Discover These 3 Careers in Technology That are Taking Off

Today, the world that we live in is the way it is, largely owing to advancements in technology. These advancements have also created demand for jobs in the technology sector that require some of the brightest minds around.

There are plenty of jobs available in tech, and some are more in demand than the others. Choosing a career in technology today has become more futuristic as it is important to stay relevant in the coming times.

So which are the careers in the tech world that are more marketable? Read on to find out about the hot careers in this space, how you can make a breakthrough, and what you can expect.

Discover These 3 Careers in Technology That are Taking Off
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Artificial Intelligence Engineer

The world at large is gearing towards artificial intelligence (AI), also known as machine learning. We have already seen a number of inventions with AI technology – all to make work much easier and convenient.


For example, chat bots on most websites today are manned by AI, and resolve readers’ queries. What earlier required human intervention to perform this simple task is now just done with the assistance of AI.

AI is an exciting field to work in. Jobs in AI require you to have some basic know-how of taking up large chunks of data, and using it to train models in a number of ways.

This can be training in image recognition, economics, or natural language processing, among others. Salary for this type of job is around $146,000 annually.

Software Engineer

Another job that is always in high demand – with no signs of it coming down anytime soon – is software engineering. This is one of the most versatile tech jobs that you can find, with work in any set up.

Almost everything today is run through computers or phones, which need software to perform. This means that for the tech world to run smoothly, software engineers need to exist.

The need for engineers will only continue to soar, as long as the digital world continues to grow. What software engineers do makes it easy for the average Joe to use his gadgets, without any technical know-how.

To get a job in this sector, you need to hold a degree in computer science or even a master’s degree in some cases. In some cases, a degree is not as important, as long you have relevant experience.

Hospitals, banks, and other setups that have their own systems also need software engineers. Salary for this role is around $105,000 on an annual basis.

Discover These 3 Careers in Technology That are Taking Off
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Information Security Analysts

Many companies today have critical data stored online or on cloud, making the need of security measures very important. This data can include client and/or customer data, which in most cases is confidential.

As long as the tech world continues to grow, the need for securing all kind of data will also be high. Most employers will require you to have at least a degree in computer science to apply for this role.

However, in many cases, a degree is not necessary if you have hands-on experience. Information Security Analysts can earn $94,406 as average base salary annually.


The technology sector is fast-growing and there is no sign that its growth will stop anytime soon. Above listed are some tech career options that are in high demand today, and will most likely also be in the near future.