Jobs That Pay Well With Little Schooling – Learn About Options

As we rebound from the Great Recession, the true worth of the four-year degree is the topic of much discussion. Millions of young adults with slim work opportunities linked to their degrees are currently saddled with crushing debt.


But what if you are in a position where you are contemplating your next career move? At the moment, the evidence for obtaining a four-year degree is not promising. Luckily you have other options.

Within two years or less, you will get the education you need for a high-paying career in certain situations. Look at these five high-paying jobs that are easy to get started with.

Web Developer

Web developers will stay in demand in the digital age, no matter how technology progresses. Everything is done on the internet, and everyone wants a website. Companies and organizations can still employ an expert who can do a more skilled job than any automated tools.


The best aspect of a career as a web developer is that you are measured by your talents, not the way you have gained them. Some developers have picked up these skills independently, but if you’re not the self-taught kind, you can still get the education you need without wasting time or money on a four-year degree.

Jobs That Pay Well With Little Schooling - Learn About Options
Image Source: Jarmoluk on Pixabay

To get you started, look for courses that promise to teach HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that web developers’ median income is $69,430 a year or $33.38 per hour.

It is estimated that the industry will have 24,400 new positions by 2026, up 15% from the formation of around 162,900 active posts in 2016.


Graphic Designer

Artistic imagination is the primary characteristic of an excellent graphic designer, and while it can be cultivated through formal education, this fundamental skill can not be taught.

Computer literacy is a must-have ability for a graphic designer these days, so you may want to look for courses geared explicitly towards popular graphic design software. But while you can teach someone how to use design software to build something beautiful, you can not teach them how to be creative.

If your game is gorgeous, you can use a graphic design program to train yourself; then this industry will be very lucrative for you. The graphic designers’ median income is $50,370 a year or $24.21 per hour.

With a total workforce of 266,300, and 11,100 new jobs planned for the industry by 2026, definitely something to look at.

Radiation Therapist

If you have the ability to work with many cancer patients to provide them with the appropriate care, becoming a radiation therapist is a job for a special type of person. The average payout per year is about $70,000.

So you’re going break the bank by providing your patients with phenomenal service, and bypass the high overhead associated with a medical school. Become a radiation therapist is a way that you can find a super satisfying and excellent alternative to medical school attendance.

You only need a degree in radiation therapy from an associate or bachelor, an exciting subject to study.


The conventional trade schools may have taken a back seat to colleges in the previous decades, but that has created a massive need for qualified tradespeople to fill vacancies created by the ageing baby boomers.

The BLS expects the number of electrician workers to increase by over 20% by 2022, adding over 114,000 jobs to the current figure of 583,000. Take advantage of an online program and check into local apprenticeships’ availability if you are looking to move in this direction.

Electricians have a median income of $55,190 per year or $26.53 per hour.


A mind-boggling amount of paperwork is produced and processed by law firms, but the lawyers themselves don’t have the time to draft every word and compile every piece of information they need for their cases. Instead, they recruit paralegals to do a great deal of this grunt job.

Lawyers can invest seven years and thousands of dollars to get where they are, but paralegals don’t have to follow suit. You will complete an associate’s degree program to apply for a paralegal position and be out on the job market in two years.

A paralegal’s median income is $50,940 per year or $24.49 an hour. It is estimated that the industry will have 41,800 new positions by 2026, up 15% from the figure of around 285,600 active posts in 2016.

Jobs That Pay Well With Little Schooling - Learn About Options
Image Source: IMonk72 on Pixabay


Hopefully, when you try to find a few well-paid jobs with little education, we have given you some great choices to think about. The next step is to contact and find out what it would take to participate in the educational institution program.

Start in your area and also look for apprenticeship programs.