Discover The 5 Weirdest Jobs In The World

Working 9 to 5 jobs is usually the norm in the majority of the industries in the world today. However, unbeknownst to many, there are still plenty of jobs available out there in the market that one might have never even heard of. 

With more people exploring what’s outside the box, it is easy to see that some might be on the lookout for the weirdest jobs out there. Whether these people are after something different or want a change of pace, there are various reasons why they want to do something more interesting. 


Read about five of the weirdest jobs in the world in this article and see what options are within reach. While these positions may not exactly be everyone’s cup of tea, these are still real jobs done by real people. Take a look at these. 

  • Train Pusher
  • Professional Mourner
  • Luxury Bed Tester
  • Line Stander
  • Professional Snuggler
Discover The 5 Weirdest Jobs In The World
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Train Pusher

A train pusher, otherwise known as a passenger pusher or Oshiya in Japanese, is a professional whose main work revolves around pushing people onto trains. This position is particularly important during rush hour when more people cram into mass transportations such as trains. 

Discover The 5 Weirdest Jobs In The World
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The main responsibilities that come with the job include cramming as many people inside the train as safely as possible. These professionals push individuals in from the outside until the train door closes. 


Nowadays, however, they are more concerned with ensuring that the boarding passengers are safe and there is ample space. 

These train or passenger pushers have been employed in different parts of the globe, particularly in Japan, China, the New York City Subway, the Madrid Metro, and the Frankfurt am Main S-Bahn. 

A Deeper Look Into The Job

The origins of this job mainly stemmed from New York around a century ago. These are now more apparent in Tokyo, Japan, where there is a high concentration of people using the varying train lines. Individuals who do this job are decked in business dress or uniforms, rather than high visibility uniforms. 


They are typically able-bodied individuals who are either from the company staff or contracted security guards to work in train stations. 

In Japan, these workers make around 1,000 to 1,200 yen per hour or an average of $46,128 per year throughout the United States. This can be relatively higher in New York, where it can command around $50,596. 

Professional Mourner

A professional mourner or a moirologist is a person who is paid to cry at funerals. They are usually required to mourn and cry loudly despite not knowing the deceased or the family in question. They are paid to lament the dead and show the grief of the family. 

Discover The 5 Weirdest Jobs In The World
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These mourners are required to wail loudly and even shed tears throughout their time at the funeral. They can also beat their breasts or bodies or show sorrow in another way. Their jobs can take anywhere from a few hours to the end of the funeral, which can take days depending on the mourning period.

Depending on the culture of the deceased, the act of professional mourners can either be loud and exaggerated or even quiet and dignified. Musical performances often accompany these performances. 

At times, the duties of a professional mourner can extend to saying a eulogy about the deceased as well as comforting the family. These individuals are more prevalent in various parts of Asia, such as China and India, though it is not uncommon to see this practice in western parts of the world such as England and the United States. 

A Deeper Look Into The Job

Individuals who want to become professional mourners start with this as their hobby or part-time job. There are is no formal education or experience needed, but acting skills are a must. Individuals must exhibit quite a range of acting skills, especially when it comes to crying on cue. 

Professional mourners must “audition” for their roles before being hired. The pay for this position is quite good, with many moirologists earning around 200,000 yuan or $28,000. Some can even be paid about $35 to $4,500 per hour, depending on their skills and performance. 

Luxury Bed Tester

Sleep is truly a luxury for many people around the globe, and only a select few can become professional sleepers and test out luxury beds. From its name alone, a luxury bed tester is a professional whose main job is to sleep and test out different mattresses and beddings for a particular company. 

Discover The 5 Weirdest Jobs In The World
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These professionals seem to be living the life as all they need to do is lay down and sleep on the mattress and provide a report which analyzes different factors that affect the overall comfort of the mattress, especially those used in hotels. 

At times, these professionals will be subjected to different conditions to further gauge the effectiveness of the mattress. Since most of the jobs that require bed testers are still in the research, development, and production phase, their working commitment can last between a whole day to 2 months. 

A Deeper Look Into The Job

Individuals who want to become professional luxury bed testers need to be at least 18 years of age to apply. At times, there are employers who are strict with hiring people only from specific target demographics

To succeed in the field, individuals must be adept at testing different products and communicating their insights. In addition, these professionals must be able to sleep in different environments and with people monitoring their sleep. 

The national average pay for a luxury bed tester in the United States is $58,249 per year. This can increase depending on the project and the extent of the factors being evaluated. 

Line Stander

No one wants to wait in line, especially during the cold and in rainy weather. That is, except for professional line standers who get paid to do the job. Per its name, line standers are individuals who are hired to stand and wait in line. 

Discover The 5 Weirdest Jobs In The World
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Most of the time, line standers, otherwise called line sitters, queue standers, or queue professionals, are hired to wait in line for special releases such as video games and consoles, movies, concert tickets, and devices such as phones, among other things. 

Once these individuals are near the front of the line, the line sitter would easily swap places with those who hired them. 

Line sitters have gained traction and prominence in different parts of the world, such as Italy, Poland, Russia, the United States, and even Venezuela. 

A Deeper Look Into The Job

Line sitters have to wait for hours or even wait days at a time to stand in line for someone else, so having the time, patience, perseverance, and honesty. It also requires individuals to have the stamina and physical wellbeing to do the job since it can take quite a long time. 

Since waiting in line can take hours or days, these professionals often have different devices to occupy their time and for communication purposes. They can also take tents and sleeping bags and have chairs, have hand warmers, or blankets that they can use for when it is cold. 

Professional line sitters can sell their spots for anywhere around $100 to $350 depending on their place and how many hours they have been standing. They can make more depending on the length of the line. Others can charge by the hour starting at $25 and $10 per half hour, but this varies from one line sitter to another and can go up over $1,500 depending on the occasion. 

Professional Snuggler

Last but certainly not least, on this list of some of the weirdest jobs is no other than a professional snuggler. These professional snugglers are hired mainly to perform and provide cuddles and snuggles in a more intimate setting to strangers who have hired them – all with their clothes on. 

Discover The 5 Weirdest Jobs In The World
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In many ways, this practice aims to provide a more therapeutic approach that allows clients’ moods to improve via the oxytocin released in the body. Bear in mind that there is nothing sexual between professional cuddlers and their clients – everything is strictly platonic. 

Apart from hugging, cuddling, and snuggling with their clients, these professionals can also take the time to talk with their customers about their interests, hobbies, and the like. 

Sessions can last for an hour or more depending on the agreement, with other sessions lasting overnight. 

A Deeper Look Into The Job

Professional cuddlers are not licensed per se since they are independent contractors. However, there are companies and agencies that require their employees to be at least 18 years of age before signing up. People from all walks of life can work as professional cuddlers.

Each cuddling session can go for around $40 to $80 per hour. Those who work with an agency usually get paid $80 per hour, which contractors or employees can take $40 home. There are also tips given by customers, which generally range anywhere from $20 to $60. 

The Bottom Line

These are just five of the weirdest jobs in the whole world. While these may seem strange to many, these odd jobs certainly help customers and practitioners alike, allowing each party to get the satisfaction and payment they need.