The Oldest Jobs In The World

New jobs are formed regularly, and industries are continuously changing. New careers are constantly popping up in today’s market and are expected to increase opportunities.

The majority of old-time occupations are still performed and remain in today’s work world. You might be shocked to learn that certain occupations have been in existence for quite a while now. The top ten oldest jobs in the world are included in this article. Continue reading for more information.

The Oldest Jobs In The World
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Storytelling, like music, is one of the oldest kinds of recreation out there. Dancers, actresses, authors, and other sorts of creative professions, as well as storytellers of audiobooks, which is perhaps the greatest occupation to ancient storytelling, employ the art of storytelling today. 

The Oldest Jobs In The World
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It may also be utilized to engage audiences by entertainers or those doing a one-person performance. To be a successful storyteller, you’ll need a variety of storytelling skills as well as the ability to hold an audience’s attention. A storyteller ought to be open-minded and extroverted.

With past acting, teaching, performing arts, or public speaking experience enhancing their abilities. When narrating a story, it’s common to think like a writer and a reader simultaneously. What’s more crucial for either is the capacity to use one’s senses to enrich the tale. A keen eye for detail is a valuable asset for any storyteller.



Another wonderful job option that has endured for most of human history is building design and planning. This profession arose when individuals chose to earn a livelihood by building personal houses for themselves. Architects became a profession and quickly grew in popularity. These specialists were hired to design dwellings, and they used to draft blueprints in black and white. 

The Oldest Jobs In The World
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Architects conceive, create, and implement architectural designs, as we know them today. They produce feasibility assessments, assess environmental impacts, develop project ideas, estimate costs, set schedules, and supervise construction. 

Managing client connections, generating and presenting design proposals, preparing drawings, specifications, budgets, and construction documentation, and managing project teams are all tasks of the architect. You should be able to take charge of your project, whether it’s the design and construction of a new structure, an extension, alterations, or a restoration project.



Tailoring is one of the world’s oldest occupations, and it used to be highly regarded. Experts who can design and produce new costumes and garments for men, women, children and virtually everyone were needed due to the necessity to cover the body.

The Oldest Jobs In The World
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This was once one of the most in-demand occupations, and it continues to thrive today. The main distinction was that royal families had their own tailors who were only authorized to make clothing for royal members and not for the general public. Tailoring has been practiced since the medieval period. 

Custom-made, cushioned linen clothing was made by some of the first tailors. Since ancient times, the Indian tailoring business has thrived and grown despite the rise of the ready-to-wear and branded section of the garment market. Tailors are still in high demand since fashion designers, and garment companies continue to hire them in big numbers.


In comparison to ancient times, tech and medicine have evolved dramatically. Even in ancient times, physicians were held in great respect. In reality, the “Father of Indian Medicine” and “Father of Plastic Surgery,” Sushruta was the one who created and perfected surgical methods. 

The Oldest Jobs In The World
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There were medics or teams of doctors in most royal courts who could cure the king’s clan and troops. In ancient India, Ayurveda was extremely popular. The doctor’s career remains one of the most promising and sought-after occupations today, despite advances in medicine. 

A career as a doctor also has one of the most diverse ranges of possibilities of any job. You have the option of becoming a General Practitioner or a specialty in certain illnesses and anatomical areas. Some of the requirements for becoming a doctor are quite specific, while others are more subjective.


A painter is another occupation that dates back almost as far as human life. Paintings have been discovered on houses, stones, and other similar objects, as is widely known. More than 32,000 years ago, these artworks were created. Painters were respected and followed by nearly every culture, including the Romans, Mayans, Chinese, and others. 

The Oldest Jobs In The World
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With the passage of time, this trade progressed even further, and professional painters gained notoriety and international renown. Being a painter, on the other hand, is not as lucrative as it once was. The work description for painters is still the same today, but let me show you what modern painters do. 

Painters are responsible for the timely painting of residential or commercial structures. Meeting with clients to negotiate color schemes and pay rates, maintaining an inventory of materials such as paintbrushes, rollers, tarps, or ladders, and working closely with painters to supervise the execution of painting projects are all part of their responsibilities.

Food Safety Tester

Even though there were no modern food-quality assessment devices in the past, people nevertheless hired specialists to assess the food’s quality and flavor before it was served. This was a dangerous profession since people had to sample the food, especially when it was prepared for important individuals such as politicians and monarchs. 

The Oldest Jobs In The World
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Even if the meal tasted bad or was suspected of containing poison, the experts were required to taste it. Despite the dangers, the position was not well compensated. Because the risk was considerable, the work was thought to be done by servants and slaves in ancient Rome. 

The job title of food safety tester remains the same today, although many firms now refer to them as food inspectors. They assess the safety and quality of the ingredients the firm buys, the products it makes, and the processes and equipment it uses to turn raw materials into finished goods.


Teaching as a profession stretches back to the Ancient Greek eras when rich families would engage well-read or multilingual adults to come and carry on their information to their children. Though homeschool is still popular in certain cultures, most instructors nowadays work in schools, colleges, or universities. 

The Oldest Jobs In The World
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Project format of their specialty topic to students ranging in age from four to adults. A teacher’s job includes creating lesson plans and instructing pupils of various ages. Teachers must be able to teach a wide range of subjects and engage students with interesting lesson ideas. 

If you want to be a teacher, you should know that you’ll be responsible for grading assignments, assessing students’ progress, and arranging instructional activities. You should be an experienced educator with a thorough understanding of teaching best practices and legal, educational procedures. Our ideal applicant will have great presenting and interpersonal skills.


There are numerous occupations that rely on writing, from poets to novelists, journalists to speechwriters. The notion of writing is considered to have originated in Ancient Mesopotamia some 5,000 years ago, with the first intellectual writings appearing approximately 500 years later.

The Oldest Jobs In The World
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Because of the introduction of the pen, printing press, computer, and cell phone, writers’ work may now reach a far broader audience and be completed faster than ever before. The bulk of authors nowadays are self-employed or freelance. Technical authors, academics, and journalists are more likely to work on a permanent basis. 

There are no official academic credentials required to become a writer; thus, you may be a university graduate or a high school dropout. Experience through published articles, freelancing work, or writing competitions might be beneficial, but it is not required. Short creative writing classes are available at several institutions, including universities, colleges, and education centers.


It is one of the jobs that arose from the necessity of living and to meet the most fundamental need for sustenance. Agriculture has a long history in India, dating back to the Indus Valley civilization. 

The Oldest Jobs In The World
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Pulses, coconut, sugarcane, spices, and various vegetables have long been abundant in India. Agriculture contributes 17-18% of the country’s GDP, as per a 2018 research report. Indeed, related industries like animal farming, forestry, and fisheries have grown in importance in recent years, putting farmers in high demand.

Farms, pastures, greenhouses, nurseries, and other agricultural production companies are managed by farmers. Depending on the type of farm, farmers are involved in planting, growing, completing post-harvest chores, managing animals, and directing farmworkers.

Massage Therapists

Since prehistoric times, all monarchs and men of high power have had professional masseurs. Many massage parlors also provided treatments for different bodily ailments and problems. 

The Oldest Jobs In The World
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Massage therapies available today give much-needed comfort to customers suffering from a wide range of medical and stress-related ailments. As a result, massage therapists have plenty of work prospects even now.


The ten listed jobs are only a few out of hundreds of occupations that have been in society for generations. This only means that as society changes, some jobs may change too; either these jobs may become improved or vanished.