off and a company that matches the employees’ 401(k). People also have control over their schedules as there are part-time hours and flexible schedules to work with. 

Those who have successfully referred another candidate or employee to work in Truenorth Energy will be happy to know that there is a referral bonus awaiting them. Of course, career advancement opportunities are also available within the firm, allowing employees to move up the ladder. 

Tips on How to Find the Right Opportunity

It’s hard to miss out on great job opportunities, especially when there are hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs available on the Truenorth platform. Fortunately, applicants can sign up to receive job updates and they can be informed via email or text about job opportunities that cater to their needs. 

To do this, all aspiring applicants need to do is provide their name, email address, and phone number. They should also select their career interests from the drop-down menu button and choose their desired locations to work in.

The Bottom Line

Truenorth is one of the fuel and convenience store companies that have various career opportunities across the board. Through this guide, applicants can successfully navigate the job-hunting process and eventually find something that fits their skills and experience. 


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