Job Description – Things to Know About Being a Veterinarian

Not a lot of people have the capacity, skill, and ability to take care of animals. That’s why there are special doctors trained to take care of our animal friends. Veterinarians go to school for a long time to work in this field.  

This is a pretty hectic job, as you have to be able to treat different species of animals. However, it’s also rewarding as a career as veterinarians not only get to help sick animals but also get to earn a good living while doing so.  


Veterinary isn’t as popular as other fields of science and medicine, but it’s definitely a remarkable career. Up next we’re detailing the duties, average pay, and education or training for veterinarians.  

Job Description - Things to Know About Being a Veterinarian

Types of Veterinarian

This branch of science also has types, including Companion Animal, Food Animal, and Food Safety and Inspection. The Companion Animal Veterinarian deals with general animal care, diagnosis, treatment, and preventive healthcare. 

In this case, the doctor can carry out medical and surgical procedures. Food Animal veterinarians are different, dealing with most farm animals. These doctors ensure that injured animals are treated, vaccinated, and protected from different diseases. 


They are usually employed by farm owners and managers, providing useful information about feeding and administering proper care. For the Food Safety and Inspection, the veterinarians inspect livestock and animal products

In addition, they provide proper vaccines, reinforce animal welfare, and improve overall health. They also enforce government food safety regulations to control the spread of diseases. 

Education and Training

Before you can practice this career, you need to have a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from an accredited veterinary college and then get a state license. Veterinary medicine involves four years of classroom, laboratory, and clinical components learning. 


Apart from the difficulty of the program when it comes to learning technical things and doing laboratory experiments, you will also need to have a Bachelor’s degree. Admission to veterinary medicine colleges are competitive, and you need to have good credentials. 

The bachelor’s degree should have more sciences classes, including biology, chemistry, and of course, animal science. Although some programs are applicable, students with a background in science can have an edge. 

Following the degree in veterinary medicine, you also need to pass the licensing examination to be certified. Some states even have additional licensing examinations with different requirements. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Animal care and preventive practices are part of a veterinarian’s responsibilities and duties. Examining and diagnosing are major parts of the job, along with treating or dressing wounds, and performing surgery on animals. 

Animal doctors can also prescribe medication, provide tips for general care, and operate medical equipment like X-ray or ultrasound machines. Veterinarians can also euthanize animals if the animal is likely not to recover.  

Veterinarians also can advise animal owners of the medical conditions, treatments at home, and other things. 

Average Income or Pay

As mentioned, this career is rewarding for a decent median wage. The lowest you can earn is less than $58,080 a year and the highest at $160,780. The median salary is around $95,460 for private veterinary services.

Government, local, state, and some private institutions pay less than or around $80,800 annually for work more than 40 hours per week

Job Description - Things to Know About Being a Veterinarian


There are a lot of careers in the medical field, and working as a veterinarian is one of the most rewarding. Not only do you get to help animals in need, but you also are well compensated for doing something you love.  

In case you want to enjoy a fulfilling career treating animals, providing essential tips to owners, and working to control the spread of disease, veterinary science is a good career choice