Make Job Searches Easier with Job-Hunt

Job seeking can be a time-consuming and exhausting process for everyone. Fresh graduates, seasoned workers, veterans, and the elderly experience anxiety from going through the job-seeking process. 

Fortunately, a website filled with resources to help people with the job hunt is available. Filled with easy-to-read and digestible pieces of information, Job-Hunt will make it easy for anyone to find a job. 


Read on and learn more about what Job-Hunt is, what it offers, the topics included in the site, and much more.  

  • End the Job Hunt with Job-Hunt
  • Free Guides to a Shorter and Smarter Job Search
  • Guides for Specific Groups of Job Seekers
  • Read Free Ebooks on Job-Hunt
  • Guides for Acing Job Interviews
  • Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd 

Make Job Searches Easier with Job-Hunt

End the Job Hunt with Job-Hunt 

Job-Hunt is a reliable source of updated and practical advice for job searching from genuine experts. 

Make Job Searches Easier with Job-Hunt
Image Source: Job-Hunt

Job-Hunt has been helping job seekers with the job-hunting process since 1993. It has an extensive library of resources that can help job seekers shorten the process and get a job immediately. 

Established in 1993, Job-Hunt employs experts in the field of human resources and management to help you land the job of your dreams faster than ever. Job-Hunt is completely free, so you do not have to spend money while searching for income. 

Job-Hunt’s resources are divided into five main categories — Job Search, Career Change, Job Interviews, Job Loss and Layoffs, and Work from Home. Each category contains various articles and guides written by experts in management, human resources, and the likes. 


Get Help from the Experts 

Many people don’t know that they could use professional help or advice while job seeking. 

People tend to rely on what their family or friends know most of the time. 

Job-Hunt provides advice from experts who serve as writers, editors, and curators of resources to give you the best advice for job seeking. 

Free Guides to a Shorter and Smarter Job Search 

Job-Hunt offers tons of expert-curated resources on job searching. You can easily find these free guides by using the site’s search feature.

Make Job Searches Easier with Job-Hunt

This article features seven sections of guides regarding certain topics. These topics include Online Job Search Tools, Working from Home, Traditional Job Search Process and Tools, Avoiding Job Search Hazards. 

There are also guides for Handling Career Change, Unemployment, and Job Loss, and for Specific Groups of Job Seekers and Industries. Guides are divided into topics and sub-topics for easy navigation. 

For example, under the Online Job Search guide, sub-topics include Finding Jobs Online, Personal SEO, Social Media and Job Search, and Personal Branding

Subtopics of Various Guides

Under the Working from Home guide, you can find resources on Work From Home Jobs; Gigs, Freelance, and Contracting; and Temporary Work. 

For the Traditional Job Search Process guide, you will find resources on acing job interviews, writing effective resumes, and networking.

The Online Job Search Hazards guides are useful for those who want to protect their privacy, avoid job scams, manage their personal reputation, and learn how to look for jobs without alerting their current bosses. 

Guides for Specific Groups of Job Seekers

Job-Hunt acknowledges different age groups and types of job seekers, ranging from new graduates to those nearing retirement age. For example, recent graduates have access to ebooks on how to convert their internship into a full-time job. 

Make Job Searches Easier with Job-Hunt

There are also guides to help veterans and transitioning active-duty members successfully use their skills to overcome any disadvantages they may face in the job market.

There’s also a guide for those over the age of 50. 

Working parents who face the challenge of juggling time between their kids and work can also find Job-Hunt guides beneficial to their job search

Specific Industries and Locations

If you are looking for a job in a specific industry, you can find Job-Hunt guides to help you understand the processes and requirements that are specific to certain industries and increase your chances of landing a job. 

Guides that focus on start-up jobs, federal government jobs, and information technology jobs are just some of the many resources you can find on Job-Hunt. 

Read Free Ebooks on Job-Hunt 

Job-Hunt has a repository of free ebooks that can help you with your job search. To see all of these ebooks on one page, go to the Job Search guides, where you can read about them and download them for free. 

Make Job Searches Easier with Job-Hunt
Image Source: Job-Hunt

General topics include job hunting during the new year, personal branding, taking advantage of LinkedIn, choosing job boards, using Craigslist and other platforms, and developing a marketing plan. 

For topics on a career change, there are two resources to check out. The first one is to help you get started with the process by envisioning what you want, and the second one is to help you realize your dreams and guide you on the concrete steps to take. 

Resources that focus on helping introverts and fresh graduates are also available. These resources focus on building one’s network and socializing with others to forge connections to help you land jobs. 

Easy-to-Read Articles

Job-Hunt’s homepage is filled with articles and resources that you can read without having to go through the five main sections of the website. 

These articles range from preparing for job interviews and building your social media profiles to coping with layoffs and unemployment. 

The homepage contains resources that you can read on the go. To search for specific keywords, use the search button on the upper leftmost corner of the screen and type in the keyword you are searching for. 

Guides for Acing Job Interviews 

Job-Hunt has a dedicated section to help job seekers ace one of the most dreaded aspects of job hunting – the interview. For some people, it can be a nerve-wracking experience that can get the best even of the most confident and most qualified applicants. 

Make Job Searches Easier with Job-Hunt

The Job Interview section contains many resources that can help with this process. There is also an introduction to standard corporate hiring, which will acquaint you with what to expect in a job interview. 

The section also lists four key elements that you can control to increase your probability of succeeding. These four elements are preparation, focus, presentation, and reactions. A couple of dos and don’ts can also be found in this section, so be sure to read through that, too. 

Other resources in this section will redirect you to articles about successful job interviews, smart answers to common interview questions, and a guide on how best to show your appreciation and gratitude to hiring managers after a job interview. 

Common Interview Questions 

One interesting article from Job-Hunt lists 21 common interview questions that contain questions you could face during a job interview.

The article divides the questions into four categories. There are 12 questions about your personal life, two questions about the salary, three questions about the company, and four questions about special career situations

For each question, there will be a sample answer and an explanation of how to construct the best possible answers. For more resources about interviews, check out articles on panel interviews, video and phone screen interviews, as well as one-way video interviews. 

Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd 

One important aspect of the job hunt process is creating a resume that will help you get past the company’s first level of screening and on your way to an interview.

Make Job Searches Easier with Job-Hunt

Job-Hunt also has a dedicated section to help job seekers create a resume that will highlight their achievements, skills and make it look like they are the perfect fit for the company. 

The section displays different resumes you can use for different situations, including links to samples. Each resume is tailored to a specific situation, such as a job seeker changing careers, an older job seeker entering the job market, a non-profit executive without a degree, and more. 

There are also sample resumes for people applying for jobs during significant times in their lives. This includes people like parents returning to work, college students and fresh graduates, unemployed and laid-off individuals, and those with medical restrictions.

More Resources on Resume Writing

Other interesting articles to check out include increasing the value of your resume, dos and don’ts in resume writing, and an explanation on why tailored resumes are better versus general work history resumes. 

Crafting a well-thought-out resume and spending time polishing it is a surefire way to get noticed by a prospective employer and be contacted for an interview.


Job-hunting shouldn’t be an exhausting experience. Finding the job of your dreams should be a process that is easy yet efficient. This can be done as long as you have the right resources and information. 

Resources on Job-Hunt might help you find what you are looking for. Increase your chances of getting hired and land that job you’ve always wanted by reading these resources. Let Job-Hunt give you a leg up in navigating your job search.