Fascinating Facts About The Queen’s Guard

It’s no simple assignment to secure one of London’s most famous landmarks and the world’s most high-profile monarch. The Queen’s guards are shrouded in mystery because of their massive bearskin caps and immaculately pressed red tunic outfits.

This page will teach you a variety of intriguing information about the Queen’s guards, what they do, and other topics that may be of interest to you. Read on the list some fascinating facts about the Queen’s guards.

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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Queen’s Guard Protects The Queen And Other Royal Landmarks

Queen’s guards are the titles given to army and cavalry battalions entrusted with defending the formal royal palaces in the United Kingdom. The British Army troops have defended the Sovereign’s residences since King Charles II’s reign. They are armed with weapons and ready to fight.

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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They are stationed in royal homes that are part of the London District of the British Army, which is in charge of the Household Division’s command. They are also stationed in the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the royal prerogative second formal home, but not as frequently as in London. 

The stationed infantry unit at Redford Barracks in Edinburgh is in charge of the guard. They are composed of troops from a single unit that is split into two detachments, one for Buckingham Palace and the other for St James’s Palace.


No Smile For A Selfie

Triggering the royal soldiers to make them grin is a popular pastime among tourists to Buckingham Palace. Their efforts, however, are ultimately futile. The royal guards’ solemn look will not break no matter how many jokes you tell them. 

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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These troops are on active duty to the Queen and must conduct themselves with the utmost discipline, despite being a major attraction for tourists to Britain who want to watch them execute their renowned Changing of the Guard

Guards will not be penalized, contrary to reports, although smiling for a selfie with visitors is frowned upon.


Queen’s Guard Don’t Talk But Don’t Try To Push Them To Their Limits

Tourists may mistakenly believe that the Queen’s guards have sworn a vow of silence while on duty, although they do have the ability to talk on occasion. 

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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Although it is not recommended to provoke them, they might speak up if visitors approach them too closely or act aggressively. The most well-known of their cries is “make way for the Queen’s guard!” directed towards visitors who approach too closely.

So, if you’re a tourist, it’s best to avoid teasing or pushing the Queen’s guard to their limits. Be a responsible tourist and not disturb the Queen’s guard on their duties.

Queen’s Guard Get Bored Too!

Yes, of course! It is tiring for them to stand on their posts for hours on end. Guards who are bored prefer to hum tunes in their minds or try to recollect movies. 

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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Since many tourists love to take pictures around the area, another way to ease the Queen’s guard boredom is to intentionally photobomb these tourists. They even attempt to photobomb visitors on occasion, all while keeping their professional manner.

More Than The Buckingham Palace, They Protect Royal Landmarks Too

While royal guards are most commonly associated with Buckingham Palace, they also defend other royal locations. In actuality, the Foot guard regiment serves as the capital’s principal garrison and the Sovereign’s military security and formal responsibilities in London. 

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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Foot guards may be seen at the Royal Artillery Barracks, Buckingham Palace, Victoria Barracks, and the Royal Artillery Barracks. Except when a Royal Visit occurs, Edinburgh Castle is not guarded by sentinels. This, however, is most certainly one of the Foot guards.

Queen’s Guard Get To Meet The Queen!

As a part of the Queen’s guard, you may have the opportunity to interact with several influential individuals. Not only talking about the Royal Family but also about the plethora of dignitaries from all around the world that go to Britain to visit the Royal Family

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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Presidents, prime ministers, and even celebrities are all met by guardsmen. While some have said that the novelty of seeing Her Majesty the Queen wears off after a while, it appears that encountering Her Majesty the Queen personally never grows stale, particularly if you get the opportunity to speak with her. 

In an interview with a former guardsman, he recalled that the Queen came up to him and asked him some questions when he was on watch at Windsor Castle. According to him, Her Majesty was extremely nice. Additionally, some said that the Monarch has a fantastic sense of humor.

Queen’s Guard Usually Carries Unloaded Weapons

With their guns always at hand, these soldiers may appear frightening—however, members of the guard claim that these guns are rarely loaded. If visitors pose a threat, officers will respond promptly to diffuse the situation, eliminating the need for these firearms. 

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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They will, however, carry live ammunition if there is a high threat level of an assault. Even though their weapons aren’t always loaded, they still have a sharp blade at the end.

Megan Couto, The First Women Queen’s Guard

Until recently, the guard was solely made up of men. This is mainly because women were not permitted to participate in combat groups in the British army, especially the infantry. But everything changed in 2017 when Couto became eligible to join the troop.

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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Megan Couto, a Canadian soldier, has become the first female Captain of the Queen’s Guard in 2017, at the age of only 24. Even among the extremely conventional ranks of the Queen’s guard, it appears that the world has changed.

Queen’s Guard Never Let Their Face Down When They Faint 

Fortunately, the climate in Britain is on the cooler side because it may be awesome to be in the heavy suit and headgear for hours at a stretch. However, terrible days do occur occasionally, and infantrymen may pass out from the heat or from standing for too long. 

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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They are also allegedly trained on how to faint in a “correct” manner. They are said to be required to “faint to attention,” which entails maintaining a disciplined posture as they hit the ground, so if you’ve ever seen a photo of a guardsman falling face down on the ground and asked why now, you know.

The Iconic Bearskin Caps 

Many individuals have observed the Queen’s Guard’s towering, black bearskin hats. The historical origins of the famous headgear may be traced back to the 18th century. Gunners in the British and French troops used these massive bearskin caps to help them seem taller. 

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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It was thought that this would scare their attackers. When Napoleon was in place in the early 19th century, he wore similar caps on his imperial soldiers. These hats are strangely fastened beneath the guards’ lip rather than under the chin.

This would be to keep the guard’s neck safe during the fighting. The hat is so heavy that if it is knotted under the neck and the guard is shot while on an invasion, the hat would fall backward, snapping the guard’s neck.

Queen’s Guard Are Divided Into Different Units With Different Responsibilities

There are infantry battalions that are available for public duty at any given time; two are Guard units, while the other is a line units force. Three further companies are stationed at the Royal Artillery Barracks. 

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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Each of these units is part of the London District’s administrative structure; they are tasked with performing ceremonial tasks and providing military assistance to local police. Then there’s the army on the front lines. 

Only two battalions have ever been on public duty as part of a virtual tour in the London District before 1996. The Household Division has been in charge of regular public responsibilities since 2013. Line infantry troops are periodically called upon to furnish the guard for brief periods.

Queen’s Guard Can Have Some Fun While On Their Duty, But They Must Not Laugh!

The Queen’s guard is not permitted to chuckle, according to studies. They will be fined up to $200 if they do so. The Queen’s guard may not be allowed to laugh, but it does not exclude them from showing emotion. The Queen’s guards do enjoy a good time once in a while.

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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When the orchestra is not performing traditional military songs, such as during the changing of the guards, they will instead perform more fun melodies for the thousands of tourists observing them, such as Star Wars or Indiana Jones soundtracks.

There Are No Bathroom Breaks

The guards do not have to remain entirely motionless during their duty. From time to time, the Queen’s guard marches a short distance. They are indeed unable to leave their post. Even going to the restroom was out of the question.

Fascinating Facts About The Queen's Guard
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What if they can’t keep their business going and have no choice but to leave? They do it anyhow, according to studies, right then on the spot. The thick woolen trousers are said to be able to hide any evidence of the disaster.

The Bottom Line

Up until now, the notoriously still and stoic Queen’s guardsmen also raise a lot of questions. But it is clear that these Queen’s guards are people who we need to be respected. Do not try to disturb them while they’re on their posts, and bear with them. Their jobs are not easy.