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Opportunities and growth are two of the most vital aspects that job seekers are looking for. The good thing is that a lot of industries offer this kind of development in employment. The question is, which company in what industry should applicants go for?

Individuals looking for a career path that offers lots of growth should take a look at what the banking sector has to offer. The world of banking is one of the industries that offer numerous opportunities for all kinds of professionals, and CIBC is a good company to join.

Want to know more about what this banking institution can offer in terms of employment? Check out the points below. 

  • Getting to Know CIBC
  • Job Opportunities at CIBC
  • Advantages of Working at CIBC
  • How to Find a Job at CIBC
  • How to Apply for a Job at CIBC
CIBC - See How to Apply for a Job
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Getting to Know CIBC

CIBC is a North American financial institution that focuses on banking and relationships by bringing its services closer to its clients. The company takes pride in making positive changes in the lives of its stakeholders, including its clients, communities it engages in, and employees.

CIBC - See How to Apply for a Job
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The bank has been around since 1867 and it has helped thousands of clients get financial help toward building their futures, purchasing their own homes, providing for their children’s education, establishing their own businesses, and ultimately leading fulfilling lives with the help of CIBC.

Overall, the company hopes to be valuable to its stakeholders by upholding its core values. These values are namely trust, teamwork, and accountability. CIBC also puts a premium on sustainability, investor relations, and connection with clients.  

As a relationship-focused bank, CIBC is always on the lookout for individuals whose priorities fall in line with the company’s values and who can help it achieve its goals. In turn, it offers some of the most worthwhile compensation packages out there. 


CIBC Workplace and Culture

CIBC creates a diverse, dynamic, and inclusive community with a collaborative and supportive culture, while also providing room for employees to grow through freedom, compassion, flexibility, and support.

Connection is a priority at the bank, especially with its focus on teamwork and creativity. Ultimately, the goal of fostering cooperation and collaboration among its staff members is innovation. Providing an advanced platform help deliver effective and efficient services for clients. 

Lastly, the company upholds development and prosperity for its employees. This provides growth, learning, and development opportunities for staff members, which can lead to them sharing their part in the collective achievements of the bank.


Job Opportunities at CIBC

The company has a lot of career opportunities across its many teams that come with different specializations. Job seekers can choose which department fits their profile, abilities, goals, and potential contributions to the company.

CIBC - See How to Apply for a Job
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Individuals who prefer working directly with clients can go for the advisory team, which provides consultations in personal and small business banking and wealth management. The client service team is another great choice for such candidates.

Those who specialize in technology and digitalization should take a look at opportunities in the digital and technology team. Individuals who would fit perfectly in this division are those who love innovation, collaboration, and freedom, combined with a little bit of challenge.

Functional groups are a great fit for candidates who want to help the company with behind-the-scenes operations. Careers that fall under this category include those in marketing, risk, human resources, and communications. 

Opportunities for Students and Graduates

People who are still in university and those pursuing graduate degrees can start their careers at CIBC. The company welcomes individuals who realize the value of creativity, innovation, and achievement so that they can make positive changes in banking and the bank’s stakeholders.

Students can look at co-op and internship opportunities that are designed to provide a hands-on learning experience as part of their education. Different work terms are available to suit the scheduling needs of students.

Undergraduate and graduate students can join any of the several programs offered by the company in order to build a solid foundation for when they graduate and join the workforce full-time. 

Advantages of Working at CIBC

CIBC is a company that offers lots of benefits for its employees in terms of workplace environment and compensation. First, the bank seeks to not only give its staff members a paycheck but to also provide them with a career that grows with them.

CIBC - See How to Apply for a Job
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The company provides spaces and toolkits that help create a collaborative environment, which also paves the way toward employees’ fulfillment. In fact, CIBC holds programs like Purpose Day, which is a paid time off that staff members can use for their own development and growth.

For undergraduate and graduate students, the bank offers lots of growth opportunities in the form of programs such as the capital markets analyst program, commercial banking associate program, CPA pre-approved program, and technology graduate rotational program, just to name a few.

Compensation and Coverage

As for the compensation and coverage, applicants will be glad to know that the bank invests in its employees. 

Candidates can expect a comprehensive package composed of competitive pay, combined with incentive pay, health benefits, banking benefits, a defined benefit pension plan, and an employee share purchase plan.

Another great offering by CIBC is the MomentMakers, which is designed to give recognition to well-performing employees, through a points-based program.

How to Find a Job at CIBC

Job posts at CIBC are very detailed, giving candidates a lot of information not only about the position but also the company. Each post provides info on what applicants will do, as well as the qualifications and skills needed for the role. 

CIBC - See How to Apply for a Job
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Aside from this, the advertisements give job seekers an idea about the location of the job, employment type, weekly hours, and even similar openings.

One of the best ways to find career opportunities is to browse the entire list of openings. This way, candidates can go through every post, helping them meticulously screen the catalog for ones that suit them best. While this is a systematic and thorough approach, it can also be very taxing. 

CIBC makes it easy to find openings by creating a search engine for job advertisements. With the help of this feature, candidates can easily find open positions which they can fill. To start, they can simply enter the job title or any keyword related to a role. 

Using the Advanced Search

The best thing about CIBC’s job search feature is it can be customized. Users can refine their search by applying filters. 

They can indicate whether they want to find full-time or part-time jobs. They can also choose to only see openings in specific countries like Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Choosing a job category is also a good way to find more relevant openings combined with the state, region, city, and province, as well as the job type.

How to Apply for a Job at CIBC

Candidates who are lucky to come across the right job for them should take the next logical step to secure the position and this entails applying for the job at CIBC. There are various ways an individual can apply for this.

CIBC - See How to Apply for a Job
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Applicants have the option to either apply manually, use their last application, use their resume to autofill the application form, or even apply using their respective LinkedIn accounts. Uploading a resume will help fast-track the account creation on CIBC. 

After job seekers have already applied for the job, shortlisted candidates will be contacted by CIBC to conduct an interview. This process, however, can take around four weeks, so applicants should exercise patience. Meanwhile, candidates who are not shortlisted for the job will also be notified accordingly. 

Candidates who have been successful in their application and interview process will be given a job offer. CIBC will conduct a thorough background check, as well as send out an offer letter and other forms for the candidate to answer. 

Tips for Landing a Role

Job seekers who want to make their application easier should definitely take the time to create a profile instead. While CIBC gives candidates different options they can take to apply, creating a profile allows users to keep on sending applications without constantly having to fill out forms.

Concerning this, uploading and using a resume to fill out the application form and the profile is perhaps the best way to go. The form already takes into account the applicant’s detailed information based on their resume. 

Another helpful tip would be to create and sign up for career alerts on the job search platform. This is actually one of the advantages of having a profile with CIBC. Through this, users can get notified of new opportunities that come their way instead of missing out on jobs that interest them. 

The Takeaway

CIBC offers various employment and growth opportunities for job seekers, even students. Individuals who want to join the company can use this guide to snag the role of their dreams.


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