Job Description – Community Social Worker

Social work and social services both play an essential role in improving people’s quality of life. In furthering this goal, community social workers help by giving each member of society a safe and healthy environment to live in. 

A community social worker empowers the community and elevates the overall standard of living from a holistic level. These individuals certainly provide much-needed growth and development.


If you are interested in becoming a community social worker yourself, delving deeper into this world is something you should take the time to immerse yourself in. Read on to know more about the responsibilities that come with this position and how you can apply for this. 

Job Description – Community Social Worker

What Is a Community Social Worker? 

A community social worker is a type of worker or employee that seeks to help and improve the communities they serve. They provide support and care for underserved communities, such as counseling and rehabilitation. 

They work across a vast sector ranging from rehabilitation, research, social work, and even psychology. These individuals are typically involved in helping clients and organizations from varying industries as well. 


These can include grassroots organizations, nonprofits, social services agencies, and others. Meanwhile, their roles can also vary depending on the organization. 

They can work as a project manager, a caseworker, a community organizer, or a researcher based on the needs of the agency or the community in question. 

Duties of a Community Social Worker

However, the responsibilities of a worker fall under community organization or doing outreach work. For example, a community services worker may organize community gatherings in the hopes of bringing people together. 


Likewise, they may also provide counseling to clients, such as teenagers, homeless people, families, the elderly, those in need of rehabilitation due to substance abuse, victims of domestic abuse, and many others. 

When not concerned with these, office work may occupy a worker’s day. Whether it is writing and applying for grants, researching current policies and providing alternatives, or communicating with local politicians and government agencies.

These are just some of the tasks that a social worker is involved in. Community social workers have the power to make changes and empower people, allowing this within the group to take a more proactive stance in controlling their own lives. 

What it Takes to Become a Community Social Worker

To do work as a community social worker, you must first have a Bachelors or a Masters Degree in social work. Specializing in these courses or degrees will give you a more in-depth knowledge surrounding the practices in the industry, as well as the organizational structure in place. 

If you want to take a specialized approach, you will be required to undergo a Masters program, particularly if you wish to administer clinical-based methods, such as delivering mental health services or even counseling. 

Bear in mind that licensing and certifications are tied to a certain program or degree, as well as the position you intend to take in the future, so make sure to check out specialized programs. Depending on the said degree, you may also be required to undergo board exams.

Degrees in Social Work

Job Description – Community Social Worker

Depending on your position, those holding a Bachelors Degree in social work, you may get a median salary of $43,333. Meanwhile, those holding a Masters Degree can get a median salary of $45,588. 

Those who have had more practice and experience can get up to $63,000 or even up to $74,200 per year. To start your social work journey, you can check out job search websites, such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, and more. 

The Bottom Line

A community social worker is a special position to help meet the needs of communities. With this knowledge, you can start your own application and work and make a mark in society