WorkBC – Find a Job in British Columbia

One of the most inviting and perhaps desirable places to work in Canada is British Columbia. Besides the breathtaking scenery, the province promises a high standard of living as well as a diverse culture to immerse yourself in. 

On top of that, British Columbia also offers competitive pay for workers in the field, making it one of the top places to work in Canada. There is also an extensive range of industries, sectors, and workplaces for people to choose from and provide their services. 


For those who are looking to find a job in B.C., WorkBC is the best resource to look to in times of need. Take a look at what this job search platform has to offer and how you could find the right job in British Columbia. Read on to know more. 

  • Get to Know WorkBC
  • What Makes WorkBC Unique
  • Learn How to Find a Job Using WorkBC
  • Applying for a Job with WorkBC
  • Tips for Finding a Job on WorkBC
WorkBC – Find a Job in British Columbia
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Get to Know WorkBC

WorkBC is a job search platform where job seekers can find opportunities that fit their skills, level of experience, and preferences. Besides working towards fulfilling the needs of job seekers, WorkBC also partners with businesses to fill in the roles within these companies. 

WorkBC – Find a Job in British Columbia
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WorkBC was designed and initiated by the provincial government as a means to provide individuals access to tools and to find work within British Columbia. It was made primarily to aid citizens of the province to successfully find jobs in the area. 


There is more to WorkBC than just being a job search platform. It also offers a comprehensive outlook on the landscape within British Columbia through a variety of tools that arm job seekers with the practical knowledge they need for their job-seeking journey. 

How the Platform Works

As mentioned, WorkBC is a job board and so much more. Because of this, the platform brings individuals closer to their desired type of work in the labor market of British Columbia. 

People can use the platform to find all sorts of jobs across different industries. It features jobs across various industries from Agriculture, Fishing and Forests, Arts, Culture and Recreation, Automotive, Business, Finance and Management, Construction, Government, Retail, and many others. 


The platform can also help people plan for their future and their career. Individuals have the opportunity to further hone their skills through the offerings of WorkBC, allowing them to find the right employer in no time. 

What Makes WorkBC Unique

The WorkBC platform allows individuals to search for jobs using a variety of filters, such as the type of industry they want to work in, the job type, occupation, location, and salary range.  

WorkBC – Find a Job in British Columbia
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Job seekers can receive job alerts when new postings come in. This way, they will be notified and be one of the first applicants for the job. 

What’s more, users can save these jobs and manage their searches. 

Even better, there are over 100 WorkBC centers around British Columbia which individuals can use to help them with their job-related needs. Besides physical points, individuals can also use these services virtually. 

Other Notable Features of WorkBC

WorkBC is more than a job board. There are also other great resources and tools individuals can turn to in times of need. One of these is the Skills Training for Employment (STE) program. 

The STE program provides programs for different vulnerable and under-represented sectors of society, such as for those affected by mill closures, young adults who are not employed and want to join the labor force, older workers, and more. 

Aside from the STE, there are also career-planning resources that are widely available for those who are keen on finding the right job. WorkBC’s career toolkit provides a career transition tool, a career search tool, and a career compass where individuals can take quizzes and find what career suits them, among others. 

Learn How to Find a Job Using WorkBC

To find a job using WorkBC, individuals can proceed to the ‘Find a Job’ section on the homepage of WorkBC. Here, they can easily enter keywords,  relating to the job title, and the city or postal code. They can also choose to search for jobs by job title, job description, employer, and or job number. 

WorkBC – Find a Job in British Columbia
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After tapping on ‘Find jobs,’ individuals will be taken to the job search results page. As of writing, there are 53,560 jobs. Job seekers can click on any of these postings, read through the job description, company profile, salary, job location, and more. 

Filters using the job search platform include location which users can refine by typing in a city or postal code or searching through by region. Users can also apply filters such as salary, industry, job type, education, major projects, and the date they wish to start.

There are also additional job filters that people can use and select as they see fit. These include looking for jobs that accept and have indigenous people, people with disabilities, mature workers, and reservists. They can also look for jobs that use the 2006 NOC Code as well as the job source. 

Taking Advantage of the Career Search Tool

For a more comprehensive and in-depth approach, individuals should utilize the filters to their advantage. The filters further refine searches for more accurate and narrower results that fit the desired outcomes of the job seeker. 

Individuals can find these filters under the Career Search Tool. Here, job seekers can fill out the different filters to find career options that fit their particular needs. These filters include region, education, occupational interest, industry, occupational category, part-time/full-time jobs, and salary. 

The Career Search Tool also allows individuals to enter keywords, the job title, or the National Occupational Classification System (NOC) for all occupations in Canada. Individuals can also compare up to three careers by selecting the checkboxes in the table provided on the page. 

Applying for a Job with WorkBC

There are a number of ways a person can apply for jobs using the WorkBC platform. Those who do not have an account, they can simply send their resumes to the contact person indicated on the posting. 

WorkBC – Find a Job in British Columbia
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Usually, these job postings have a phone number, email address, website, mailing address, and physical address provided depending on the company or employer. Those who do have an account with WorkBC will have an easier and hassle-free time applying for jobs using the platform. 

They can directly send their resumes to employers and businesses, rather than reaching out to the contact information provided. Individuals can register for free using by providing their name, email address, and creating a password. They must also provide their location in B.C., and the city they live in.

Individuals also have the option to tick off certain boxes as they are filling out their respective profiles. These include being enrolled in an apprenticeship program, identifying as an Indigenous person, a person with a disability, a mature worker, or a Reservist. 

What to Remember

While applications can be made without an account, it is best to remember that creating a profile actually provides advantages. Not only can people apply directly to employers for jobs, but they can also sign up for job alerts and grab opportunities as they come. 

Moreover, having an account also ensures that individuals can save and manage their favorite jobs and searches, as well as keep tabs on their applications. 

Tips for Finding a Job on WorkBC

Finding a job has become more accessible with WorkBC. To fully maximize what it has to offer, job seekers should take the time to explore the different aspects of the platform. 

WorkBC – Find a Job in British Columbia
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Besides using the filters to refine results, people should also explore careers and other in-demand positions within a particular region in the province of British Columbia. 

What’s more, individuals should also take the time to further hone their skills and undergo further training and education if they wish. With the various programs offered in British Columbia, from apprenticeships to university programs, job seekers will have no shortage of options to choose from. 

Taking all of these pieces of advice will certainly help job seekers get a leg up through their job-seeking journey. 

Read Through WorkBC’s Blogs and Articles

There are a wealth of resources found on the website. Reading through these, such as blogs and articles, can be helpful for those who are just beginning to find their career. 

There are blog posts and articles that tackle high opportunity occupations in the province, different industry and sector information, the varying labor market programs, and many others. 

The Bottom Line

WorkBC is an excellent resource for individuals who are eager to find work in the province of British Columbia. With this platform, job seekers are on their way to find career paths that fit their preferences, education, skills, and more, in just a few clicks.