Learn About These Lucrative Arts Careers

The Arts is a versatile discipline that helps with skills, a solid educational foundation, and experiences necessary to work in diverse fields. A degree in arts provides opportunities to work in today’s top industries. This is because every employer seeks candidates with analytical skills, strong communication skills, and critical thinking. Yet, many people wonder where an arts degree can take you?

In this article, we will highlight some of the best jobs one can find with an arts degree. This discipline is vast with plenty of exciting choices. Here are some lucrative arts jobs that can maximize your earning potential.


Learn About These Lucrative Arts Careers

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create graphic designs and other creative images according to the client’s needs. They work with different visuals, fonts, illustrations, signage for logos, social media, and other marketing brochures.

Learn About These Lucrative Arts Careers
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This job requires you to understand and analyze the client’s needs and design the graphics accordingly that support your clients’ goals and ethics. As a graphic designer, you will have to closely work with advertisers, public relations specialists, marketing managers, campaigners, and other creative staff of the organization. 


They utilize different computer software, and even use hand-sketched material, for both digital and print formats. A graphic designers’ annual salary ranges from $33,510 to $59,420.

Commercial Artists

Commercial artists are responsible for creating and developing images and graphics in online magazines, advertising campaigns, and other packaging materials. 

Learn About These Lucrative Arts Careers
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They interpret basic conceptual ideas according to the client’s descriptions and use freehand sketches and other software programs to create drafts that meet the client’s needs. Apart from the creative responsibility as a commercial artist, commercial artists also have the freedom to work either at an agency or as a freelancer. 


You could work at advertising agencies, publishers, game designing companies, animation companies, and other similar firms. They work hand in hand with supervisors to come up with new ideas and designs. Commercial artists earn from $43,980 to $85,160 annually.

Interior Designers

Interior designers combine safety, function, beauty, and style to create beautiful and pleasing interior spaces. They work hand-in-hand with their clients and determine the purpose and objectives of a particular project.

Learn About These Lucrative Arts Careers
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On some occasions, they might have to draw sketches using computer software or by hand, and select furnishings and materials to meet the client’s taste and requirements. Interior designers also work alongside other architects, contractors, and engineers to ensure that the spaces being created are in line with the client’s building codes, regulations, and specifications.

Areas most interior designers specialize in include styling, room and structure transformation, flooring, private residences, choosing color and fabric, lighting, and other elements. They earn from $35,320 to $65,960 per year.

Art Director

An art director is quite an impressive position to work in the creative field – you take on the role of an upper-level executive who design and direct artworks for production purpose. You will have to plan, create and supervise photo and video shoots to use while producing design elements. 

Learn About These Lucrative Arts Careers
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Your prime responsibility will be to determine how best you can represent a message visually using the most suitable photographs and art supplies. Art directors are usually hired by advertising, PR agencies, newspaper publisher, and design firms. 

To gain a job as an art director, a candidate must have at least a bachelor’s degree in art or design subject, and to land on one of the high-paying jobs, you will require at least five years of experience. Your earning as an art director can range from $40,000 to as high as $150,000. 

Fashion Designer

The job of a fashion designer is to create glamorous and new clothing, footwear, and other accessories. However, it involves more than creating attractive clothes – you need to understand the color schemes, art themes, and fabrics at the same time. 

Learn About These Lucrative Arts Careers
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It is your responsibility to sketch designs, conduct research about trending colors, fabrics, and manage the overall designing process. While strong technical skills are obvious, fashion designers also must have a good eye to opt for the best texture and colors. They work with textile manufacturing establishments, apparel companies, theatre and dance companies, and design firms. 

Most fashion designers have a bachelor’s degree preferably one focused on the fashion industry, such as fashion design or fashion merchandising. With the right qualifications and set of skills, fashion designing can be a lucrative job, with salaries ranging from $35,000 to $140,000. 

Animator/Multimedia Artist

Animators make images come to life on screen, in the field of animation. As an animator, your job is to develop, create, and produce moving images that can be used in websites, video games, and feature films. Not just moving images, these artists also create visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other entertainment media. 

Learn About These Lucrative Arts Careers
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Animators typically work with directors, game designers, and other groups of animators to help create the ideal graphics required for the project. Also known as multimedia artists, animators also design advertisements for websites to attract online audiences and visitors. 

A bachelor’s degree in computer graphics, fine arts, or a related field is enough to qualify for entry-level positions as animators. And, you can earn from anywhere around $75,000, which is the median pay for entry-level animators. However, your pay can reach as high as $150,000 per year, depending on your work experience, portfolio, and strong technical skills. 


Just as the title suggests, writers or authors convey stories, information, and facts to the readers through mediums such as advertisements, books, guides, journals, articles, movies, plays, and television shows among others. A writer independently gathers information, conducts interviews if required, reports facts, creates drafts, and reviews and edits. 

Learn About These Lucrative Arts Careers
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A great way to enter into the writing industry is by doing internships or self-publishing content via blogs or other social media posts. You can either work as a freelance writer which provides you with a lot of freedom or choose to work for publishing companies. 

While working as a freelance writer, you might not require any degree if you have great writing skills, dedication, and motivation. On the other side, working for publishers as salaried employees might require you to have a bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, or communications. The median annual salary of writers and authors is around $65,000. 

Video Editor

A video editor assembles raw recording into a finished product for broadcasting or uploading into digital platforms. This is a highly sensitive job in the post-production process, and you are responsible for developing a high-quality final product. 

Learn About These Lucrative Arts Careers
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To work as a video editor, you need to understand artistic concepts such as pacing, color tones, and angles. Apart from the technical details, video editors require having a creative eye, a knack for presenting the details in the video, and ultimately put forward a high-quality finished product to the audience. 

A few art careers have been showing a huge amount of growth, among them is that of the video editor. With a strong median salary of around $65,000, video editing jobs are expected to grow at an extraordinary pace of 22% – all thanks to the expanding number of entertainment platforms. 


Photography is one of the most popular career choices among teenagers these days. However, some take it as a hobby, while others pursue it as a career. But to work as a professional photographer, you must first find a field where you want to specialize, such as people, places, fashion, wedding, wildlife, and travel, among others. 

Learn About These Lucrative Arts Careers
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It will be tough for an individual with no experience in professional photography to land a job in the industry. Therefore, it is best if you find an already established photographer in the field who is open to hiring an assistant. And finally, once you have the required skills and experience, you can advance to the field on your own. 

There are no particular set of academic qualifications to become a professional photographer. However, since the career is budding exponentially, we recommend you to do a course in photography so that you have higher technical skills. As for the remuneration, the lowest salary would be $35,000 and can go as high as $80,000 per year. 

Makeup Artists

Makeup artists can transform anyone’s look and make them look their very best. The work might seem simple from the outside, but digging deep down, it is one of the most sensitive and difficult jobs. You will need to carefully understand the clients’ skin tones, texture, and nature to apply makeup and make them look great. 

Learn About These Lucrative Arts Careers
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Makeup artists make use of makeup, paint, wigs, and similar accessories to transform a clients’ appearance. You might have to work in many different environments with irregular timing – from film or theatre sets to events such as weddings, family functions, and fashion shows. Very little formal education and a lot of makeup knowledge are required to become a makeup artist. 

However, if you have a college degree or an earned certificate in cosmetology is always welcomed by employers. You can work both independently or as a part of a team in the fashion industry. The annual median salary of a makeup artist is around $60,000. 

The Bottom Line

If you are already pursuing an Arts degree, hopefully, this guide can help show you the wide number of options available to you after graduation.

Keep in mind that outside of this list there are many other careers you can choose from too.