Core-Exec Jobs – Search for Management Jobs Online

Navigating a job search for C-level candidates is not easy due to competition, changing business directions, and the rarity of opportunities. This is why recruitment sites like Core Exec make the process simpler.

If you are looking for a new position, company, or industry, Core Exec can help you go through your options. It provides information on the hottest jobs for executives and advice on career success.


With Core Exe’s system, executives in transition can save more time and effort and receive support in terms of decision-making, job applications, and career growth. Find out how in this guide. 

  • A Look into the Core Exec Job Site
  • Navigating the Core Exec Job Site
  • Searching for Jobs on Core Exec
  • Jobs Available on Core Exec
  • The Anatomy of a Job Post on Core Exec
  • How to Apply for a Job on Core Exec
Core-Exec Jobs - Search for Management Jobs Online
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A Look into the Core Exec Job Site

Core Exec, or Core Executive Consultants, focuses on providing recruitment services for mid to executive-level management jobs on behalf of its clientele. 

Core-Exec Jobs - Search for Management Jobs Online
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Core Exec is a consulting and executive search firm. Its role is to source, hire, profile, and evaluate top talent. These professionals seek career growth and opportunities in the organizations they want to join. 


The company’s recruiters usually focus on five practice areas: Human Resources, IT, Engineering & Operations, Food Manufacturing, and Accounting.

Core Exec employs key performance and client service metrics. These are strategic teaming and key account management, leadership insights, sector expertise, and client collaboration and service.

Meet the Core Exec Consultants

At the heart of Core Exec is its string of professional career consultants. They are experienced and highly skilled recruiters who work closely with candidates and clients and develop relationships with them.


Their responsibility involves understanding the objectives of clients, providing guidance and advice, and presenting leadership and hiring solutions for matching them with the right candidates. 

Each consultant possesses broad sector and functional expertise. With this, candidates can receive educated opinions and clients’ talent acquisition needs are satisfied.

Navigating the Core Exec Job Site

What makes the Core Exec brand trustworthy is how its system is reflected on its website. It is clearly labeled and straightforward, with all its features neatly arranged.

Core-Exec Jobs - Search for Management Jobs Online
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When you’re on the home page, you will spot the search bar right away. It is conveniently positioned at the top for a quick dive into the website’s job database.

Below the search bar is an introduction to Core Exec and what users can expect from its services. Core Exec takes pride in making its solutions accessible to management leaders via their mobile devices.

It also provides users a glimpse of how its consultants work, from helping clients maximize resources to acquiring top-notch leaders and calibrating their talent strategy.

Contact Core Exec

To reach out to Core Exec or its consultants, clients and candidates are encouraged to send an email to or call 519-679-CORE (2673).

Core Exec is headquartered in London, Ontario, N5X 3Z8, Canada.

Searching for Jobs on Core Exec

One of the best features of Core Exec is the search bar. Users can find jobs based on different career categories and narrow their search in just a few seconds.

Core-Exec Jobs - Search for Management Jobs Online
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If you want to work in a particular industry, go to the All Career Categories box. Click on the drop-down menu, and a list of industries and functional areas will appear.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on the drop-down menu, you may opt for the Search Keywords box. Just type in a keyword related to the job, industry, or company of your work. 

You also have the option to use both boxes. For example, you can type in “nurse” in the Search Keywords box and then choose “Health Care” on the drop-down menu. Then, click on “Find Job.”

Taking Advantage of Core Exec’s Advanced Search

If you are looking for something specific and want to save time, choose the Advanced Search button under the “Find Job” button. It will direct you to a page where there are a lot of filters to use.

The search bar is still at the top of the page. If you look at the left side, you will see three additional categories. The first category is “Date Posted.” Your choices include Last Hour, Last 30 days, or All.

The second category is Vacancy Type. Here, you can choose between full-time and part-time. You can also see the number of jobs available for each type. The third category is the Career Category.

Jobs Available on Core Exec

Core Execs is not confined to the biggest industries. It caters to highly technical fields, service fields, and those involved in production and technology.

Core-Exec Jobs - Search for Management Jobs Online
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Expect to find jobs under Accounting, Finance, Purchasing, Procurement, Trade, Human Resources, Operations Management, Project Management, and General Management.

Opportunities in Information Technology, Hardware Development, Automotive, and Engineering. Jobs in Design, Marketing and PR, Sales and Marketing, and Customer Service are also present.

Plus, do not miss the positions in Health Care, Health and Safety, Logistics, Maintenance Management, Manufacturing, Mining, Plant Management, Production, Supply Chain, Inventory Management.

Types of Positions on Core Exec

On Core Exec, you will be able to trace the trends in every industry based on the variety of jobs available. In the information technology sector, the most common jobs are hardware developer and software developer.

The manufacturing sector is highly in need of plant managers, mill managers, and production supervisors. In human resources, you can apply for the roles of executive recruiters, HR specialists, and HR managers.

When you find a job you are interested in but you are not yet ready to apply, you can always click on the heart icon to save it first as one of your shortlisted options.

Exploring a Job Post on Core Exec

The job posts on Core Exec reflect its brand. The information you will find is organized and easy to understand, making one’s job search quick and convenient.

Core-Exec Jobs - Search for Management Jobs Online
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Once you click on a job’s title, you’ll be directed to the page that contains information on that job. It starts with the title, followed by the basics, vacancy type, and the date the job was posted. 

Beneath it is the job description. Usually, the tasks and responsibilities are arranged in a bulleted format. It reflects the expectations of the employer from the candidate, from daily output to results.

The next section is the job requirements. It details the educational background, work experience, expected skills, and some criteria that come with the job, such as locations you worked in before.

Sharing the Job Post to Friends

If you are not convinced that the job post is right for you, but you believe one of your friends may find it interesting, you can share the job post itself with your social media accounts.

Twitter and LinkedIn buttons are available at the bottom of the job post. When you click on one of them, a pop-up box linked to your account will appear. 

It previews what the job post will look like once it is shared on the platform. You can also email the job opportunity directly to a friend by clicking on the email icon, which is beside the social media buttons.

How to Apply for a Job on Core Exec

It is easy to apply for a job on the Core Exec website. Usually, there is an instruction to follow at the end of a job post. 

Core-Exec Jobs - Search for Management Jobs Online
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For example, for a job post featuring the position of human resources manager, the employer indicated at the end that candidates can directly email their resume to the email address specified. 

Sometimes, candidates will be asked to use certain text for the subject line, include their portfolio, or provide the employer with certain information it wishes to know about the candidate.

In other job posts, there is an “Apply Now” button. When you click on it, it would lead you to a page that has a form to be filled out. They will often ask for your name, phone number, and email address as well as your resume.

Core Exec’s Knowledge Base

Applying for a job on Core Exec does not just end with sending your information to the potential employer. The website features a Knowledge Base, which guides candidates in their search and job application.

The Knowledge Base section contains articles about employment, job searches, hiring, recruitment, and career tips as well as the latest research and leadership trends.


Core Exec offers a wide variety of jobs for C-level candidates. There are opportunities for all types of leaders in different industries, from information technology to sales and marketing.

Another great thing about Core Exec is its team of consultants are ready to guide candidates in writing the next chapter of their career. It is well supported by the wealth of career advice and information on the website.