Hatch Jobs – Learn How to Apply

The field of engineering is perhaps one of the most important sectors in the market today. It plays a big role in the establishment of infrastructures and businesses. More than this, the industry helps consumers and clients alike to develop innovative technologies to make certain processes easier. 

This is where Hatch comes in. A company that dabbles in the civil engineering industry, it touches not only on the infrastructure sector, but also in other fields such as energy, metals, digital, and investments markets. 


Despite its expansive reach, Hatch continues to be one of the leading organizations that seek to create positive change in the world. This may be one of the reasons why many people are interested in joining the company. Those who do should check out Hatch jobs to learn how to find a career in the field. 

  • A Closer Look into Hatch and What it Does
  • Why People Love Working for Hatch
  • Career Growth and Development for Employees
  • How to Find a Job with Hatch Jobs
  • Applying for Your Chosen Job
Hatch Jobs – Learn How to Apply
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A Closer Look into Hatch and What it Does

As previously mentioned, Hatch is a company that is involved in the engineering industry, particularly in the civil engineering sector. It specializes in various markets such as energy, infrastructure, mining and metals, project management, design, consulting, and operational performance to name a few. 

Hatch Jobs – Learn How to Apply
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Simply put, Hatch is a multidisciplinary company that focuses on development consultancy, engineering, and project management and implementation. Through its services, the firm is able to provide excellent services across markets while preserving and upholding community, environmental, and cultural protection. 


The company was founded in 1955 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by W.S. Atkins as W.S. Atkins and Associates, but was later on renamed Hatch in 1962 after Gerry Hatch joined the company years prior. 

Today, it operates in more than 150 countries with around 9,000 employees under its name. Its headquarters is located in Ontario, while it also has offices in different parts of the world such as Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Africa, and many others. 

Working Environment, Culture, and Values

Sustainability remains at the core of Hatch. Its innovative contributions across the board ensure that the economic, environmental, and even social institutions and systems in place are kept intact even for future generations to enjoy. 


Of course, it goes without saying that the health and safety of its employees, as well as visitors and contractors, are always prioritized. In addition to this, the company also observes the utmost respect within the workplace to help maintain a positive and professional environment

Hatch is also big on diversity and inclusion. The company is committed to fostering an all-encompassing work environment both through local and global programs that allow employees to collaborate and learn from each other. 

Why People Love Working for Hatch

Hatch provides a relatively higher and competitive pay than other similar firms in the field. According to Payscale, the base salary given to individuals at the company is around $86,000 per year with a $4,000 average bonus. However, the salary range given to an employee differs from one position to another.

Hatch Jobs – Learn How to Apply
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A technical support specialist within the company can make an average of $43,782 annually, while a senior structural engineer at Hatch can make around $112,164 per year. Besides these competitive compensation packages, Hatch also offers its employees generous benefits such as medical and dental coverage as well as mental wellness programs. 

On top of these, employees may also enjoy flexible work arrangements, employee or family assistance, and parental leaves. In the last year, Hatch was even chosen as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. Some of the initiatives it has extended include a home office reimbursement program and increased coverage for mental health services.

The company also offers a contribution to pension and health plans for those who are planning for or nearing their retirement. Bear in mind, however, that with Hatch being a global company, the benefits and perks that are given to one office or location may not necessarily be the same as what is being offered in another. 

Sense of Community

Hatch takes pride in instilling and cultivating a sense of community not only within the company but also with its partner foundations and communities. 

Within the company, Hatch takes the time to recognize the contributions and achievements of its employees. 

Outside of this, the firm readily gives back to its partner communities. It gears its efforts towards extending services and even innovations to education and research facilities. What makes this even more endearing is that Hatch gives back to causes that its employees value. 

Career Growth and Development for Employees

Career growth and development are something that Hatch takes seriously. Employees have the opportunities to work and learn from experts across different fields and industries, allowing them to further their knowledge. 

Hatch Jobs – Learn How to Apply
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The company lets professionals apply for and take on jobs across its diverse industries. Through their connections and extensive reach, Hatch gives its employees access to help clients in different parts of the world—from Canada and the United States to Asia and more. 

Although professionals are certainly expected to find jobs within the firm, it’s surprising to know that Hatch likewise gives students and even new graduates the opportunity to find jobs within the company, even urging them to pursue what they’re passionate about. 

Students and new graduates will be glad to know that there is a campus recruitment program launched by Hatch, especially for them. There are even scholarships offered complete with job opportunities and financial support. 

Take on Different Challenges

Hatch has always emphasized that each and every single one of its employees is considered an entrepreneur. As such, Hatch gives employees free rein to pursue their passions while also providing solutions to the world’s existing problems. 

Apart from doing the job itself, employees have the power to lead in their own fields and departments. They are free to develop new service offerings for the company, explore new tools and technologies, and even build professional networks and connections with clients. 

On top of these, the ability to share their ideas with younger generations is also a perk that Hatch offers and even cultivates. Seasoned professionals are also encouraged to connect with their respective alma maters and speak about what they do for the world to inspire others. 

How to Find a Job with Hatch Jobs

Individuals who are eager to join the company should check out Hatch Jobs, the dedicated careers page of the company. Here, people can find job openings available and use resources that can help them gain more insight into the company. 

Hatch Jobs – Learn How to Apply
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The easiest way to find a job is to utilize the job search bar and type in the keyword and or the targeted location. Tapping on the Search jobs’ button will bring about the relevant results that fall under the desired categories or searches. 

There are no filters on Hatch Jobs, so users will have to simply browse through the pages patiently. Thankfully, there are only around 330 openings available at the moment, making it easier for applicants to go through the job search results. 

Easier Ways to See Available Jobs

Another way users can go around this is simply by browsing through all of the jobs upon clicking ‘View All Jobs’ at the bottom of the page. This will bring them to a page where they can choose relevant categories, such as the department or area of expertise, recently posted jobs, and the like. 

Alternatively, users can click on the top job searches on the website to see what the in-demand careers are on Hatch. 

Choosing any of these categories will bring up job opportunities that fall under these sectors or areas of work within Hatch. 

Applying for Your Chosen Job

Once applicants have already chosen a job they’re interested in, applying for this position is the next logical step to take. To do this, individuals should click on the ‘Apply now’ button located on the page of their target position. 

Hatch Jobs – Learn How to Apply
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Users will be asked to either start their application using their LinkedIn accounts or manually start the application on the Hatch careers page. The latter option, however, will require individuals to create a profile and answer a series of questions. 

To create a profile, candidates will provide their name, contact details, country of residence, and other personal details. 

They will also provide their educational background and employment information. This information will be used by Hatch to match applicants with available jobs in the company. 

Tips for Properly Using the Hatch Careers Page

Users may proceed to apply for jobs without a profile, but taking the time to create an account will help make job applications for Hatch-related positions much easier. 

Apart from recruiters being able to find candidates, individuals no longer have to constantly answer the same questions over and over. 

Applicants who want to stay on top of their job-hunting journey can also take advantage of their Hatch account. They have the option to receive alerts and notifications straight to their email accounts about new job postings or other career opportunities if they want to. 

Final Thoughts

Hatch Jobs is a great resource for individuals who are interested in learning about the company. 

With Hatch’s vision of changing the world and empowering its employees to take charge of their futures, this guide may serve as a bridge for people who are intent on joining the firm.


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