Indeed Jobs – Find Out How To Search For Positions Within The Site

If you are only browsing for work in the classified ads or look around for “we’re hiring” signs, you are losing out on opportunities that might offer higher pay and are more compelling. 

The Internet provides a wealth of accessible resources to assist you in finding work, applying for positions, researching businesses, and, if possible, keeping up your profile. Since employers are posting and interviewing for positions online, applicants must be unified and competent in conducting an online job hunt. 

Online career searches follow a different set of standards than conventional job searches. However, with a basic knowledge of how to successfully look for and apply for jobs, you will get ahead of the market and secure a position. Listed here are the topics about one of the most popular job-hunting sites, Indeed.

  • What Is Indeed?
  • How To Find A Job On Indeed
  • Other Things That Applications Must Do
  • How To Upload Resumes And Portfolios On Indeed
  • Tips For Using Indeed To Apply For A Job
Indeed Jobs - Find Out How To Search For Positions Within The Site
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What Is Indeed?

Indeed is a job-search platform based in Austin, Texas, that was established in November 2004. It is a division of Recruit Co. Ltd. of Japan, with branches in Stamford, Connecticut, and other parts of the globe. 

Indeed Jobs - Find Out How To Search For Positions Within The Site
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Indeed was the most accessed careers website in the United States in 2010, and it now has over 250 million unique users per month as of May 2019. It also has career listings in more than 60 countries and in 28 languages. 

It is a powerful search engine that gathers work listings from tens of thousands of websites and recruitment agencies, such as corporate jobs pages and hiring firms. used to guide you to online career listings, but now the service encourages you to apply for positions directly from within the site. 

The platform has a detailed listing of potential work openings, which can be searched by keyword, job description, profession, or level of experience, thanks to its ability to collect job listings from various outlets. Credential storage, wage reviews, employment-related news and events, and community forums have also been introduced to Indeed.


How Does Indeed Work?

Most hiring managers, career hunters, and HR professionals depend on this job site to find suitable applicants and positions because of its large-scale industrial presence and secure employment channel. The platform has various add-on features and comfort support to make it easier for you to find the best talent. 

Indeed provides a user-friendly platform to help job hunters and employers connect for shared benefit. The site lists various job openings and assists HR administrators and employers in publicizing positions in their organizations. 

It also acts as an up-to-date website that allows you to search for positions in your relevant industries and apply for those jobs with ease. Indeed uses search engines to browse for and locate work postings from different employers. You can also download Indeed Jobs on your mobile phone; go to the Google Play Store or App Store.


How To Find A Job On Indeed

When you go to Indeed, you’ll see a search tool to type in and look at what open positions are available. You can type keywords like business names, career areas, qualifications, and certification requirements in the search field. 

Indeed Jobs - Find Out How To Search For Positions Within The Site
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In the “Where” section, you type cities, zip codes, or states, then select the “Find Jobs” button seen on the right corner of the navigation bar to create a list of jobs that fit the terms you specified. In the next tab, job applicants who want a more targeted list of openings can start to dive deeper into those targeted job listings. 

In the next section, you will see a button “Advanced Job Search” next to the “Find Jobs” option. You can filter jobs using exact terms, business name, work type, wage estimation, and job listing age. You may also specify whether you choose to look at positions listed on business websites or jobs posted on work boards and whether you want to add or remove ads from employment agencies.

Once you completed the advanced fields, you must then tap the “Find Jobs” button in the lower right corner of the site to see a list of jobs that match your criteria. It will provide a list of available positions after you browse. 

Looking At The Advance Seach

The job description, business name, location, and summary will all be included in each job listing. To have a much more extensive overview of the work, select the bold job tag. A new screen with the work opening page will open when you press on the job description. 

The job title, appropriate credentials, and job position would all be available to you. Any career listings would have a blue button with an “Easily apply” tag that will appear next to it in the work log. It makes it easier for you to submit your application directly to them. 

Also, the entire listing will appear after you tap on the work description or blue button. To attach your cover letter and resume, select Apply Now” on the Indeed tab that pops up.

Other Things That Applications Must Do

As applicants, you are allowed to share resumes, making it easier for managers to find applicants. You can also build your resume on Indeed once you sign up for an account. 

Indeed Jobs - Find Out How To Search For Positions Within The Site
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If you make your credentials official, employers interested in hiring you will be able to see them and contact you directly.

Indeed allows job seekers to sign up for email updates or reminders about new positions that meet their search criteria. It can be accomplished in two ways. 

Getting Email Update And Reminders

After enrollment, go to the top right corner of the website, click on the individual button, and then pick “Email settings” from the drop-down screen. There you can specify which emails Indeed should send through to you.

The section option you have for signing up for work updates when doing your job hunt is the Activate option. All you have to do is select “Activate” after entering your email address in the box on the right side of the screen. 

You can get emails with updates on work similar to the same career quest by clicking on that button. 

How To Upload Resumes And Portfolios On Indeed

When you post your resume online, it makes it easier for a prospective company to hire you. Uploading your resumes is an excellent means to share more about your careers and experience with hiring employers. 

Indeed Jobs - Find Out How To Search For Positions Within The Site
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Indeed has more than 500,000 career openings online, with thousands more added every day. As a result, the website is a reliable resource for job applicants looking for a quick and easy way to land their ideal job. 

One of its most active and convenient means of job searching is to upload a resume to an anonymous job server. If you post a resume to Indeed, the first step is to build a personal account. You should start uploading your resume after you’ve built an account. 

It’s crucial to save the document in the right format; otherwise, supervisors and recruiting managers might have trouble opening it. While Indeed accepts the file extensions.doc,.pdf,.rtf, and.txt, using.doc or.pdf is usually the easiest and safer choice since some formats may not translate correctly when transmitted from one software to another. 

Your Own Personal Online Resume

Indeed’s integration of resumes is one of its distinguishing features. This page acts as your exclusive web address on, allowing you to quickly copy and paste your resume to potential employers. 

Before you use your resume page, make sure to personalize it by changing the text to include your name and, if appropriate, the particular role for which you are applying. These ties, much like your account, can be made public or private. 

It’s also simple to update and alter your resume after it’s been submitted. Another advantage of the online resume, in general, is that if you spot a typo or other error, you can correct it right away, maybe even before the hiring manager sees the paper.

Tips For Using Indeed To Apply For A Job

You can upload a pre-existing resume or use Indeed’s free resources to create your resume after signing up for a free account. 

Indeed Jobs - Find Out How To Search For Positions Within The Site
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If you plan to continue with your resume, begin by filling out each segment, starting with your name and moving on to your education and experience. It just takes two steps to apply for a position that you are interested in after completing your profile. 

However, some positions mentioned on Indeed’s platform can also ask you to apply via their portal, so check to see if you can apply right away. 

Subscribe For Career Notifications

Get career notifications by clicking the job notifications button next to the job position that you looked for. Job updates depending on your queries, will be sent to you regularly. 

You can start your job hunt on Indeed by entering the business and job description you are interested in. Be sure to fill in all the fields when filling out the application. 

If searching for a new job, type “mid-level” in the box to see all the positions that match your criteria. This step may also be used to see whether roles for specific role styles, such as manager or office staff, or specific skill sets, such as leadership or writing.


Indeed is among the fastest-growing career posting sites globally, serving job hunters from all over the world. You now have a better understanding of how Indeed functions. It uses incredible website monitoring tools and data retrieval methods to make it simple for applicants and employers to discover what they are searching for. 

Other platforms can gain knowledge from this multinational recruiting giant, and adapting these results can also help small start-up companies develop their businesses more than they have expected.