How to Become an Executive Assistant – In-Office or Remote

In many companies, the name “assistant” is similar to that of secretary, differing only in the degree to which the person is involved in projects that involve increased responsibilities. However, there are situations in which the position of executive assistant is the last step up to the position of manager.

In general, the job is meant to relieve the manager of specific administrative responsibilities, which can occupy a lot of time in the program. This can prevent them from turning their attention to subordinates, colleagues, clients, and especially taking essential business decisions

It is another job that does not stand out when all things are going well, but whose usefulness stands out as soon as the job holder does not perform their tasks correctly. Let’s find out more about how to become an executive assistant!

How to Become an Executive Assistant - In-Office or Remote

What is an Executive Assistant?

An executive assistant or is a person in an organization who provides administrative support to people in management positions in that organization. The job description for the executive assistant is very similar to the job description for a secretarial job. 

The people with management positions can be managers, CEOs, directors, heads of departments, etc., depending on the organization chart of the respective organization. The general duties for an executive assistant may be the liaison between the person with a management position and persons within or outside the organization. 


They might also deal with telephone calls, various reports, and requests received on behalf of the person in charge and handle the correspondence (e-mail, fax, mail). 

Furthermore, an executive assistant has to establish the manager’s agenda of daily meetings based on their schedule and within the available time. Other duties include the following.

  • dealing with the travel schedule (plane tickets, hotel accommodation, etc.)
  • welcoming the people the manager is going to meet
  • organizing and coordinates meetings and conferences
  • designing and drafts documents, presentations and reports
  • can represent the meeting manager when they are not present

Where to Find These Jobs 

The most popular way to find an executive assistant position is Indeed. Many features such as large scale hiring, aggregates jobs listings, e-mail Job Alerts, free job postings, Global Talent Pool, and heavy traffic make Indeed one of the best job boards, regardless of your field.

You can also apply on Monster, which is a good source of jobs and career opportunities. You can also be advised regarding your career opportunities by Monster’s experts, who can help you with everything you need.

Average Pay

According to, executive assistants working in the United States have an average salary of about $85,000 per year. Typically, an executive assistant earns about 55% more than an average American worker based on salary figures released in 2019.

Skills and Qualifications Needed

The competencies and skills required on the labor market for an executive assistant position are broad. Some of them are listed below.

  • organizational skills and experience;
  • developed communication skills and develop relationships;
  • interpersonal (in the mother tongue as well as in a language of international circulation);
  • motivation and efficiency;
  • decision-making capacity;
  • knowledge of a software suite such as Microsoft Office;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • moral integrity;
  • discretion.

How to Apply

To apply to a job on Indeed is very simple. After selecting the desired job, some of the applications have the “Easily apply” button next to it (click on it). You can also upload your resume and a cover letter and then click on “Apply Now”.

To apply on, click on the link displayed in the “Where to find these jobs” section or click here, search for a job title, select a location, then click on the “Apply” button and provide an e-mail address (from there you will be guided).

How to Become an Executive Assistant - In-Office or Remote


Whether you are at the beginning of your career or choosing a new path to offer your family a better life, the position of executive assistant can be a good opportunity

It is well paid too, and it is straightforward to apply through the websites mentioned above. You can choose to work in-office or remotely. Make sure you polish your CV and cover letter, and you will definitely get the job of your dreams