Career Attraction – Discover Tips for Finding Jobs

Searching for jobs may seem straightforward. It simply involves searching for a vacancy, submitting your resume, and then waiting for the employer to contact you. However, successful applicants do more than just submit their resumes.

Believe it or not, there are various methods for increasing your chances of getting hired. You just have to find the right source of information and make sure to take advantage of these resources while searching for the right career path for you.


Career Attraction is a website created to provide tips and tricks on how to build your career, from job search to career management. In this article, we will discuss the different topics covered by the website and how to submit an article to have posted on the site.

  • About the Career Attraction Website
  • Navigating the Career Attraction Website
  • Browsing Discussions about Job Searches on Career Attraction
  • Examining Career Management Articles on the Website
  • Beyond the Resume – Using LinkedIn to Get Hired
  • Pro Tip from Career Attraction – Keeping a Job Journal
Career Attraction - Discover Tips for Finding Jobs
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About the Career Attraction Website

The Career Attraction website was created in 2008 by All Things Career Inc. to provide career-related advice and help job seekers land the work that they are looking for.

Career Attraction - Discover Tips for Finding Jobs
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Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Career Attraction covers many topics related to career development and job hunting. 


It has numerous articles on topics like career management, acing an interview, conducting an efficient job search, and networking at work and beyond.

These tips allow their users to build relationships and create a killer resume and LinkedIn profile.

Other Sites from All Things Career

Aside from Career Attraction, All Things Career also has two other career-related sites that it manages. 


The first one is, in which the company’s founder, Kevin Kermes, shares insights and candid conversations on how to reach success in one’s career. 

It also has a private Facebook community that focuses on helping military veterans reintegrate back into society by assisting them in their job hunting.

Navigating the Career Attraction Website

Using the Career Attraction website is easy to do as the tabs and menus are well-defined and are easy to locate. 

Career Attraction - Discover Tips for Finding Jobs
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On the home page, there are three tabs at the top of the screen, – Articles, Contact, and Submit Article.

The Articles menu has a drop-down button that lets you choose the topic of the articles you want to see. You may also opt to get results for all topics. There is also a search tool beside the Submit Article tab that you can use.

Clicking Contact will direct you to a form that you can fill out if you have questions, ideas, or anything that requires contacting Career Attraction. Finally, use Submit Article if you want your article to appear on the website.

Viewing Articles Based on Topic

Besides using the Articles drop-down option, you may also view articles based on specific topics by clicking on the buttons in the middle of the home screen.

These options are Career Management, Interview, Job Search, Networking, and Resume & LinkedIn. Clicking on one of these buttons will take you to a separate page that lists the available articles on this topic.

Under these buttons are some of the latest articles published on the website. Aside from their titles, you could also tell their category by looking at the subheadings in the blue-green font.

Browsing Discussions about Job Searches on Career Attraction

If you’re currently a job seeker, you may visit the Job Search section of the website and view some of the articles and videos available there.

Career Attraction - Discover Tips for Finding Jobs
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One recent article focuses on how you as a job seeker could get an employer to hire you even without the required experience by using advocates to vouch for your abilities.

You can also find a discussion on 15 traits that employers look for in a candidate when hiring, including leadership, competitiveness, resilience, ability to adapt, competence, and creativity. 

Gathering Tips on How to Handle Interviews

Use the interview section of the website to learn about what to do during job interviews. Whether a candidate gets hired or not sometimes boils down to how well the interview went.

One article in this section talks about warning signs during the interview that the job isn’t a good fit for you, namely the vagueness of the job description, rigid policies that could affect work satisfaction, and dysfunctional teams.

Another gives tips on how to answer a common question that is often asked by the interviewer at the end of an interview, which is “Do you have any questions for me?” This offers an opportunity to impress as long as you know what to ask.

Examining Career Management Content on the Website

There are several interesting articles and videos that you can find on the Career Management page of the website. One of the recent pieces discussed how the global health crisis has affected job searching.

Career Attraction - Discover Tips for Finding Jobs
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A video talking about the biggest mistake professionals make when attempting to transfer from one industry to another.

Another article discussed why some career coaches fail to help their clients achieve results, identifying issues such as the inability to design programs with lasting effects and the lack of understanding when it comes to current employment trends.

Building a Better Professional Network

Having a successful professional career nowadays no longer depends on just individual skills and experience. Professional networking has become very important and having a great networking strategy is a plus.

At Career Attraction, there are several articles that focus on creating a great network. One discusses how to get past gatekeepers to connect with high-level executives.

Another one featured several ways to update your networking strategy, including meeting the right people, engaging in more productive conversations, and establishing a follow-up system.

Beyond the Resume – Using LinkedIn to Get Hired

With the advancements in mobile technology came the widespread use of social media, not only for leisure but also for professional use, particularly in job hunting.

Career Attraction - Discover Tips for Finding Jobs
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The Career Attraction website has a section dedicated to resume and LinkedIn profile building. One article focuses on what you can do with LinkedIn beyond being a professional social network.

It discusses how LinkedIn can be used to find jobs, as a research tool, to get found by recruiters and employers, to expand your network and connections, and to establish your credibility and personal brand.

Other LinkedIn and Resume Tips

As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn can be used to build your personal brand so it is essential to know what kind of brand you are creating and how you differentiate yourself from others in order to get that job.

While some people feel the need to update their resumes whenever they feel unhappy about their current jobs, it may sometimes be unproductive or even a waste of time.

This is because you still need to evaluate what made you unhappy in the first place. You may not need to revise your resume if it was the organization or people that caused this and not the job you’re doing.

Pro Tip from Career Attraction – Keeping a Job Journal

Once job seekers become employed, there is a tendency to stop worrying about job searching so they usually also stop taking notes about details of their work.

Career Attraction - Discover Tips for Finding Jobs
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Job journals allow you to record your daily activities at work and identify your different responsibilities, from administrative tasks to marketing.

Keeping a job journal is useful because it can come in handy in two specific areas, namely your future job search and your performance review at your current work.

Keeping a Job Journal for Performance Review and Job Searching

During performance reviews, people are usually asked what they have done in the past year, and oftentimes, people have a hard time remembering specific things they did. Keeping a journal would help avoid this.

In the future, when you’re ready to find another job, the first thing you should do is update your resume. This could be a challenge when you don’t have a list of your responsibilities and accomplishments.

Having a job journal with you could help address this dilemma. Also, during interviews, you may be asked about past experiences at work. You won’t have trouble answering this if you reviewed your journal to share appropriate answers.

The Bottom Line

The Career Attraction website may not be a job board where you can find vacancy postings but it is a great resource for anyone looking for a job. The articles, videos, and helpful tips you will find there could give you the confidence you need.

Its content also goes beyond just job searching but encompasses career management as a whole because of available resources on building professional networks correctly and establishing your personal brand. Check out the Career Attraction platform to find ways to help your job search.