GrabJobs – Find the Best Jobs

Looking for a job is exciting and strenuous at the same time, but it can become simple with the right job search portal. GrabJobs narrows down the choices for its users and presents the best job opportunities today.

Job searches are not just about finding a position or a company. You also need to sell yourself to your potential employer. GrabJobs makes the process easier through its interactive features.


Today, GrabJobs is trusted by over 5,000 companies. Read this guide to know who they are, the opportunities they offer, and how you can get hired easily on the platform.

  • What Makes GrabJobs Special?
  • Exploring the GrabJobs Job Site
  • Landing Your Dream Job on GrabJobs
  • What’s on a GrabJobs Job Post?
  • How to Use the GrabJobs App
  • Career Guides and Resources on GrabJobs
GrabJobs - Find the Best Jobs
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What Makes GrabJobs Special? 

GrabJobs is an end-to-end employment platform that connects companies and job searchers. Its technology automates the traditional recruitment process for a faster and more seamless experience.

GrabJobs - Find the Best Jobs
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GrabJobs offers free job searches, job notifications, career resources, and virtual courses. Job applicants can join a live chat with employers to discuss the status of their applications and other reminders.


Available on mobile and web, GrabJobs features interview chatbots, which help connects employers and candidates and structure their interactions.

The job search portal is also equipped with automated scoring and filtering, an applicant tracking system, and a smart interview scheduler.

Why Companies Trust GrabJobs

Job seekers can rely on the legitimacy of the jobs posted on GrabJobs because of its relationship with the employers. This relationship is fueled by the benefits that GrabJobs offers to the companies. 


With GrabJobs, employers can publish job ads on over 20 job sites in one click. They can automate applicant screening on the platform, allowing them to save time and costs.

GrabJobs’ automated scheduler and reminder also increase the rate of job candidates that actually appear for interviews. Meanwhile, employee satisfaction surveys and analytics on the platform can help improve retention.

Exploring the GrabJobs Website

The GrabJobs platform is easy and fun to navigate. Apart from its friendly colors, its features, labels, and buttons are organized and accessible.

GrabJobs - Find the Best Jobs
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When you open the website, you will see the search bar right away. It is a quicker and more convenient way of looking for job opportunities on the website. 

Below the search bar is the summary of features that users can take advantage of. This section is followed by the one that features the popular job categories.

Next is the popular job locations section, where all the major cities or states in the country of your choice are listed. The bottom part of the home page displays shortcuts to categories by which you can search for jobs.

Registering on the GrabJobs Portal

To fully enjoy the features of GrabJobs, job searchers are encouraged to sign up on the website. You can find the Job Seeker Login button in the upper rightmost corner of the screen. 

Click on it, and you will be directed to a page with the log-in form and a link to the sign-up page. If you are not registered yet, go to the sign-up page and fill out the form. 

You will be asked to provide your name, email address, password, and country. You can log in using your Facebook or Google account if you have an account already.

Landing Your Dream Job on GrabJobs

What makes GrabJobs convenient and efficient is there are many ways to search for jobs on the platform. The easiest one is to use the search bar at the top of the home page.

GrabJobs - Find the Best Jobs
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In the first box, you can type in a job title, company, or any keyword related to the opportunity you are seeking. In the second box, type in your preferred area and then hit the “Find jobs” button.

At the bottom of the home page, you can find three categories, and each of them already shows a list of more specific options to choose from for your job search. 

For example, the Jobs By City list shows the different areas in your country. Jobs by Category shows types of jobs based on a sector or industry. The Job Search list shows the different types of job vacancies. 

Jobs Available on GrabJobs

GrabJobs features full-time jobs, part-time jobs, student jobs, temporary jobs, remote jobs, internships, and even gigs. You can select the one that matches your current needs, schedule, and capabilities.

You can find different industries and functional areas on GrabJobs. Some of these are retail, food and beverage, marketing, administrative, customer service, logistics, sales, and information technology.

You can further narrow your job search by using the Job Filters section, which shows characteristics like “Remote/Work from home,” “No resume needed,” “Immediate start,” “Fresh grads welcome,” and “Urgent.”

What’s on a GrabJobs Job Post?

The job posts on the GrabJobs portal make a candidate’s assessment easier. The information provided is comprehensive, the sections are neatly arranged, and the features are highly interactive. 

GrabJobs - Find the Best Jobs
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When you click on a job’s title on GrabJobs, you’ll be directed to the job post. It starts with the title, followed by the most important details: employer’s name, salary, working hours, type of job, and location.

Beneath it is the job description, complete with a profile of the company and the role and responsibilities of the position. Some employers mention the benefits they provide for candidates.

On the left side of the page is a box that displays more information on the employer. Below is a string of social media buttons, which you can use if you want to share the opportunity with your friends.

How to Apply for a Job on GrabJobs

It is easy to process your job application on GrabJobs. At the top of the job post, you will find the “Fast Apply” button. It is beside the heart button, which you can use to save jobs you’re not yet ready to apply for.

The same button can be found at the bottom of the job post. Once you click on it, you will be given further instructions based on what the employer requires. 

If you would like to get notifications about the latest opportunities on GrabJobs, you can sign up for job alerts. You will receive information on new jobs posted on the website via email.

How to Use the GrabJobs App

Another amazing thing about GrabJobs is it has an app version. It is more accessible, handy, and faster to use. 

GrabJobs - Find the Best Jobs
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Like the GrabJobs website, the GrabJobs app comes with search features, automated scheduling, chat options, and profiles of employers

On the app, users can apply with one tap and receive a response after five days. The notification will be sent to the applicant’s smartphone. 

Job seekers can filter jobs on the app by job type and location, create their career profiles, and answer interview questions via the chat feature. 

Download the GrabJobs App

The GrabJobs app is available on the Google Play Store, App Store, and AppGallery. For Android users, just head to the Google Play Store, search for “GrabJobs – Get a Job Today,” and hit the Install button.

iPhone users with iOS 13.6 or later can get the GrabJobs app from the App Store. They should look for “GrabJobs – Get a Job Today” and follow the instructions for the complete download.

For Huawei phone users, look for “GrabJobs – Get a Job Today” on the AppGallery. To date, GrabJobs is only accessible in Singapore, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

Career Guides and Resources on GrabJobs

GrabJobs features a section called Career Guides and Resources. It contains articles about the different aspects of job search, employment, and career success.

GrabJobs - Find the Best Jobs
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Users will find tips for how to search for jobs easily and best practices during job interviews. They will get advice on how to start a new job right and strategies for achieving growth in one’s career.

There is also a wealth of information on the job market. Some examples are the industries with the best part-time job benefits, most in-demand jobs in a certain country, the highest-paying jobs, and government jobs.

The Learning Hub on GrabJobs

The Learning Hub feature on GrabJobs presents the best free online courses in the market. The section also comes with tips and strategies, video tutorials, and successful case studies.

The courses are arranged according to their sector or functional area. Some of the sectors are marketing, languages, and information technology.


GrabJobs makes job searches and recruitment easier and more efficient. Given GrabJobs’ clearly defined interface, job seekers can smoothly navigate the features on the website, from job search to application.

Apart from connecting employers and candidates, GrabJobs is able to provide job searchers guidance on their job applications and finding the most suitable opportunities. Its system streamlines the processes involved in recruitment, making job hunting hassle-free and exciting.